Friday, April 11, 2014

Is ferrying something fiery ..............................

I am not a ferrywoman but I have been ferrying between this less familiar (for me) footpath and ashore of human world for since more than 730 days starting from 10 April 2012

Even its literary sense blogging is technological ferrying is different to blogging again when it comes to its literal meaning.  Then why am I calling it ‘ferrying did I do the job of a ferrywoman all those days. No I do not think so. Because I am a woman who is a little fiery when it comes to technological ferrying and was fiery crossing water ways specially as a kid not as an adult though I was scared to cross any shaky and slippery bridges but I am not that fiery again I do not particularly prefer to bathe in deep water not because I am not a diver or a swimmer that is because I do not like to be in a place where there is less chances to read deep sides or unknown sides of something. 

Perhaps I shouldn’t use the term ‘something’ or ‘anything’ but use this specific term ‘human’ though its has various other meanings or understandings in its again philosophical or literal meaning

Literature, this is a very mind soothing and brain cleansing word for I guess that is why I often like to use ‘in its literal meaning’. Every word has its literal meaning and its other meanings people use these terms to clarify or explain things as how they feel or understand

For i.e. the term ‘prostitution’ or prostitutes why such exists is a different or not an unfamiliar or ethically difficult to understand terms. In its literal meaning most societies do not accept as a social institute other than in sociological understandings

Those are unofficial ,unethical social institutes that provides some service to the ones who are less capable in finding partners or unsatisfied with their lawfully bonded partners ( sorry to use this) so this unethical organizations provides some service to those who are in distress sexually

I guess behind or before every organization ethical or lawful there are things to understand for i.e. visions and missions or objectives or aims, the service to the world of human etc

During all these ferrying (mentioned and not mentioned) in this complex and no easy to understand ‘sansara’ all these exist with a purpose or a reason therefore before pointing your finger towards something or a woman or a man one has to think thousand moments or one can use or apply any big number instead of ‘moments’ if anyone feels moments are lesser in value or no big in its size of understanding or in its mathematical size

I love ferries in its artistic pictorial drawing meaning and its very dreamy meaning I may have ferried in one of those my earliest soles of this sansara with a help of a good ferryman who perhaps had a good will and love towards me, who knows I am not a sole reader to read my previous ‘births’ (janma or athma)

I like to ferry between real ferries where there is no electrically generated lights perhaps with a pale light of a kerosene lamp No I do not think it is practical to use any candle lights J during any ferrying specially where there is ‘wind’, sulanga - mind blowing   
 I do not like to note any songs that I like very much because I have read lyrics written and heard voices in its very true and deep wanting purposes  
i.e. Shelton Perera’ s ‘egodaha yanno’………………….. megodaha enno thawa kawruda inne?
(Are there anyone who wish to cross the river from here to there or there to here?)          
No ferry is fiery that is what I like to believe. But ferrying in an unknown waterway is a little fiery for a woman or a man who does not understand ‘ferrying’ in its total meaning
Ferries and ferrymen, these terms are older than the terms captains and ports

I like ferries than ports. I do not like the ferries where such places are controlled by so many authorities. A ferry; this has no main or sub authorities other than the only man who is in charge of the ferry, the ferryman. I guess I should add this at the beginning it is alright this is not written for an academic purpose or for a cash purposes  
Careful ferrying is essential, it is good to carry lighter things during very traditional ferrying though one can carry any many things during or while any technological ferrying like ‘blogging’

Take care and wish you all the best for a safe and meaningful( reasonably) ferrying  


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

smile Yuvraj smile

Hello! Yove Raj of Indian Cricket

Don't be surprised to receive this note from an Unknown

let me introduce my self .................
i am a fan from the country that ' Mahabharath' know very well
i am a fan of yours from the country that Arjun, Abhimanyu  and prince Laxman knew very well
i am a fan of yours from the country that Emperor Ashok dealt  many political and apolitical dealings with King Devanam Piyatissa. Sharing a philosophy, Buddhism is not  a dealing though. That is 'giving' in its PURE MEANING not in the literal sense

And, Yuv Raj if i tell you that you still have a dream to become the Maha Raj of cricket of this world, Do you agree?

