Thursday, December 18, 2014

So these days are political days

On 14th of this month , a bugger a cheater came and appeared before my sister saying that she has taken Rs. 5000/= from him for what she has not taken. And he has phoned the employer of my sister once or twice as well. This bugger who tried previously to play a game, sending miscalled to my sister’s phone, was blamed.  I asked my sister to join me to go to the police station to make a complaint against him, but she refused to go, that is unfortunate. But I am certain that these things are recorded somewhere.  If there are any friends of mine, and if they are willing to sends me details of what happened if they have sort of recorded through their devices.  I expect somehow to catch this bugger to ask things, clarify things personally, even if my sister don’t agree to accompany me to the police station.  We don’t live upon a single rupee of any bugger or person other than of what we earn with no cheating agendas.  Therefore I believe that if there is some natural justice system ( we don’t report this to the police) that people get punished for what they do, I mean cheats for instance definitely should get punished, I pray day and night.    
It is raining outside.  But unfortunately there is no room for getting wet in order to sort of moisturizing my thoughts.

Reining is different to ruining, some often misunderstand these terms, I personally feel. There are moments that I feel paralyze in thoughts specially when I am trying to discuss or analyze something new to my knowledge or something that I don’t like much to talk. Weak memory, inner struggles also are part of any person’s life, I guess. So these days are political days. People do everything or most the things of their daily schedules, work plans, according to their preferred, politically motivated agendas, other than motivating themselves in achieving their goals or aims, aiming at winning their carrier or personal achievements. Yes, it is true that for some politics has become their carrier.    

I often, see that every incidents happening these days has something to do with ones or groups, groups’ political expectations, political desires.  I fear that whether the core ideas of teaming together, steering, achieving objectives of their fields through unions, institutions, organizations, becoming something unclean?

Over years, some used their politicized strategies to brainwash people’s brains and use their innocence as weaponries to oppose any current government, like today to full fill their ‘power attaining goals’.  
Copying charismatic features of some other political personalities is something that I as a citizen of this country quite can’t acknowledge or praise. It something like that you renting a coat of other to wear for a function or an occasion. It is something silly, I can say, when it comes to country matters.

What we need is something of our own; we don’t want to rent any ruling methodologies that don’t match with our socio, economic, or political, cultural, even geographical identities of the country.

We don’t want a person who forgets what he is talking about, subject of discussion, before a public.  We don’t want a leader who is unable to prove his facts before a public. We want a leader who is certain of what is he discussing before his nation or before his people.

The role of a top leader cannot be limited to dealing with people internally. They have to deal with various people, groups outside to their countries who inevitably show cultural, geographical, political, social and economical identities, differences, specific to their boundaries.  

Foreign affairs, and how to deal with foreign nations accurately, is an immensely important part of ruling a country.  There are incidents or moments that arise before any leader that they might have to say ‘NO’ when necessary and ‘Yes’ when it is really something that a leader can agree with outside groups which shows no harm to its internal admin or lives of their people, country men, when it comes to dealing with regional or continental matters or affairs.

Becoming a member of certain regional group or world groups won’t say that a leader should say yes to everything that a committee or a groups / group is agreeing or deciding within. ‘Balancing, criticizing, arguing , opposing , supporting , agreeing, sharing, hosting, chairing, sponsoring , everything that a leader have to do, when ever necessary, ‘respecting country’s inner admin mechanisms , country’s goals and objectives, values and most importantly ‘policies’, whilst respecting regional cooperation with other nations, mutual understanding, their inner values.      

If you say something or release any statements before any outside public / groups, you won’t get chance to re correct, because once said is said.  And if a leader shows any inabilities, or shows weakness in proving or prospering his speeches, what ever he is discussing before the public is hinting of disqualifications to hold a top governing positions of any type.  A leader must know how to realize their promises before any promised nations.   
According to some, they say that the system of education has become politicized while the same group who are saying such things using the same system for the same political purposes or political aims of them. 

