Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who does what ‘we are on ALERT’

I enjoy reading what others say. I should have listened to some public speeches, instead of reading them via the papers. Then I can easily read every wrinkle or fine lines of every person during their talking.  
I very strongly believe that you can’t just name few parties who supported President in his mission not Kashmir ‘the mission against LTTE (local issue (if some have forgotten) that was stagnant in the country as an issue for three plus decades) every single person of this country was with the president. So no single party can drag its ‘credit’ to get marks from the people. The reason is highly apparent because each and every person of this country was truly and highly fed up of how then governments tried to solve the issue and wanted an immediate solution trusted President Mahinda Rajapakse.   If there was any other alternative person why would then who ever members didn’t go for that.  

I like to ask our Ex – President Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunge did you really want Mr. Rajapakse to contest for the presidential Election after you? How honest are you in your sayings?
There were some people who was highly afraid of Mr. Kumaranathunge because of his ‘popularity’ and the way he spoke with people, his tours to Jaffna (honest) the honesty of the people whom he was surrounded with ( Ossie Abeugunasekara for instance) so finally he had to leave though you and people of this country wanted him to do something for this country. Was that his OWN DECISION to choose death as alternative? Was he given any alternative to live and work? WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE if your memory works properly dear Madam?

Who killed you beloved husband? Mr. Rajapakse? I can remember how and what you promised before the death body of your husband, dear madam.
Of course you were the right choice then, when people were highly neglecting then government? How did you become the president? Who was behind you? Can you think of the lists? Was Mr. Wickramasinghe behind you?

I believe according to the constitution, you used the maximum chances of becoming president. How many times that it says, describes, that an individual can contest as president? Frankly were you not interested in continuing your role staying in the ‘title of president’? All what I am doing is asking questions, hope you have not forgotten that I am not a political genius so I have many questions to ask from experts.  Contesting is something ‘people‘s is something else. If you were given any other chance (the chance number?) to join the chain as a candidate (at a stretch) what could be your choice forget people’s choice for a moment.

If by any chance, Mr. JRJ have included the sentences that you are criticizing now what would be your decision? I believe then you rather stay at home without contesting for the ‘presidency’.

I guess you need to believe that there are no saints in this political arena though now some uses their old caps and outfits of ‘sainty political mythologies’.

No! I am not trying to pull out any garbage here. If you are honest enough, if you say that you don’t want any dictatorship in what you do? What is your idea with regard to ‘entrepreneurship ownerships’ of the respective areas you live or owe, will and opportunities of the people of that area?  What dominates what, who dominates who?    

Take a rice mill for instance ‘I don’t know who does what here’ I am trying to pick examples here. Yet, if the cap or hat matches please try to wear it and see whether it looks nice on you. If it does not match with the size of the brain (?) any can refrain from wearing the hat.

If my memory is accurate or my knowledge on the topic little good ‘Mr. Anura Bandaranayake’ who is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Bandaranayake (Ex Prime Ministers), the founders of ‘Sri Lanka Freedom Party’ on an occasion went and sat on the side of ‘UNP’ (United National Party). I was so angry (as a citizen of this country I respect the Freedom Party, believe me) of the decision taken by one of the Mr. Anura Bandaranayke, reason is my immaturity to understand the incident or reasons for a son to move out of a party, for a brother to move out of a party that his parents very well looked after, his sister (wife of Mr. Vijaya Kumaranathunge, after his assignation she got a chance to enter in to active politics easily) who was holding high ranked position in the Part and in the country.

So this incident I can analyze like this, it is understandable for a secretary to move out of a party when their political desires become widen which is understandable. When a person (all gender) freshly joining politics as a provincial member ( Pradesheeya sabha ) what is his next aim? And Next? And Next? And Next? The desires of political aims grow day by day of any person who freshly joining any party as members of active political arenas. Majority of the people of this country do not actively ( as the word describe it) participate in politics like the individuals who engage in politics as professions or as their carrier, true, but how they ACTIVELY participate is something that all are aware of.  Sign of their active participation is nothing other than their VOTE.

Mr. Sirisena’s desires with regard to his POLITICAL AIMS are understandable.

