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Paths Links People

Friday, November 13, 2015

I cannot think of any other Senaratne with a Brain other than .........................

Mr. Sisira Senaratne. Sisira Senaratne is a Musical Brain. Veteran Musical legend of local Musical world. For me i can say that we have a worldly large musical brains in this country thanks to their 'sacrifices', let me discuss it on some other day.

i do not think that singing any musical melody for him was a challenge at any time of his musical involvements, Classical or otherwise.

Today, thanks to the 176 Bus service, i got an opportunity to listen to few of  the old melodies sung by Mr. Senaratne during his lifetime.

i cannot remember writing anything about this very pleasant personality of Sri Lankan Music world through this page that is purely due to lack of my knowledge on Music Critique methodologies i would like to add.

All i can say is that his voice is so harmonious and peaceful to hear.

Mrs. Indrani Senaratne his beloved wife too is a Veteran Singer and there are many songs sung by the couple that hit top charts of yesteryear and they have no challenge even today.

If you say that a person has a brain, what do you mean by that in General?

That means he / she has a brain , and you believe it as a truth

Do we need to say anything any further


Therefore i like to very specifically state that Mr. Sisira is the only Senaratne that i can think of with a Brain full of Musical Melodies nobody else.

May You Attain Nibbana Mr. Sisira Senaratne for creating us  such a wonderful musical thinking through your melodically  acclaimed voice

Thursday, November 5, 2015

How about 'Helping Kandy' , young master?

Recently i read, one of the famous Senarathna Juniors has inquired from one of the Former Chiefs of Courts, the files of 'Helping Hambantota'. Reasons I am unaware. Any plans to establish new projects in the Southern Province? 

If so that is brilliant young master

Then, why fear of Southern Part of the Country good people? 
 Dakuna wenaseda (?) (ol=K jekfiao?), One of the head lines of a popular Newspaper, cannot remember the name of the Paper, i pardon?)  I assume that I know what they meant by Dakuna (South) why fear when the country has ‘podu janaya’ (Common People/ civilians) with eyes wide open?  

When ever they feel something they know how to react, right?

So, I was thinking of the young master’s intention asking the files from an expert of the Judiciary System and from a person who was responsible for releasing the Judgment / Decision (?) to the not only to the people directly involved but also to the public?
Perhaps he is a Student of Law, curious about learning old cases (commonly use word), since the era of Ceylon to from current Sri Lanka?

I like to ask & suggest, if you don’t mind, why all new, old, young mature go behind old cases rather than trying to find or thinking of helping the new issues before the Government / country instead?

I am not asking this from the young master itself, I am asking a common question?
So, let me come back to ‘Helping Kandy Project’. The Lankadeepa writes about 
Mahanuwara (didn’t read the article yet) under giving it a title ‘ Apayak wu mahanuwara’ ( Kandy that became a hell) I don’t know whether it contained any pluses / positives of Kandy but that is not what they want to say. It is true that the Public Bus Stop Place is tiny and I guess more space is required to park the Busses, that is one of the issues I see in Kandy. I do not know what plans the New Government has to develop the Bus Stopping Place, with other requirements.

I know who hold the position of Nagaraguttika earlier but I do not know who is in charge of the position now?

Four more years remaining for the government to accomplish the tasks and targets, aims and objectives of the Present Government

Are you weighing and measuring the ‘targets and aims promised and achieved?
I do not know why Mr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri says’; The Agreements made between the Civil Society , no one can remember it seems’ (isú,a iudch tlal .ymq .súiqï ±ka ldg;a u;l ke;s .dkhs a) ( Irida Lankadeepa, 01 / November / 2015)

Mr. Bimal Rathnayake says What the people harvest now is the result of what they saw at the Election (ck;djg fï ,efnkafk ta wh ue;sjrKfhaos jmqrmq foaj, m%;sM,) He has not commented about recent paddy harvest , total number of Bushels gained etc, all know it.  