They are using the same Groups of Education (students, teachers, unions, resources (time) to full fill their political objectives, desires. That is what I don’t understand sometimes

I see some opposing strategies of some has become a part of social or political culture. And when an election is to be faced, amazingly they come up with things that they even don’t think of discussing in most the occasions earlier.  

I guess it is very rare that you find very impartial, unbiased oppositions who do not exaggerate their opposing facts, I sometimes think that they never keep any space for others to even imagine of any ‘good activities’, things achieved freedom for instance, for the sake of entire country. I have learned so far.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Towards a challenging ' E learning Future' ;

Books as  a mode of sharing not just knowledge but experiences to enhance each others brain cells
this book was launched at the Faculty of Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka,  today, 17 / 12 / 2014
Edited by Professor Shironica Karunanayake, Professor Soma Naidu 

undoubtedly any educational institute of any country of this globe shouldn't be silenced or muted themselves specially in a world where it moves faster than we can imagine  
challenges; not like in any other countries, the countries specifically that had a sort of a dominant slavery educational system due to various political, sociological, and economical contexts that arose in this part of the world due to reasons such as 'colonization, internal disputes of some eras ( some struggles , the LTTE issue in the latter part of our country's history for instance )

I am not talking specifically talking about ' the barriers of achieving educational goals' due to some of above reasons i am specifically talking about ' educational dependency on this part of era ( i know that this is somewhat debatable)

i think that there were periods, some scholars of the country,  didn't pay much attention to get engage in ' educational research activities , actively, compared to now' , or else i have a feeling that perhaps most the junior educationists, for instance, have shown some backwardness, sort of muteness, compared to now, in completing their ' doctorates' or contributing their knowledge in to some challenging areas of the education.

Today, in the country, I can see that almost every academic is planning to get their doctorates and that has become their major aims with regard to their educational achievements.  In some of the eras of the country, it was somewhat rare that you see, 'educational doctors' all over the country, within  a particular area of study, Anthropologists for instance, but those who actually obtained such qualifications in the past had to face , i believe, a lot of difficulties, compared to now with regard to its every aspect. i believe, for Anthropologists, sociologists of long years back, how they did their research in most the fundamental societies, in tribes, the societies with less access to most the facilities that 'the people of today are enjoying thanks to technology or inter connected, Network of Global Education Systems'. some scholars are members of universal education networks , compared to past, members of advancement sciences - research associations, voluntary organizations who are really trying to implement various programmes in order to improve ' unprivileged groups or people with who has less access to modern educational facilities , World Pulse for instance, other than the other organizations world wide

like Dr. Vijitha Nanayakkara, the Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Sri Lanka, mentioned today, at the Book Launch held at the Faculty of Education, Nawala, it is highly essential to improve the computer literacy, (IT Knowledge) of students as well as of academics of all levels of Education systems of the country, and i believe as a learner, also in this part of the world, South Asia we can lend a hand if anyone would like to share or exchange knowledge , voluntarily or otherwise\

i believe that the Vice Chancellor of the OUSL tried to explain that when initiating something new to any group there are challenges to over come. If it is essential and has a demand to improve E Learning strategies , Resources, facilities that itself is not enough but 'total involvements of the learners ( academics of all, students very including) is also essential.  Their ' lazy-less efforts' for instance, give such learning practices a full potential, involvement. i know that SDC (Staff Development Centre of the institution (OUSL) is giving chances to their academics to complete certain IT programmes

when it comes to educational or any other related Dependency (depend on other people's initiatives, inventions) is something that decaying , thankfully compared to those of education system in the country , and in the region. this part of the globe is now more prosperous in their innovations and contributions to global knowledge. And i can see that most the scholars, institutions such as Universities trying to implement Modern Educational Learning Tools, Resources, Facilities , Packages, Methodologies in to their respective field of study, Teaching - Learning' strategies.

i can see that 'taking note in to an exercise book, note books ( not the IT devices becoming something museumizing but trying to new tools such as lap tops , modern advanced packages) but there is still a gap to be filled.

apart from E facilities, Resource Bases i believe BOOKS are still something very SOLID and still play and immensely valuable role when it comes to 'Data storing' , Knowledge Storing', Saving Mechanisms, sharing information , knowledge that there is less chance of loosing documents on line due to power failures or due to Computer Illiteracy, knowledge hacking, stealing 'identity of a knowledge production, contents of any books it is about ' respecting 'Author Rights' for instances when it comes to not using some others compiled data as secondary sources but specially when people use them as original data when they present in various ways.