What was easier for you?
Becoming the Yuv Raj of your Princess or Becoming the Yuv Raj of Maharashtra, Kerala my dream city Kashmir, Oh!!!!!! stunning Delhi the city that steals the dils of all Sajans and Deewanis
let me not remind what you did to some hearts world wide by smashing FOURS and SIXES

Becoming an Emperor is no easy Yuv Raj specially when it comes to cricket
but you are a Yuv Raj that was not a big deal for you and there is no doubt you are a Yuv Raj of Indian Cricket  

Becoming a Yuv Raj my goodness of every continent is NO EASY specially when you are to deal with OUR HEARTS OF CRICKET and BRAINS OF GLOBE fans of globe that are CRAZY FOR CRICKET

The moment has arrived to leave your kingdom Yuv Raj HAVE A PATIENCEFUL JOURNEY! AND TAKE CARE !

Monday, April 7, 2014

Congratulations CHAMPS!

Foot ball is not my favorite game. It is CRICKET the game that I love to watch perhaps it is because football is not very close to my sports lanes of heart or understandable like cricket

You need to know at least a bit of the game to fallen in love with the game. If you do not understand any game you feel lazy to watch because you do not know what they are doing in the ground of play

Scoring is no easy in what ever game and every game has its own shapes and sizes and demands did I mention this in my essay posted previously ‘Life is a Game’ ?  

Our cricket and our players taught us, their fans ‘this is what cricket is all about’, winning and losing is two sides of a coin that the fans have to understand and RESPECT. The role of true fan is not to look away when the side is loosing or burning houses of the players that you love so much.  Even if your players lose you can not kill your players morally you should not forget the trophies that they won for you earlier. If you forget your past,   that is not cricket or sports.

The ladder of play - ‘Patience and courage’ and AIM AND TARGET that is what our players used other than the ground support and authorized support that they received, to win each and every game they play    

This gentlemen’s game known as CRICKET is very famous in every Game (village) nagare (town) of ape rate (our country) ehaa rate (neighboring country / India)  eetath ehaa rate , (The country neighbouring to our neighbor (Bangladesh- a friend indeed) friend in need country (Pakistan) Indies of not only west or East but in every corner of this world. 

The other good countries should pardon me for not writing all the names of good cricket teams. why should they need any recognition form this traveler, what is lacking in their spirits         
Though the game is limited to 20 overs I guess it has not killed the joy of cricket or lessons can be learned from the game : - { )

It is sad to hear the true gentlemen of our cricket KUMAR SANGAKKARA AND MAHELA JAYAWARDENA has decided to retire from 20 20 but I am happy that you give chances to up coming new talents. Hats off plus standing ovation from this traveler of foot path for YOUR SO FAR CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD CRICKET 

Becoming universal champs is NEVER A EASY thing for any game of any group / team that is what I believe  

I do not think that I must waste my words trying to explain how important it is you winning the world cup twenty 20 for the entire country and for the world of good cricket

Many Congratulations to your clever captaincy Malinga and to the entire team

All the very best for a good journey of cricket ahead



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don’t lose your COURAGE MALAYSIA


It is truly SAD to hear the incident happened to flight MH 370
This woman like to say that don’t lose your courage Malaysia. You can’t changed what happened but I am sure that all of you have learned a lesson from the incident happened, the flight disappearance. I like to use the word disappearance

I know the pressure and dilemma that the relevant authority is gone through and I understand how the loved and near dear ones feel about this disappearance of the flight , that is their ones we can’t say stop worrying  or crying , their reactions the authority had to bear with a little patience 

And we all must appreciate the efforts that the relevant authorities in Malaysia and the other outside to Malaysia has taken to seek the disappeared flight

It is NOT indicating the FAILURERS of the authority but it is truly a lesson LEARNT