If you talk about ‘corporations’ forgetting the term ‘cooperation’ in corporations or operations conducted.  There is one thing I can write here with regard to giving siblings, sons, parents’ chances to hold positions (even though you sometimes forget their qualifications to hold such positions) when you become top of the country. Dear Madam, I can remember when you became the president, the first prime minister of the world (I respect her very much. she is my favorite women politician of the region and of the world) Mrs. Sirimao Bandaranayake, she was very old but you appointed her as prime minister of the country. Ok lets assume that is because you are the daughter of Madam and it was a god chance to pay your respect for a lady respectable, a lady who was once chased away by then some people ‘removing her community right’ ( Praja Ithiya).  I as a citizen of this country had no objections over your decision.   

I am not trying to please any corporations all what I am say is ‘ you sometimes forget things. This my effort is to reminding them and keeping them before your tables.

I know for a mission for any issue you need to have people whom you can trust. I believe you chose to give Madam sirimao the position because you wanted a brain beside you. Am I right? Please try to apply the same theory to some of current positions.   

Ex – Minister Maithri pala sirisena says that ,‘ what is the English word for ‘uthum’ is it Grate, that it is a uthum theeranaya ( decision) that the UNP party is taken to appoint him as the common candidate, for the forth coming  presidential election  

I believe such are political words nothing else. It is not what I see as a citizen of this country. I think that is because there was nobody (from the seniors) in the party whom they can think of at least has few qualifications to contest as presidential candidate. If not what were the honest and pure reasons that we can think have?  And there are some other things, I as a citizen of this country can say of the decision of the UNP party.  Some of the senior members don’t have the strong feeling towards the abilities of their young ones, about their young talents, who can hold some good positions in the political arena.

Alas !

There is some crack of the term ‘unity’, in its not literal but practical meaning, among the members of the United National Party so they couldn’t name a strong UNPian for the presidential election as a candidate. That is the picture I get from the decision made by the karaka sabha of the Party.

Now that since Ex Executive President JRJ became the first Executive President of the country, the presidents after wards used all the ' described in the constitution 'varaprasadha of the title executive presidency', and if some politicians mainly say it is now should be changed why not our current President of the country can go for that option after winning the election. if it is that easy to change within 100 days why not president try to change it within 50 days ?    

so it is little difficult to believe Ex Prime Minister Sirimao Bandaranayake once took two whole years to discuss how to change a constitution (year?) with then one of the genius of UNP(?) ( Please pardon i can't remember the name) if that is easy like cooking  a cuisine of instant noodles. 

This note is to be continued > > > >


Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Famous Five

Some become famous easily. The author of the Famous Five took little longer years to become famous. I believe that is because it is not easy to become famous or become someone useful to where he or who ever belong to. Enid Blyton is the person who created the famous five. Became popular not only among children but also among adults of all age.    

People can become famous in numerous ways. for example, if you kill a person you can easily become known to at least to the people of your village, community. it is not the adults that can be famous among people, children, kids, teens, too can become popular among people. 

I believe that Vellupillai Piribaharan, Ex leader of the LTTE terror out fit too was a famous man globally.  but tell me does he owns the place that Nelson Mandela won by sweating and striking against skin colourism of the society he lived?  what can you say about the popularity that the Mahatma Gandhi have earned ? 

Even the woman who put the garland of bombs, around the neck of the Rajiv Gandhi became popular. Don't you think so?  

if you want, sustainability, steadiness, dignity, add these things to your list of achievements, only if you think of concreting your self on the ground of your carrier. no matter what profession you hold.    

things won't come easily before you you don't practice patience , young ones  

I can remember how some became famous in some of the eras of the land we live. There was a time that some stood on a water tank, striking or requesting something they wanted. Some stood on roof tops until they get what they wanted.

Striking on a water tank became sort of a style of some strikers some time back. Even for a tiny need some followed that strategy. For some such mechanisms given so much fun to discuss or even to laugh at.

i don't know whether the good girls i know might get angry with me for saying this. it is popular saying among old ones actually that women are the ones who gossip not the men. how accurate i am here?   

Some have some things to talk when they meet with each other than discussing important things of their personal life. I think some looked terrified in solving their own issues within or of people of their close vicinities but in discussing things attached to some people's personal life. 