So this book is something SOLID and a contribution to who ever is expecting enhancing their knowledge in mentioned areas (OER)

i believe this hints that ' we should remove all the self restrictions that barricade improvements of education , achievements, personal and common, for instance due to 'postponing educational aims, laziness :- ), postponing implementing due to what so ever practical reasons , perhaps

there is no issues with regard to lack of resources, we have the Human Brain Machines only thing is we need to use them asap before they gets to their stage of dementia ( pardon me for using this term)

so lets base, initiate an e learning mechanism in every learning centres, institutions but respecting human relationships because of e technology we must not forget to deal face to face when it comes to sharing information don't always stick to your learning mechanisms to Distance Mechanisms though you get chance fully literate in IT knowledge ' try to maintain human contacts'

Lets move on to a world with ethical learning practices thanking the scholars of country, globe contributes so far immensely in to their respective fields of study so far            

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On 'Rocketing' Tenderly……………

I very humbly dedicate this poor essay for all the names of the scientists of the Region and of the globe who tried their level best to prosper their regions, their territories in newest inventions of sciences, such as rocket Engineering, Indigenous Technology (Inspired by Biography of Dr. Abdul Kalam) 

You don’t have to innovate or create rockets in every country or in every region what you can at least try to do is import the shape or the speed of a rocket in what you do

Forget rocketing at least you can learn how to accelerate what ever you are doing , what ever you have started doing with regard to your carrier, or with regard to your personal life

Yesterday after watching the movie ‘A good lie’, my eyes caught a new proverb, An African Proverb   

Here it is ………
“If you want to go faster, go alone,
If you want to go far, go together”

I am not aware that how many of you have tried the mantra of going together to go far, (this can be applied to everything in ones life) in order to achieve your targets of life

I believe going together is not enough but with a thorough understanding is essential

Rocketing ones self awareness on many things of world happenings is highly essential. I m thinking whether I have forgotten any tasks to complete before I reach my next level of age
Awareness in the sense, every fact or detail require to accelerate your life

I am thinking of raising my awareness on ‘writing essays’; rules and regulations with regard to essay writing, compiling , noveling, printing ( at least the basics) Oh! Not to become an expert but to have a bit of knowledge on most the things possible

You know that I am not a rocket scientist, I know absolutely nothing about why there is no possibility for humans to live comfortably in moon or in other planets, all what I can do is to apply the theory of rocket engineering that scientists of the field discuss in a more dignitized, proud manner, in to other life categories

Why? Because I see some digits of sciences, that all others can apply in to their styles, methods of living, other than in creating rockets or ballistic missiles

Speed of a rocket , type of fuel, adhesives, particles, all what is written in the scientific charts ( He, P etc)  mechanism of metal or Iron,  trials in barren lands there are plenty of things that comes in to my mind uninvitedly

I don’t know whether I got enough of time to accomplish unfinished tasks that I have been thinking of completing, within few days of given time.  ‘Given time’; what does it really mean? Every living creature is given a time period, ( birth to death) to complete their tasks that they are expected to finish, by the family they belong to, by the society they belong to, by the entire world they belong to.

For instance practically you are not expected to be in Primary school, or at university throughout your life, there are time period given to complete your goals with regard to Education (formal – School) for instance, before you move on to the next stage of your carrier, personal life.

I have been thinking to get at least a draft print out of a collection of essays that I have been trying to compile, but I am still planning things within, without really trying it to materialize.  