The Government needs to think and consider all these comments of experts as well as the Civilians. Remember, what you told earlier, what comment you release about the former government, people are weighing and measuring everything. And most importantly people have started ‘comparing things’ 

Some people says that the present government is planning to introduce a radical budget’ (?) how radical will it be? And is it True?

Let me quote a Buddhist Pali Stanza from a book ( Dhamma Padaya’, compiled by Hakmana Sumanasiri Thero, and Panadure Pasanna Thero) that I am reading currently thanks to Dr. T. Mukunthan who thinks that ‘Knowledge is to be shared not to be hidden within’

‘ Jigachcha parama roga – sankara parama dukha
Ethan gnathwa yathaBhoothan – Nibbanan paraman suKhan’

Hunger is the principal illness. Sadness is a cause of kleshas. Learning and understanding that well, realize ‘ Nibbana is the most comfortness of all existences.

Above stanza has preached for an Upasaka (follower/ ordinary person) who was starving yet tried to offer / alms using what was available at that moment, by Lord Buddha stating the reason, those who are starve cannot ‘concentrate ‘ or mediate keeping their mind at a one point.

Before everything else finding a way to ‘suggest a people friendly, human friendly Budget’ is therefore important. Do not kindly think of increasing the prices of essential food items I am writing this on behalf of people of this country who’s main meal is made of Rice.  If you do not think of a proper plan, Minister Responsible, then what our MP (Hareen Fernando?)was stating would become real’ ‘Ithiyopiyawak nowee beruna’ (escaped from becoming Ethiopia), referring to the former government. Sorry Ethiopia I do not know what our young MP meant by that stament. I am asking his current views about what he thinks now and in the future if their government is planning to introduce a radical budget

Will you now expect an Uthopian Prosperous Country? I am openly asking this from the MP, the patent owner of the above statement  

And then, every department has to stop beating the People what ever way. Beating can be done numerous ways, people, do you know that?

It can be done ‘raising the Prices of essential food items’, raising the other rates and Prices of other non material things, not having a proper effective plan to ‘enter the students into the Schools’,  complaining against the parents who have chosen the strategy of hunger strike’ or similar is not a solution for that.

(‘langama Pasala Hondama Pasala nam) Closest School is the best School for your Child’ how are you going to practice it, how practical is that?

Now, you cannot provide ‘peace of mind for people by stating this and that of former government anymore, think of a new strategy.

According to good popular minister of the Education; They have taken the decision, made a plan and its ‘all ready’ to give what HNDE students was asking, it the pupils who has done the mistake to deciding to protest severely. (Ada- 03 November 2015)

Now what worry remaining pupils? Your Problem is solved, right?

Now breathe freely, there will be no Beating

Your Intentions seemed good, I say this analyzing what you say to the public. But government ‘saying’ is different to ‘doing’ something or implementing or practicing what you are saying.

Young master, please think of a new ‘HELPING” project, will you sir?

Thank you for READING

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Footpath Congratulates the New Pleasant President of Nepal

Welcome to the Regional & Global Political Framework, the First Lady President of Nepal

Geographically Nepal is closer to our Country. And i like to believe she is very closer to us in many other ways including culturally and other inner structures compared to some of the countries in the region.

She has been suffering from Mawo Gurrilla issue since quite a few decades or is it years yet i do not know how severe the problem is OR have you permanently solved the issue by now? But i have read if my memory is accurate Mr. Koirala had a dialogue with them

If the situation is same as before, the President has a responsibility over solving it permanently or trying to get it a sustainable political (?) or otherwise solution

Territorial issues are no longer new to any generation. Solving any internal issues as such is directly or indirectly affects the region they reside.  It is important for the country's inner peace as well as for the outer regional and global peace situations though the said group so far harmed no outsiders i like to believe?

am i wrong ?

The Group, i believe has not threatened our country politically or economically

Therefore it is purely an internal issue and needs no outside interventions , interference

peace like countries of the region and of the global did not try to intervene the issue of Sri Lanka, the LTTE for example.

Nepal is one of them but supported fully and thoroughly in other ways that is not because they are not in the process of achieving or aiming at achieving the 'political or otherwise master of the region title or for the trophy, they are not in the competition.