So let me move on to something that happened yesterday. the incident i am discussing below is given a huge ha ho ,popularity because of few reasons, politically important. 

Recently, that is yesterday (21 / 11 / 2014) a set of five departed from a big alliance ( Eksath Janatha Nidahas Sandhanaya) and became  a member of single party (UNP?) which was eagerly looking for a person to present as a common candidate.   About three of them I can say I have a bit of a picture of their previous involvement as members of the Parliament. I am sure the people of this country too hold their own perceptions on what is happening in the arena of politics and about the set of individuals ( Maithreepala Sirisena, Rajitha Senaratne, Duminda Dissanayake and two others) that I m taking about today.
People have their own thoughts about how they handled their own ministries, how successful they are in reaching the goals of the given ministries, and their political history. To tell you frankly people of this country knows them better than I am. According to my knowledge ‘Duminda Dissaayke is still a kid in politics. I believe that he needs a shade of a mature tree to become young in politics and then become mature slowly. Because in politics, I believe that there is no instant mantras that one can practice to become a big in what they do. Duminda’s young impatience mind leaded him to take the decision to moving out of the party.

What I believe, young Dissanayake, you can’t shine if you don’t find a plan that is purely created by you that is to serve the people of your area. That is purely essential to stand on your own feet. If you do what others always do it won’t be possible for you to sustain in what you do. Politics is not a running event if you think a while. You need to have a steady plan without really trying to change your residence from time to time.
There is a saying I am sure you have heard about this before

‘kele maru unaata kotiyage pulli maru wenne neha’ (even if the tiger changes his jungle of living , its skin type physical appearance won’t change )

Even though you change your party membership that won’t help, if you don’t really trying to change the way you work. Ok sit relaxly, and turn each and every page of your diary of Politics. And try to analyze ‘how did you face day to goals to achieve’? How satisfied are you of the way you have worked? Do you think that you cannot point out a single mistake you did, in planning, approaching, implementing your targets? As an educated son of a experienced politician do you think that others is responsible if you unable to (this is just an assumption because I have not read your diary of work or have not interviewed any of the people of your area) full fill any needs or if you were by any chance failed in your projects?

In your opinion, to become prominent in what you do, to get attraction of the people what do you think you should do?

Change party membership every months or every year? What if nothing changes if you believe that there are things that must change as you expect?

What do you do then?

Again moving out of the party - current and then join another party?

It is not the way that you must work young Dissanayeke. I believe you should not just take examples from the ones surrounded by you.

And tell me big seniors?

Any other issues remaining to be solved in the ministries that you were headed, is everything clean and clear?

Is running a ministry or leading a ministry successfully is equal to leading a country?
If your heart evidences say that you could lead the ministry you were appointed in a successful way you can relax. And if your heart evidences say that you were unable to lead the ministry to its expected target. You have a question before you.

I am just asking some questions that is all.    

Is popularity equal to votes? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

What is Politically (in) dependent, interdependent?

My mind goes back and forth seeking for words, titles around country, outside country, regions, and across continents.  So I find things to write. But some of those things are not heart soothing or heart pleasing to write. Perhaps that is because some subjects are very far away from my interests. Yet I think it is little difficult for a person to always stick to something that he likes to talk or something that they like to draw. Some things are inevitable or unavoidable.

If you take your mind back to ‘Pre - colonial period’, you can say we were not politically dependent on any nation though we had to face invasions from time to time.  Invasions, south Indian invasions for instance, we managed to fight against and looked after this ‘country’.  Though the country was not under One Flag for some decades and were ruled by Provincial Kings ( pradesheeya rajawaru)of certain admin structures (Ruhunu, Maya, Pihiti, for instance), even though Kalinga Magha attacked this country during Polonnaruwa kingdom nothing lasted like period of ‘colonization. 1505 – We gained independence (?) in 1948 from the British Empire. Do you think that we became politically independent afterwards?