Rocketing Plans

This isn't practical though, when it comes to implementing things that needs careful consideration, better survey

Immediately add ‘to the list of ‘thinking’ – self, of the things that you need to rocket your self with regard to PLANNING or IMPLEMENTING life plans, and promise yourself that you will be accomplishing it within a month time, if possible
Nothing is impossible

I have ‘the friends the resources, I get every bit of support from them if I ask them I ‘trust their word’ and I don’t ask them for ‘proof’ of what they can do for me. I can make ‘a list’ of things, areas that I need help to improve my capacities, from my colleagues

Rocketing your thinking with regard to how to ‘IMPLEMENT’ what you have been planning or planned within a shorter period of time
I have to question my self whether I am ready to work sleepless to complete my unfinished or half completed, some percentages to be completed tasks ‘within a shorter period of time

Right now, I am thinking of my personal projects ‘ an amateurly compiling novel to get to its final shape

I am not quite sure whether I will be able to expect sort of a disciplined edition at the end

I thought it is not point learning every day, if you really trying to do something out of what you have so far learned
So that is what I am trying to do these days…………

Rocketing something within a total frame of quality is highly essential.
Rocket without its expected, scientific standards is no use that is the science we need to practice or should be learned

Quality first rocket, we need. I like to apply it to my project if possible. I want to do something before I become ‘nothing’ before the emperor of death

Life is something uncertain or unpredictable I truly don’t want to live a frustrated life during my latter stage of living

My wish is a simple life with no complexities before my eye sites
I often feel all materials are equal to garbage that should be thrown away, though i talk of rocketing my life to the future 

Rocketing your life plans, we all have to do in a very careful manner 

To get to rocket science stage, the scientists had to sacrifice millions of their hopes, aims of their personal lives over years, decades, had to invest a loads of living moments, time, for the sake of innovating rockets or innovating every innovation of sciences  

 so rocketing ; does not mean speeding something busllshitly or idiotically 'take the 'pulses of rocket engineering'/ sciences and add the theories to your life, intelligently 

And my friends , learn to use what so ever, your innovations, for the sake of human kind ,mankind

lets try to draft a different mantra of living, creating a rocket to sustainability of this globe, perhaps, protecting every bit of human friendly environment ( rocket of peace, perhaps) 

Science for the sake of human kind 

i take this opportunity to say how i appreciate their investment of time in order to innovate ' new technological mechanisms that is useful to human life 


Sunday, December 14, 2014

what title i should give this essay, i cannot think of any ......................

I am thinking if an unborn child is kicking his mother’s walls of the womb, does it mean that he is in a hurry to come and join the team of living. So everything is pre - tested and pre - learned in womb, I thought, after listening to what my sister in law has shared with my sister this morning.  Life is a game. I believe there is no other theory in this world that matches with the reality of what sports activities really describes. So I have a feeling that the child of my brother and his wife is little impatient! she wanted to join us as immediately as possible.   

In life, you get chances to learn many things, especially when you experience something personally or as a member of a team.  Often you have to compete with others, even if you are not a member of a particular party – politics. There are some moments that arrive before you without any prior notices that you have to defend yourself in some of the occasions of your life.
Dashes, kicks, oppositions, critics, judgments, predictions, all these are inevitability of any life.
These days my thoughts are very strongly tightened with a very new subject (to my knowledge) called indigenous technology.  It is not something that I know or is interested in knowing, yet the things that every science teaches with regard to one’s life science is indiscribly important.  I have never read a heavily described profile of a scientist other than few articles about Dr. Arthur C Clerk.  Mr. Sri Ranganathan, one of the Consultant of the OUSL, Faculty of education, gave me a book ‘WINGS OF FIRE’, as a result of my request and of a short discussion on books, between Mr. Ranganathan and me.  So wings of fire, is a biography of Dr. Abdul Kalam, one of the former presidents of neigbouring India. I haven’t finished reading the book. Therefore I refrain from analyzing anything about anything written in the book, putting them in the life sutras and mantras that I have learned so far. Yet I have a strong feeling that I can see that there are many things hidden in the book to ‘motivate’ myself. There are very interesting quotes and in between there are few verses of poetry as well.
Here is one of them
“Your Children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts”
-          Khalil Gibran

There are hidden lessons other than the directly shown facts of life, within the quote given.  I think there is a lesson with regard to ‘teaching and learning processes that should be practiced with regard to the children of Pre School Education, Pre Primary - Education. They have their own thoughts and interests , what a teacher should do is to understand or identify them carefully and let the child grow, improve within his interests , until he gets to the stage where he decide of his learning stream independently.  I believe that is what the almost all the pre school education specialists have discussed in their theories of teaching and learning, teaching aids and tools.