You can’t do anything for some situations that arises due to uncontrollable things or of the things that are out of your controllable limit. If you say that the mental situation of the pilot was a little disturbed or was a little unstable due to human reasons when he was trying to take off the flight the authorities can not do much about such things. Often people have to face unexpected, sudden situations that changes life patterns or situations unpredictably

If it’s a terrorist attack you can’t take the sole responsibility of the flight disappeared if you are not feeding any terrorists, the whole world has the responsibility over such issues

There is NO REASONS FOR THE WORLD PASSENGERS TO MISTRUST OR DISRESPECT THE AIR LINES OF THE MALAYSIA this is an incident that could be happen to anyone of this world

Sometimes the matters that arises as a result of something is nothing to do with the TECHNOLOGY but something to do I do not say destiny but carelessness BUT I AM PRETTY SURE THAT THE PILOTS AND THE STAFF THAT TAKE CARE OF LIVES OF PEOPLE ON AIR PREMISES ARE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS

Most the things can be solvable or changeable with a good plan

Black box and the data that indicates are important I know

I believe that the world of air lines has to think of innovating new technological methodologies to face the new challenges especially if you say that there is no data or some data is missing from the areas of the radars are active (?) how re we going to find solutions for that does it mean that the GET manufacturing companies has to think of adding new devises that can be fought against such situations or does it mean that the radar systems or its appliances has to be improved? I am not an expert I just asked
What are the newest awareness or the methodologies and strategies that could be applied when it comes to HR ( Human Resources)  how is it possible to reduce the mistakes ( HUMAN ERRORS) that can be happened ( rarely though) on air crafts

How to aware the passengers before or after LANDING about the things related for a safe flight apart from the advises that provides by the staff members to ensure their safety i.e safety measures, things related breathing, how to use safety equipments
How about ‘how to react and what to do when there is unexpected TERROR ATTACK OR HI JACKED SITUATIONS

How to identify any terror attack before take off and I know that it is never easy to identify the faces of the terrorists just by reading the pass ports or visa unless the world security forces has reveled or provided the ‘WANTED LISTS’ to each and every port authorities / all officers of all levels / at every gate or departure tunnels arrival premises. the wanted lists or lists of the suspects has to released by each and every state or any state or any independent countries that is to support world security systems AND
by the high security brains of Sri Lanka, CIA or FBI or any other
Yes, there are ways to identify the faces by checking the pass ports I do not doubt but that it self is not enough


Passengers have to fly with a conscious mind I am not saying that you should SUSPECT YOUR FELLOW SEATER or disrespect what is been done already to ensure the security of its passengers

WE NEED TO RESPECT THE ACTIVITIES THAT HAD BEEN CARRIED OUT BY THE EXISTED AUTHORITIES OR BY THE CURRENT AUTHORITIES to ensure the safety and the enjoyment of the passengers throughout their journey, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING IS ESSENTIAL when you are dealing with various authorities and facilitators then you will be easily getting the support from everyone. This I wrote not just to apply to the air lines also for any line of help or support, service

We trust you Malaysia  

I am sure you will certainly be able to find a GOOD RESULT AND SOLLUTIONS IF REQUIRED 

i think THE BATTLE FOR HEARTS AND MINDS , EDITED BY ALEXANDER T. J. LENNON is a useful reading material to pick and choose guidance to their own and to the world this book provides various pictures of certain things at certain stages as well 





Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sharing perceptions and strategies and methodologies of sharing ..............................