From colonization we could have escaped much earlier unless there were NOT some POLITICAL KIDS who thought of their personal ‘POWER HOLDING’ other than keeping the COUNTRY behind their ‘personal desires’(thought of Kandyan Kingdom, some who trapped their own people trusting outsiders in some instances)  

So during all those ancient, Pre – Post colonial periods some were dependent on some (Kings) that they could trust , some dependent on some that there were no reasons to be dependent, some dependent on some ‘ advisers’ ( Agra Purohitha – chief advisor of the Raja Sabha). Some were directed their kings towards ‘accurate lanes’ of nivahal ratak’ (a country freed from Slavery) eksesath kala ratak (a country under one flag)

Don’t forget that for each and every province there was a specific flag to define their identity, dignity in the old admin system of this country. (sesath; this has few meanings but here it means flags)  

So when ever they fought against any of their provincial rulers when expanding their ‘kingdoms’ the provincial flags were used to specify many things. These flags were helped to identify their own members of battles from other members of battles easily.
So during some of those battles some had to depend on some ‘ottu karuwo’( secret agents?) who were officially hold positions in some other team of battle that is to get internally valued data, information that should not be exchanged with any outsiders).  You can measure these things in numerous ways. For instance you can say that this is something that you can possibly called ‘pawala denawa’(Betraying). If some one is given a position in a team of work or battle you are expected to work for that particular team not any other teams, not only ethically but also according to what is describe in the contract of work). If you do so ‘what is your position there or in the team that you work unofficially but totally, mentally?

When it comes to a country matter it is highly necessary that EVERY TEAM MEMBER IS STICK TO THEIR TEAM’ with out really betraying their team members.
There is one good saying that describes what I am trying to say here in a much fullest way. Here it is ‘Ange indan kana kaema’ , ( biting an ear of a bull comfortably relaxing on the hones of the same bull) so the bull is providing seating facilities and what who ever is doing using the seating facility is biting the ear of who has given for what ever space to sit
So one has to be very careful and try to be cautious of such ange indan kana kana aya’. They are the true enemies.

And some, even in the old kingdoms, sitting before the king in the Raja Sabha provided the internal security plans of the kingdoms to the Colonial Rulers. Read evidences.
So day by day some comfortably settled here and it was really difficult for some rulers, pre patriots to chase away or escape from some colonial rulers.  Again I ask read history for more information.   

Aiyo it is not difficult to understand ‘some did that because of nothing smaller they get but thinking of ‘kuttiya’( bulk) they get from the people they work (un)officially. 
History teaches us things one can say each and every thing that are not transparent to their people ( discussions with outside ( insert relevant term as required) parties) is something that you can discuss under this title I explore.

Why rahasigatha sakachcha (discussions) with outsiders what is the meaning of rahasya (secret) or rahasigatha lesa (secretly)?

One can have a rahasigatha sakachcha with some if that is totally outside to ill will agendas to harm this country.  One can hold a rahasigatha sakachchawa with a group banned due to various or multiple reasons. Why secretly is something that one always has to explain before the public if you talk about this term with regard to public domains or public interests.

Viniwidhabhawaya (transparency) is something very important like parenthood
I am a member of this COUNTRY. I no way betray this country for any PERSONAL GAINING’

Some decisions that were taken during colonial period actually were totally idiotic but that were totally because of ‘their lack of knowledge with regard to ‘EXTERNAL AFFAIRS’, some did not know or was not fully aware of things like ‘how to handle teams, groups, outside to country’ due to lack of previous experience, compared to now.
But this is not the era 1505 0r 1948 this is 2014. People and rulers can learn things from past.

Let me remind a classic saying picking from past ‘inguru deela misiris gatta wage’ to prove facts discussed above. That happened due to lack of experience with regard to handling outside groups that did not enter this country before. Compared to South Indian Invasions the colonial rulers were from different parts of this world. Their political interests, social and cultural ethics, norms and values believed were different to South Indians. Kalin Magha was different to Lorenzo De Almeda. 

So that was a period where there were no University that taught ‘American History’, European history, Indian history for instance for Prince , kings, princesses to learn about other countries’ socio political situations. But everything is different now. The Universities, schools, private educational institutes teach ‘Political Sciences’, History. From students to adults they are aware of global political situations. From goviya to kamkaruwa read papers, read books they know ‘what goviya (agricultural farmers) should get’ what nagarika kamkaruwa (urban wage labourer) must get’,   why some struggles failed, why some decisions taken were inappropriate or less appropriate then or not totally applicable or inappropriate to now society.