There is something else also, written in the book as a saying. Please remember you have to remember that nobody should get for granted.

“ A good student can learn more from a bad teacher than a poor student from a skilled teacher”
Iyadurai Solmon (a teacher of Dr. Kalam)

But , a teacher and a student relationship today is not somewhat , I believe totally different to then teacher student relationship.  Teachers are described, and analyzed in various ways, these days, with regard to their specialties and approaches of teaching.

I believe a pupil learns a lot at School and also at other institutions   and the chances they get at schools colourizing, sharpen, multiplying their future goals. Debating skills for instance, I scanned through few home pages of News Papers yesterday while shopping; I saw a front page headline news formatted in a brilliant way, adding a good photographs to give it a nourishing look. I cannot locate the paper in my memory, hopefully I can find and paste the name of the paper,tomorrow.  That is a very interesting suggestion made by President to the Maithreepala Sirisena, the common candidate of the opposition, to come to a face to face debate, discussion before the public (?)

Partying is no new to Sri Lankan people, though they are very serious when it comes to many things. This partying news is about a new party that is going to be formed by Mrs. CBK ( going to head the party it seems)  the names of the three individuals mentioned in the paper. the names mentioned in the paper says a lot about the party that they are going to be created. I believe that they can easily get data of the things that they are going to implement (?) from the members it self to fill the gaps of what is going to be implemented. I am talking about a book launch (?)

No ! don’t try to emotionally  arrest any votes from the public, dear Minister Vasudewa Nanayakkara.  If you say that you are going to commit suicide if you are unable to cancel the executive presidency, Gosh you should have done it earlier when hell of a lot of number of leaders were incapable, unable to caught the LTTTE leader that killed the entire Nation, in multi million way. Thank goodness we survived.   NO its not a matter of the ARMED FORCES, believe me , I understand those things. That is what you called ‘leadership’ ‘qualities’, knowledge of right mechanisms etc. it is the same armed forces that was handed over to the Commander of chief of country’s security.  Were there any difficulties with regard to ‘liberty of Armed forces with regard to decision making or taking actions in the field, I am unaware, so I am asking a question? What barrier you most then?

It is not about resources, dear friends, it is about how you use available resources when it comes to achieving targets.

What some forget is that no party is handed over any government writing and signing a ‘pin paththare’ ( if you give something , donate something for free without any competition, without facing any election, for instance, then you can recon it as something that you receive for free.
So get what you want facing the election , without really producing things that easily breakable through logic or  facts, evidences.

Have a peace of mind, all who contest, support, follows, before election and after election! 


Saturday, December 13, 2014

For the Feathers Stolen

For the four hearts departed due to the PLAIN crash happened couple of days of ago in Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka. With my good bye salutation for the braveness , for fearlessness shown since the day deciding to rule the upper space over to our lives in a more kindness way, i am writing these words the way i can. and this is not a death notice to for anybody to say hurrrrrray 

How good it is if i know how to weave at least a few poetic words for you, the hearts gone missing in the mists, yet this is an effort to show you how much i appreciate the service you have provided so far as sons of this country. this my poor effort actually is to address the way i can.