Ideas and perceptions

Even kids have their own sayings, ideas. They say their views and ideas on the things that they see , about the people they meet about the toys or the books that they receive on their Birth Days

All human have their own ideas on certain things or everything

that aunty is bad’ ‘ that uncle is good’ ‘I like famous five”

“I like Timmy a lot than George”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love jinnah’ but I do not like Giniwelle that much”

Anton Sir is a good Teacher”

You may here kids say this and that those are their views and perceptions
They have the right to hold their views and perceptions
What is right what is wrong is not the question here
Perceptions; one has to understand carefully people’s perceptions on PC Election
People’s perceptions on Leaderships
People’s perceptions on do’s and don’ts
Perceptions on taboos or ethics, norms or values differ from person to person or from society to society, continent to continent or sub continent to continent, Europe to Asia
People’s perceptions on terrorism differ from country to country region to region Argentina to Morocco  and their experiences I do not think everyone is equal or same in their experiences gained from life matters or political or apolitical matters or incidents, anything  
People’s perceptions on food habits, vaccination, world terror, peace and harmony
Some often try to insist that perceptions and methodologies that they use is accurate or perfect than the ideas and methodologies that any opposition uses are wrong

Strategies and methodologies
Varies from person to person, subject to subject and depends on many things
Perhaps depends on ones level of education, experiences, understanding, preferences or choices, academic or non academic
Some uses Direct and indirect Methods or strategies
Lets take leadership for instance every leader is unique and has their own shapes and sizes in dealing with things related to political or apolitical, local or global
Strategies and mechanisms use are different, there is nothing strange in that
If you take a political personality some refrain from involving in any corruption
Some are charismatic personalities, knows how to maintain it all along their carrier of political some do brilliantly , some do it less fluently, some shows such in different percentages
To get people’s views, perceptions on a particular election PC or Presidential some do surveys some don’t
Perceptions of people, some can say some views are biased some are not
You may see the colours of their party choices within the perceptions and ideas that a person may hold or share
Some talk about their choices or of preferences very openly , directly
Some do not
Some are little reluctant to show their party preferences in public but their strategy of showing their choice is ‘VOTE’
Strategies and methodologies that one uses in their activities of various things always differ from person to person  
A person can talk to a single person or to a group of five or more individuals at their lunch or breakfast moments, on their personal views on something or somebody J or a person can address to a million or hundreds of people standing at a stage on their preferred topics
The difference is the number of people, group that they are addressing, methodologies used every person is doing same thing though their objectives, aims and visions and missions, dare or hare are different
The methodology that a teacher uses in her / his personal dealings and strategies of teaching mostly or often show huge difference depending on situations
Perceptions on gossip and methodologies and strategies uses in favour of their choices depends on personalities, I guess it is alright to say so
Some, yes abstain from reveling their inner lanes in what so ever situations
Saying something against, in favour or abstain, we can take such as methodologies or strategies of showing ones perceptions and views on something
When one votes supporting their favorite candidate or in favour of their party that revels something and at the same time it shows that they dislike others or less like in comparison to the other candidates
Choices are varies, preferences are vary from person to person, methodologies and strategies people use differ from person to person 

this foot path is my place of sharing my perceptions and ideas, views on the things i like to talk or discuss 
Let’s respect ones choice of VOTE and try to understand them through their votes that revels their perceptions and attitudes



Saturday, March 29, 2014

Colombo 08

Colombo is not a small city I do not know whether it is smaller to Delhi or similar to Delhi or exactly like Dhaka or Constantinople (the old city) all what I know is Colombo is numbered by I do not know when but by the admin system of the country that is to identify the city easily and for easy administrative purposes

This province I do not like to compare with any other provinces or this city with that city or with all the cities because every Capital city is unique and has its own feature’s specific

I should not compare Johannesburg with London or any other city with LA or California

California is specific to many things Johannesburg is unique to something else that is how the uniqueness or specialties of something one can measure or weigh

To come to a certain stage of improvement patience is important for any person

A city can not be bubbled or shined just within a day or so perhaps it takes decades less or more a city to come to a certain stage of improvement

Colombo 08 is not a strange city for me. In each and every visit that I made to Colombo from Kandy I had to come passing this city ‘ Colombo 08’that was of course before the Paanadura –Kandy bus service was initiated, and after that I used that route  