I believe that people of this country knows to weigh things better. they have their own weighing machines , the machines different to that party members use in their normal measurements.   

(What is the meaning of this term ‘outsiders’? One can analyze this term in numerous ways, if you think of its literal meaning or its deep meaning. You find outsiders in a same geographical area, some you find people who hold same certificate of births (physical structure of the certificate) issued by one country. Some you find live in a one geographical area but they live permission of the country they live. (Residence Visa for instance) I can list a lot. )  

Who ever say what ever ‘PEOPLE’ of this country knows how to use their vote.  
I read an interview with minister Mahinda Samarasinghe , published on daily Lankadeepa (17 / 11 / 2014).  I picked some ‘key words from the interview.  That is what I normally do. I pick and choose words or facts from various sources of information (papers, individuals, books, gossips, anything that I hear or view etc) and then try to analyze.
It is you (You; equals to sources of information) who always gives me things to explore. As a woman who does not know much about politics or any other tricks or mixtures, I measure, weigh things I collate according to my understanding. My scales differ from what the genius uses to weigh evidences at high courts.   

So in the interview the questions were raised covering many things which is good. So that if the public have any doubts remanding that too can be erased. So people get various point of view and then they can measure what everybody say comparing with what they know and what they understand, how they see it.

I believe we became somewhat independent (Politically) after 1972. But before 1948 or between the eras 1948 – 1972 we were politically a semi independent country. Unless you become totally, politically independent and establish your own admin system that don’t get any interruptions or interferences from any outside parties ‘you are a politically dependent country’. If Buckingham Palace decides what is good for you or if white house decides what is better for you, if Tony Blair said, ‘you must do this’ not that referring to something, if Congress members say that you must not do that’ and then democratic party members say ‘this is how you must rule your country’ there is a way that you can measure such things politically.

You can’t forget that ‘saying is something else when it comes to believing or following’  
Any can suggest things, say things, deciding what is better for a country solely on the hands of the rulers, leaders of their respective countries.   

When you are little weak politically others can spoil your plans. When you are strong others can’t spoil things. ‘Ones level of confidence’ is their mantra to win the objectives of their party, country.

We became little weaker when we had to face ‘the LTTE issue. The country had to focus more on humanitarian war, taking care of people affected from that issue, re build what was abandoned (both physical and mental situations of our people)

You get advice from various parties, or you have to get if you know less as to what to do, when to take decisions, what is politically better, whom to trust etc. when asking for help or advise for instance.      

1976 – 2009 not only politically but also emotionally or mentally we were in a mess. So this became worse in some periods due to various reasons, due to some decisions that were taken politically. Some decisions were surfacely looked alright but were weak practically, lead to other issues. Some became or join the net work as new political enemies, according to my understanding.  When some of us started criticizing some of the situations arose, some interference, involvements of few or some not friendlier but a tyrant to some extent. So due to lack of understanding of some people who tried to get involved in the situations, as peace  agents, that had no better or clear picture of what was happening actually in the country , came up with suggestions that were not practically achievable, relevant.

If you have any internal problem no outsider can give solutions, reason is one has to suggest things after studying every page of history (socio, political and most importantly geographical senses)   

Outside involvements are like an outsider giving plushable toilet facilities to some village people, without trying to know ‘the water situation of a community’.  It is village people who know what is good for their village or community other than outsiders. So when anyone trying to get advise from any outside parties for the questions like ‘what to do’ that will not be practically good.  when it comes to something related to our country 'we need to have our own plans'      

So existed situation became some what fatter because some of the involvements, lead them to get to know more networks that they could trust and strengthen or spread their ‘networks. ’

Please remember if the hat does not match with the head size of yours there is no reason for you to wear it or get upset so stay cool. (Saying this to who is reading this while I am writing?)

When you take decisions depending on outside views, advice of outsiders who don’t have a clue of what people want, to solve something internal how you can say you are politically independent.      

That was why some peace achieving projects of past failed.

I don’t know whether what I say sometimes, people take them personally. I say or discuss things as facts or I always argue sticking to ‘policies’ that I understand, often I use the scale of ethics to weigh things rather than other knowledge scales. I don’t really care about people’s skin tomes or party of politics, social or ethnic background.