Those feathers were very well disciplined
The world knows it 
The Whole country knows it
those feathers gone missing in the mists   
who does not understand,
they are softer & stronger
Never wander without an aim
They are who can doubt,
The friends of solid, sensitive sky
Never broke its rules of space 
Respected every way
Those tender feathers 
who doesn't know 
were made to tender 
were made to share affection 
were made to dignify their country
were made to wipe off the tears of their mother land
Were conscious of their boarders
knew when to still for strategic reading 
knew when to fuel their country to lead ahead
were they too heavy because of wetness
i am unable to clarify
Was it heavily raining
 i have questions to ask?
watchfullness ! isn't this important
No by forced entering were reported
Do you know this world?
Do you have a book to mention those? 
Did our brave boys, collapse anybody's territory regulations?
So for these hearts softer than anything existing,
compensating is not possible
shouldn't all know this?    
For every feather gone, saying good bye even earlier,
since decades,
compensating is not possible
For those talented feathers 
Flying is nothing but ‘life'
Who had the gut to steal their feathers?
The feathers that knew nothing but challenge the challenge  
What went wrong this time?
Was it the fearful weather, the Victim of crime of stolen feathers?
Who is responsible?
Was it the idiotic lightening?
Destiny, the illiterate bugger?
Was that the reason?
Why them not bullshit talkers?
Good bye hearts 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

It was slightly raining in Battaramulla

Crossing the Polduwa Bridge, so gently in heart 
Through the fair, fair
I walked
I didn’t feel like pausing my walk
i proceeded  
Nothing was mute
The town was so moving ahead
people , some, moving back to their nests of life, after duties
pedestrian passage looked widen 
I walked further, further and further 
through people
towards relaxation
towards uniformity 
towards clarification
away from dryness of life 
i proceeded 
the benches seeking for company
seemed, trying to analyze eras 
Guards uniformed, were conscious 
Advising often,
The parents who have taken their eyes off from their children, 
Just for a while 
Through People i proceed
seeking for a station of moment 
i proceed seeking for a place of no cruelty
Here I am 
Before a train .............
How is it possible?
No railway was to be seen
It is a train of past
It is a train of memories
My thoughts shattered in to pieces
Travelled a bit back and forth,
From Kandy to Peraliya,
Stopped there for a while, 
returned to the station of 'present'
i proceed 
thoughts are relocated
The Train of Life is still on its way to the station of future,
carrying me and my hopes
Children are playing,
Adults are describing,
Lovers are rehearsaling life
Pausing for bondages,
clicking the cameras
360 degrees
Full of life
Full of lives
Sun is departing from the sky of west,
From the wide bluish sky
The River before me
Flowing rhythmically
yet in solidarity 
I was moistured
Birds, using their wings in its fullest lengths
briefing each other, so closely
Wandering all over the solid sky
Looked tireless
The painted clouds moving slowly
looked stationed 
Buddhist monks , a few,
A line of them just reached the wooden area
I noticed
Meditated for a while ( i thought)
About truth of life?
About kanthaka the navigator of Sansara?
About River Neranjana?
I changed ‘the direction of thinking’
The Monks, They are proceeding
These no lies
No fabrications
Eye witnessed
A father, so dearly
Teaching his daughter , an Angle for sure
What was she asking? 
Too far to know, too far to hear
Returning Buddhist Monks
To the place of previous
Did I hear a ‘shooo’ sound, from someone behind a robe?
No! it is the wind 
An innovator, a little one says
“Baby bird”
“a Baby bird”
“I am the one who found him”
Little fight over an ownership of an innovation
He is a humming bird
Clarified, the young innovator
felt developed 
life is a game
i should have told them 
the gent, gently touched her forehead
i returned home, seeking for sisterhood ..............

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

this is a single chapter of a booklet(ting) of OIL

I believe OIL is one of the major sources of income for most the countries who owns the authority of the OIL. I remember how the LTTE tried to attack the Economy of Sri Lanka directly in most the occasions though entire plan was to burn the country’s economy in order to weaken the fighting or security system against LTTE.

If any terror group succeed in targeting the Economy of a country there is very little that they have to achieve their targets, aims, or eternal objectives of bullshitting any Nation of any world Map.

Every time when economically valid and important centers were attacked, same thing happened to country’s economy.   Therefore we can understand, and there is nothing to assume, undoublty every attack slowed the processes of development of the country. When the heart of country’s economy, the Bank of Ceylon, Central Bank incidents were happened, I believe there were no options other than re building the premises.