Nepal is sort of a quite country in its every way

recently she turned the whole globe towards her because of the Earth Quake happened in her territory now is totally recovered , i like to wish and think

perhaps for her to mentally recover totally is little hard yet in other ways, building the City for example with its former or earlier shapes and equipping with every necessary items can be fastened , i write this without knowing her current status

if the target is yet to be achieved i do not know how Sri Lanka could help her as a near and a dear neighbour

Perhaps , the globe has taken every step to colour wash the city to enhance her morally and otherwise , every way

yet, it is not a permanent solution for such geographical and environmental  issues such as earth quakes, the global scientists needs to address the issue in order to prevent it happening again.

What are causes of earth quakes, who is responsible ?

How such can be prevented or avoided?

in year 2004, we know how we suffered from Tsunami and how we recovered mentally and economically of course also socially

The globe supported other than the stregnth and plans we had internally

The rule entered into the residential plans of the people, they are asked to live hundred meters away from the sea. i think the rules is in practice.

when it comes to an Earth Quake i do not know how it is possible to ask the people to stay out of such cities , affected.

Not Practical

Similarly people cannot live in fear of Earth Quakes.

it is no point having any internal plans only to fight against earth quakes , the globe has to support it thoroughly

How America and other countries support to protect environment can be discussed at relevant summits.

Do you know that wars leads to environmental pollution?

Do not test your weapons and other things unnecessarily in your excercices

Recently i read that the America used petrols (?) in the Artificial Island of the Chinese , the giants America, Japan, and India exercised Naval practices in the Ocean they have chosen, can you assure that such doesn't pollute the sea?

i do not know what rays that some weapons and other things releases into the air and how it affects it.

i.e. The Two cities of Ancient Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima example for what i just mentioned

therefore it is important for living creatures and non living creatures all spheres, atmospheres to experience 'war free globe'

it is important that you do not try to mix the oils with any watery channels, canals. If you are building any inner earth tunnels to transport or fill oils with your tanks, you need to be practiced highly environmental friendly methods.

How can we save OIL or fuel , can it be done limiting your turns using the vehicles?

because in certain number of amounts, percentages it releases some gas into the environment or into the Air ( i do not know what scientific name you give it)

Saves Ozone , right?

so do not try to steer your wheels unnecessarily then the pulling oil out of there relevant places can be controlled, or limit, helps protect the environment at least to some extent.  

 Imagine if the whole family is using some sort of a vehicle everyday other than using one family vehicle , how it contributes to pollute the environment

i do not know whether, with what i am saying here, the envionmentalists would agree?

So let me turn again into the side of the Culturally and  heritagiously and historically important Nepal and say try to Remain as an Independent but cooperative human , geographical territory of the region as well as glob

Footpath wish you strength, Peace and Harmony and Success !




Sunday, October 25, 2015

China is not a distance friend of United Kingdom, am i right?

i do not know what relationship the United Kingdom holds or shares with Russia and US. I do not know what relationship India holds with Japan or with Russia according to their Inner or Foreign Policies, political Practices. Every Foreign or international relationships that particular country , society is specific to their respective countries or unique to their policies and i believe what is suitable for their socio, economical and political needs and aims.

But i have a slight feeling that china is slowly colonizing 'the Chineseism' around the globe. 

It is recently that i read the news that India and Japan was having naval exercises / practices jointly with United States in i cannot remember what Oceanic Region.

Some experts say that above is against the 'Chinese Domination or (un) compiled Imperialism over many practices of the globe including Naval , Industrial and commercial practices , actions that the trio has decided to do the naval practice.

The Power of the Chinese with regard the said or not mentioned subjects here unlike in the past slowly emerging everywhere of the world. Pre or post industrialization era the situation was different, specifically when it comes to commercial aspects and practices that the Chinese believed is right, within China and outside China.

Earlier the Chinese took the attention of the globe via the Red Revolution, the Political thinking of Chinese now and then lessoned or educated the rest of the world in many ways.   There are things that the Revolutionary Chinese taught the rest of the world.