So before this essay gets the shape of my personal profile of my personal interests, let me tell you what I want to tell, additionally.

I always say what I believe or think is right.  I believe that you should do what you think is right not what others think is right or what others want you to do. But that does not mean that everything what others say is always incorrect or inaccurate. I believe it is always good if we keep this mantra in our minds ‘no one is perfect,’ everything is ‘comparative, ‘trust your intuition’, ‘respect heart evidences’.

Often, we say things about something comparing it with something similar. Am I right? We compare Miss A with Miss B and both Miss A & B with Miss Z. often we give them marks.
If you want to INITIATE something THERE ARE THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER before hand. For example …………

You have to think of one, few or some of the factors given below, before PLANNING, IMPLEMENTING something lets say a ‘community project’. Perhaps there may be other facts that I miss but scholars see. Add them as required.  
-      Geographical factors
-      Social
-      Political
-      Economical
-      Cultural factors

Practically we can’t do what America do. Geographically and politically America is different to Sri Lanka. Their Political aims or desires are different to Russia. So, according to my knowledge even Russia cannot copy or do what America do in their country or outside to their country thinking of their own people or people of globe. People of Globe, if you take this term, America has their own views and concepts towards this term, I believe, and that gets the shape inclusive to protection of ‘future of America’, people of America. But don’t get me wrong I am not trying to de-widen what they are trying to do with regard to terrorism. And you can’t forget how the world has labeled America ‘The Policeman of the world’; some say America is the most powerful country of the globe.

How some label some I am not fully aware, but I think they do this thinking of ones achievements or their policies, interventions, international affairs, perceptions towards global matters etc, perceptions towards others. This is not something that specific only to America it is specific and applicable to any other vast community, big country, small country, and tribe, primitive or advanced societies, as independent ruling admin structures.  

I am sure you understand how some countries differ from another country. How a region differ from another region, how a country differ from another country with regard to their history, for instance, colonialism, invasions.

For learning or understanding purposes if you take specific chapters of history  and then analyze for isnatnce, Anurapura, Polonnaru, Dambadeni, kotte kingdoms, you can study the  significance, even if you just differentiate the chapters or incidents of invasions you can clearly understand the socio , cultural, economical and political background of then society.  Take colonial period (Portuguese, Dutch and British) you can understand the socio cultural economical political differences of each era.  The decisions taken by the rulers, what failed what succeeded, reasons, what were the decisions that some should have taken instead of the decisions taken for instances, if something failed?     
You can understand even historically most of us different from each other, not only culturally, socially, economically but also politically. So what you do internally with regard to its administration you have to consider all these to get something fruitful out of what you plan.

Therefore good men, gentlemen, ‘you can’t do what others do with regard to decision making unless such totally applicable, relevant, appropriate to our society, needs and wants of our people.    

You can’t say looking at something ‘nobody of the world have done this before’ ‘why do you this’? What logic or rational you can see through in those sentences or questions?   

Let me repeat ………. There is no need at all to do what others do but if that is something that we too need or suitable, applicable to our socio political , cultural needs of our country people. Absolutely, there is no harm in giving it a thought.

Sometimes what some others think is equals to what some, majority or few others also think.  ‘Colonialism’, imperialism’ what are these words. You may find few oppose to what you say. Look there is something that we always forget. You don’t get a chance to hear what every single citizen of this country says.

An Election’ gives all of us a chance to hear ‘what people think of everything’.  Every contestant have to show ‘their future plans’ to their people, and they weigh what they have done previously. Success rates, their strength levels with regard to handling or facing outside obstacles, international affairs, how solve problems. Abilities to lead the country people view history.     

Pre independent era what was the socio, cultural, economical and political situation here? In post – Colonialism what struggle that people internally have to face to ‘differentiate alienate colonialism attitudes thinking from our people and then establish something Sri Lankan like in pre Colonialism.

Sri Lanka is not a robot that a master can control using his remote controller.  This is a country with human flesh and blood. We need a leader who don’t surrender to outside interference or say ‘YES’ for something that we strongly say NO   

So, young men, tell me do you still think that we also do what others always do or did? Do you think that we should have followed the same, their geo – political, social, economical mechanisms? 