During all those attacks what happened was they become fatter and fatter in their missions because they were stunned in receiving funds, money from various well-wishers of terrorism.  I like to provide just a single example from NO Way parties.  The one and Only eric Solehiem incident.  The baggage of KRONES issued to LTTE to feed the tiger babies with uttermost lovingness to promote the terror not only in Sri Lanka but also in the Region, I don’t doubt.

It is a shame actually to the NOBEL people of this world, for the people who tried and sacrificed their lives on behalf PEACE, for their loving countries, for the sake of peace and harmony of the world.

About OIL or OPEC, I believe, very strongly, there is nothing to say to the world, the OPEC word itself says everything. I remember in the past how the OPEC let the world know their aims and targets before forming the organization, OPEC.

So there is just few new words were added in to the new world of OIL, i.e. SHALE (thank you ADA paper for information) if it is a threat to the OIL big brothers, ARAB for instance , we are waiting to see how they face the challenges of OIL manufacturing.   I believe that they can soon come up with new plans to maintain the prices of OIL, and then their consumers can happily consume number of liters they require.   

During a war of any country, OIL plays an important role.  It is important not only to run the vehicles of ARMED forces, but also normalize the lives of ordinary people, every citizen of the country.  FUEL is something that any country need to fasten the processes of  every developmental activity.

We cannot forget that every country is linked with each other when it comes to DEPENDING each other for their needs. For example, even if the ARRAB don’t need OIL, because they are one of the prosperous lands of OIL yet I am sure they probably need flour from America. Perhaps, they all might need bit of rice from ASIA> So everything is inter connected. No matter what country is attacked, or in what percentage is damaged, whether it is a big country or a small country, whether it is a federal state or any other independent state. Every single incident happening around globe affects the global economy and every single country.

Even if America Self sufficient in OIL or S. Arabia is totally self sufficient that is not that important to what I am trying to explain here. What is important here is that protecting every single wells of OIL from any outside attacks of terror that is for the sake of global economy.   

There is a connection between OIL and WAR. If my memory is accurate there some fought over OIL. Look how quickly things changes, it is not OIL which people fight for it is something else. The globe we live, very including SRI LANKA is struggling to protect the won PEACE from outside culprits, those who try to SPOIL entire country, indirectly by letting a government (a recent example from the Globe, when it comes to independent ruling or maintaining admin system with no interference of outsiders) to appear before ICC for eliminating entirely big dangerous terror outfit named themselves, introduced themselves as LTTE. That is how the global peace makers  try to appreciate what this little country did to save their not only a single ethnic group but also every single living group of this country.

Perhaps, the globe has forgotten by now, SRI LANKA is a multi national, multi cultural country.

How we fueling our meals is not a secret, we use coconut oil : - ) We have a coconut board in the country.  

So I am thinking whether America should therefore ( forget coconut this is about peace and Harmony) try to be careful if they take any actions against terrorism of the globe, the ICC ( who is the head of the institution, by the way) might (NOT) take you before  its system of justice. So some of them re trying their level best to hang not really the BRAIN of President of SRI LANKA, HIGHLY ALONG WITH EVERY BATTALION, EVERY SINGLE BATTLEMEN, EVERY SOLDIER OF EVERY REGIMENT, EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN OF THE COUNTRY ( OF COURSE YOU CAN SAY 99.99%, EXCLUDING THE TERROR LOVERS) THANKS TO THEIR PATIENCE, for winning a war against terrorism.
So I believe, the agreements are already been singed.  Why separate or different agreement signed with every different party?  I am asking the SWORN group. What was the idea behind? Were they created based on what they expect from the big SWORN, after the Election?


So FM baby, my love I write this for NO PAY (not getting any payments), will it be a problem for you honey?

So about oil and honey or oil and war, oil & economy, oil and meal, every single thing is essential to run this globe. It is not just love letting … is important.

Take care world ……………..