Soon after the Industrial Revolution, according to what i understood, the Japanese took over the position of the 'Master of the Industrial world' also the 'Masters of the Electronic Machineries' especially when the Robotics became one of the closest friends of some part of the world.

'Japanese Products' became very popular around globe within a very shorter period of time.

The Globe was highly surprise to view how the Japan recovered from the internal disasters thanks to world divisions due to various reasons i.e. WWI & WWII

Before all those giantly happenings of the world, China was a child, a micro figure of commerce. But China was learning everything watching all those slowly yet steadily.

Crown of traditional power of commerce and economies dispersed into the hands of Chinese and to couple or triple of other countries from its traditional dominant masters.

The Leader of the China visiting the United Kingdom i believe is sort of a beginning of  a rejuvenating process with regard to not only political or international relations between the two countries but also with regard other subjects that are relevant and important for two countries.

If you take China and United Kingdom inner ruling or admin systems are different to each other. but for both maintaining a good smile with not only with each other but also with every country around globe is important every way. Though UK is not the immediate Neighbour of China , the China cannot stay distance from UK according to the current global political practices and beliefs of the world.

Perhaps, China may not the closest friend of  UK or the 'friend in need but according to what i said earlier UK  cannot say ' China please do not maintain any closer relationships with Russia or with Ethiopia but only with us', because that is not a business of UK but that is purely a business of Inner Independent China.

Similarly above mentioned global ethical socio politcal practices are applicable to every  society or to every country of this world we live.

But if China decide to join any ally created or aimed at any global political or economical aspects or needs no other country say 'NO' or Don't

if any country maintaining any dont's or Do's or list of Prohibitions that is purely up to them.

it is little difficult to expect any Utopian Society that the rest of the world has less demand over or do not believe.

'Modern Imperialism' is a little old word that the modern political or social students are learning from their masters, respective.

Perhaps it is true that the childish generation do not know the official date of gaining independence from colonialism i do not know how wrong it is or if it is a crime whom should be blamed , the teachers, the schools, the era that they were born into? If a child was born little before 83 riots experiencing it 'the child might say 'staying away from such riots is what they meant by independence'.  apply this to every struggling period of this country.

That is why it is important for every country to teach History as a subject at schools. History as a religion.

Frankly i cannot remember every incident of history though i learned history 2.5 years as an advanced level student, other than what i learned as an Ordinary Level student plus one full year at the University

Human Minds forgets things easily therefore it is highly essential that we refresh our minds every possible minutes and practice what ever good that gives fullest results.

an individuals Knowledge is something unequal or unbalance compared with every other individual existed or existing in this world. no individual can boast about their knowledge level if they very well aware of the subjects that they do not aware slightly or massively.

China is huge if you take the size of the population compared with our country or with the most the countries but size of geo social aspects is not what decide the power that they hold, or that a country holds within the globe we live.

To colonize what you believe is right, your policies you need to have a thorough understanding over regional ethics , values, demands, inner admin or political practices and beliefs of this globe.  if you take literature Both China and UK are not poor.

The United Kingdom is rich in enriched in many things 'universities' that the global students of now and then like to join including the Chinese.

i like to believe that there are many things that the English people can learn from the Chinese including forms of arts, art of living not only martial arts.

though China is geographically distance i do not think that we have a distance relationship with China. it is not the distance that what matters for any country when it comes to maintaining 'good friend relationships' , vital friends relationships , intelligent friend relationships and 'Mutual friendships' between countries it how you respect each others identities and independence / liberty

it is by maintaining no unnecessary interruptions or interference of inner matters / practices , beliefs, ethics and norms, socio politcal values any country can survive in this world happily.

lets compile all those above mentioned or add all those not only into the legendary books of the Common Wealth Countries but also to the list and practices of rest of the countries of globe specifically.   



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

‘Prisoners too are human beings’; this is what displayed before the Jail of the Welikada

It is a matter of how you treat the prisoners, whether you treat them humanly or not, other than punishing them according to the laws and imprison them according to the Prison regulations.  