Anyways, Colombo 08 is not a very stunning city for me but I can say that it is like a central point that takes travelers towards many directions
103 Kotuwa – Narahenpita , 168 Kotahena – Nugegoda , 154 Kiribathgoda Kelaniya , 135 Kohuwala - Kelaniya , 176 Hettiyawatte – Nugegoda, 174 Pelawatte - Battaramulla, 177 Kaduwela - Kollupitiya (this passes Colombo 08 through Senanayake Junction this 177 does not touch the central area of the town of Colombo 08
175 Kohilawatte - Kollupitiya, 152 nawarohala all these busses goes through this central point and also 190 Meegoda any many busses stops a little at the main bus stop of Colombo 08 and proceed their journeys towards their own cities urban or semi urban

The main bus stand of this city is situated facing and neighbouring the Bo tree and the traveler’s tunnel, YMBA Building (Young Men’s Buddhist Association) one of the oldest buildings of the city

I like ‘Ananda Bhawan’ small restaurant, a good place to have a cup of plain tea with a dose or any other south Indian Cuisine, small eateries    
LIDO the movie theatre hall and the Namel Manel Punchi theatre beautify the city without any doubts

Namel and Manel came and settled in Colombo 08 a lot after LIDO and other fashion lovers came and settled in the city though the couple settled in the field of their interests a lot before any of those settlers were even born

Colombo 08 became every day topic during last two few days that is because of the death of the OIC of the Police station of the area other than that Colombo 08 has its own everyday topics to discuss

Upawansa is very old but has changed a lot (Upawansa is a restaurant)
I remember we (Mrs. Sonali Gunasekara and our team) having our meals when ever we go passing Colombo 08 after our social audits, field visits - late nights   

People moves here and there no strange, like in other cities
Almost every man or a woman I meet is strange or have not met before type and it is very rare that I meet known ones in this city who come and ask “hello how are you” from me?    

This city is like other cities no difference everything is very robotic, I see parades of vehicles every day all like machines some moves faster some with some signs

No one stops and shares a smile, what an achievement I often think
I should not be surprised each and every man or woman has their own aims and objectives of life why should strangers come and ask me how are you?  
Everyone has their own life objectives nothing strange in that some becomes topics or objects or some compare me with toilets I am not surprised

‘Toilet is here’ you are right madame  

I thought I must be very careful I must not enter anyone’s sacred premises unless they want a toilet to pee or any other purposes other than that for what purpose one can use a toilet, not for dancing obviously

Oh! My topic of the day ‘Colombo 08’ I must only talk about this city not about other things at this moment   

Nugegoda is different to Colombo 08 the city plan and the design the content all those are different to Nugegoda

There is no Traveler’s tunnel in Nugegoda, in the heart of the city but Colombo 08 has one

I do not know whether the city planners are planning to initiate one in the middle of the city other than the sky bridge (is this the right word)

Ah! the railway station there is no station in Colombo 08 but in Nugegoda
Am I trying to compare Nugegoda with Colombo 08, how foolish I am?

There is only one Cinema hall in Nugegoda but in Colombo 08 there are two
‘No madame I want no part’ or that another part, thanks though for the offering and your kindness    

I do not much like Urban or semi urban areas I can’t breathe within a heavy traffic or when I am among a lot of people specially

And I am very uncomfortable among strangers or among people that show and have any many faces

Senanayake junction is a famous junction exactly like the names such as
F R senanayake, D S Senanayake

Senanayake weraliyadda is famous for something totally different to the tall names F R & D S were famous and valued for
When ever I have to take 177 buses from Colombo 08 I come to this 
junction, Senanayake junction

I remember mapping the health centres that were situated along the Obeysekara pura (gothami paara) to main city and along surrounding areas that was in 1998 I guess am I right Dr. Steve Russell?  

Dr. Sikkanda’s old dispensary is still there I do not know how old is this dispensary?

Other than all the old and new buildings and commercial entities there are huge cutouts to be seen, television drama and TV advertisements in the middle of the city

The road that leads towards Maradana , Panchikawatte and then towards kotuwa I know is full of book publishers

This city will continue its journey who ever comes and goes or passes or stays 

This note is to be continue