The relevant authorities take actions to release prisoners only when the ‘period of punishment expired’. 

Within this human rights world we live, we expect a prisoner to imprison under a safe roof with less outside threats them escaping from the high walls of the prisons

The guards are there to guard them or to guard the society from the labeled or tagged individuals as wrong doers, i often wonder

If you take the old prison popularly known as ‘Boganbara’ that is one of the very oldest buildings of not only in the Central Province, Kandy but also in any of the local territory, the entire history of the country.

The Prison was moved to another direction of the same city, few miles interior from the main town. That is a new building built by the former government. The Bogambara Prison , the older building was exhibited to the people of this country to view its past, educate themselves of the inner structure, sustained for many decades, facing all sorts weather conditions or political conditions, witnessing and observing tears and sighs of humans though they were known as ‘ wrong doers’.

For any government, maintaining such entities needs a lot of money. The Prisoners are dependents of any states. Though they are known as groups experiencing punishments, the truth is a prison is a punishment for a government, authority , country because of the money need annually or monthly, daily to aid the hunger of them

The prisoners are not earners, socially and culturally its a burden to any society, specially if you think of the 'families' of the affected, mentally and otherwise.

if you take the total number imprisoned categorizing them as ' physically able, ability to contribute labor, youth, it is actually a Economical disaster

The money require not only to feed them but also to maintain the buildings is not tiny. The staff, the guards 

closing a prison is no easy in this complex world but at least what the authorities can do is trying not to open any new settings.

It is not a strange practice to the people of this land we live, that on almost 4th February of every year after independence and on special Wesak or Poson poya days, every government take decisions to free some prisoners depending on the nature of the punishment, not severe though, under 'special pardon method (?).

but i have not heard any government releasing or freeing any terrorists in the history of the country or world?

Have you heard any incidents as such? i think it is in this country that the government practised such a system to rehabilitate terrorists?

What do you say America?
I have once visited the Welikada Prison for an educational purpose, with one of my friends, Kumudu Basnayake. We were granted permission only to visit the Commissioner of Prison as agreed but we got a slight chance to view outside from the place we were meeting the commissioner and on our way to meet him. That is another story. 

I believe that within a prison structure , you group them or categorized them before jailing, imprisoning, depending on the offenses and the punishments given.

Some prisoners, you keep them alone, away from the other prisoners, terrorists for instance? 

What is the will of every parent, affected parties (Children, wives, husbands, siblings) of the prisoners? It is obviously their freedom. BUT no authority can release them unless for a fair, lawful reason. 

Every Mother expect their child ( prisoner ) to be with them freeing from the prison environment , no surprise, because they are parents or wives of the victims.

If the government is planning to release the prisoners, thinking of the protests or the request of the parents , near ones of the victims, identified as terrorists and imprisoned, They have to take the sole responsibility of the action and the decision.  

The records of the prisoners; the terrorists with their profiles, including nick names, names used when they representing the terror group should be archived should not be descarded.

I read that the minister of courts and justice has told the public, if they are to release the prisoners , first they have to have a particular policy ready. 

I do not know whether such decisions can be done after agreeing to some or what ever conditions with the relevant parties or after any Gazetted notices published policies unless we change the LAWS relevant. 

There are decisions that can be taken policily, it is true but i am unaware of the policies that can be written to address such similar issues. i have not seen or have not heard any people, groups asking to release such groups from the prisons

Rehabilitation of the Terrorists, Prisoners, according to a very strict and strong plan to achieve the objective , if can be done useful but what what trust you have on them, specially when you are dealing with a huge number at a streach.

The government can follow the procedures already existing or used by the previous government, if you have no pride issues using them.

‘Prevention is better than CURE’

Discard every reason and chances of terrorism from not only from this country but also from the region, globe. 

That could be done only through better accurate foreign and local policies, transparent agreements, wise decisions, and international relations, no ill wills.

We do not have to please any organization or any country unnecessarily, specially if you have seen how the globe or other countries act or react to foreign affairs or inner affairs of other countries other than to their inland or homeland affairs. How they advise others and what they practice.  

Please remember do not let others to question your ‘inland mechanism’ in the future.

Boasting or filling the front pages with this and that of what former government has done or how you save your electricity bill , why you not using the swimming pools is not what the public needs to know. That you have been doing ever since you all have begun the campaign (Presidential and Maha Chande) what the public need to know is’ what plan you have for the ‘future’ of the country? 

The Government must take actions to PREVENT any boy or a girl taking any weapons into their hands along with cyanide. 

The Government has to ensure people of this country of the success rates of the plans with regard to the request of the near ones of the terrorists, prisoners

If any of you very well remember why & how everything began lets say in about 1976 or little earlier, no government can take foolish decisions, they need to consider every thing very seriously, not just to please any ethnic group. 

I do not understand why all of a sudden the parents and the other close once of the prisoners, terrorists asking to release them.  Did the government promise them during their campaigns? No i guess.

Is it a request made from the parents itself or by any inland or outside party?

what justification they give the government asking to release them

What is your view dear leader of Oppssition?
Do not let people steal other people’s plates of rice or box of lunches
If you do not think of how to reduce the prices of rice and other daily necessities, if not what you will have to do next is plan how you build the next prison or more prisons  

Look! Sirs, now that you have 320 lackhs of rupees in hand from the so called savings of expenses of the house of the head of the state , use that money to do something to control the prices of daily food items. 

Perhaps you can build or set up more government mills in the country, so that the money of the local farmers and of the people would not go into the hands of private traders. 

And buddies it is about paddy, the next question we will have to ask?

Have  a proper plan that is you go to the respectful farmers , do not let them come to your door steps carrying the bags full of paddy , paying a lot of money for the tractors and return home when you think or decide the ‘quality is not up to the standard after hearing the word ‘cannot buy’

One of the ways to close a prison, that is by opening a state mill, enough mills not only cooperative shops , or Sathosa stores.

Please tell us, after one year what new plan you came up with, other than the suggested bridge that may spoil the identity of the local people?

I am not asking the head of the country. he might have to answer after the conclusion period of his position.

There are how many sub sections, ministries in this country? Every section has a minister, deputy minister. 

Look! I remember how some of the ministers of the former government finally told the public. ‘ I didn’t have freedom’, I was not given enough of funds, here you are now appointed by a government that gives funds and money for you to come up with a heavy strong plan for the development of the section you are heading, fisheries or health or otherwise. ( According to your own words ministers)

JUSTICE,  I like to know what justice you do to the hunger of people that you were really pointed out ‘ the hundred rupee families’. after buying a kilo of rice what about the rest, can a hundred rupee family survive any further?

such closes a prison in the future

After Rehabilitating? (If any plans)

What plan you have for their carrier development, because killing or bombing is not any more the way that they can earn a living.

Terrorists were not paid employees right?

So it is highly essential to have a carrier development plan for them

How you monitor them is another question we have

Reason is we know the situation outside the country, who is eagerly waiting to catch the small fishes / big fishes using the world terror nets?

How many of ours joined the ISIS? I am not talking about them particularly
The LTTE is not a totally dead group, the head of the country should remember and keep that in his mind.  The support GROUPS are well equipped.

Surfaces are deceptive right?

Make sure that no authorized person takes any foolish decisions or actions to enhance any disputes within the country we live.

Mix the groups.  No province or zone should be dominated by any single ethnic group.  The Colombo is the capital of the country or is it the Kotte?

We cannot say it is a property or a heritage of the Sinhalese. Similarly Trincomalee is not a territory legally given to the Sinhalese or to the Muslims or it is not the dream capital of any Elam, Kingdom, right?

The Jaffna is not  a property or a sub state of any ethnic group inland or outside country, the land belong to the people of this country, children of this country.

A way to close a prison or refrain from opening any other prisons is have a intelligent provincial plan, think beyond political aspects, needs , desires

If you are trying to colonizing people according to what ever plan, do not chose a single ethnic group as settlers, have a mixed group Specially within the ADMINISTERIAL Strategy to be implemented, like some suggested