Do not tell me that ‘we were economically or any other way not equipped or stunned enough to follow their style of exploring their aim of ‘Empire’.

Perhaps, even if you say so I can slightly agree with you. We were very poor in such thinking. We wanted to cultivate something of our own, we didn't want any non national to rule this country.

Who is a national then?

A national is a countryman who is not politically or mentally dependent on the decisions of outsiders.

Yes, we did not want ‘any other people’s land’. In that way you are totally accurate. Just read what is happening globally, some want lands of others some expect others to surrender to achieve their objectives. All what we wanted is to ‘protect this tiny land from invaders of any type. We did not want to expand our ‘Sinhalese or Multi National Empire any further. We were satisfied with what we had and have.

All what we wanted is to ‘ protect this land from any type of invasions’, anything internal that fired or looked after by any non national who had no ideas towards ‘what is a mother land’ , who is a national?     

Yes, we didn't want to fill our ‘atu kotu’ (the stores of Grains), bhandagaraya (Treasure) with the coins, pounds, pagoda’s of others. Am I right?

Slavery; if you find modern slavery in any of the societies you live, then you are not totally independent. I say you are not only politically but also emotionally and mentally independent then.  If you think that we must do what all others do here I believe you are a salve of other admin structures and don’t want to welcome any newest methodologies with regard to admin systems, local.

If you take what is happening around some areas of the world, I wonder whether they took any examples from past? Colonization for instance.
What is independent means in its total meaning?  Cooperation is something totally different to dependency.   

Political dependency is something very scary, it is not like you take a loan from an outside source to build a bridge (take this as an example) so don’t think you or we must do what Mao or Abraham Lincoln planed to do for their people.
We must not think of politically DEPENDENT on OTHERS. We must not mentally dependent on the plans of outsiders, what others do in their countries?

Liberty is something that we all respect in its fullest meaning, I believe. Liberty is something that definitely adds some ‘novelty’ to any community. Achieving liberty is sort of a cleansing process.

Don’t be afraid to take any revolutionary decisions though any of the members of any other country have not taken previously. If you take any decisions that are not harmful to your people that is all what people expect.

All the best for the contestants in the forth coming presidential election!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A journey unfinished: for Kasuri Sir ( Karunadasa Sooriyaarachchi)

How cold is it?
Is it colder like a morning dew?
Or is it warmer like the rays of a warm sun?
Whom should I ask?
Hope I didn't ask you any unfair questions
Dear Sir,
I have not met a single person who says …………….
 ‘I am once a dead person’
Though, some sail their canoes between inevitable death and birth
As they please?
Because the ashore welcomes any canoes of any sailors?
Because an ashore is not a private entity?
Where did they take you after sole releasing from soles near and dear?
Did you see any sign boards there?
Who is the owner of the place?
Is the place has a name?
Like you called your place a ‘home’
‘paththara mahagedara’
Did the guards check, inquire your identity?
Was the gate huge?
No paddle locks?
What is this death that some fond of discussing, some not at all?
What is this death some talk in mornings and evenings,
Some embrace in nights or afternoons?
Is it something that your’ sole moving away from your physical body
Why, a death of a person brings tears not smiles
Are those illiterate questions or brilliant questions?
Are those Ideas!!!!!!!!
Did you see any perfection in those?
Why am I asking this much of questions?
Is ‘living’ a question not an answer?
Is living equal to series of questions?
Again questions ………………….
How is it possible for a person, non – saint, not attained eternity, knows all these?
Who says there is nothing written in books?
Everything is written in books
Every detail is written on leaves of bo tree
Every fact is near the ‘stupa’
Prayers are everywhere
Near altars
Near statues of Jesus
All over al Quran
 In the words of OM mantras
In all ‘isms’
No! I know
You have faced many, many interviews
Knows how to answer
So how did you forget the life page of readers all of a sudden?
Decided to journeying ahead to your chosen (?) destination?
Is it fare?
I say it is unfair
So as a punishment ………………
I wish you will have to return in to this soil
Another ‘kolama’ (column)
You are given no alternative
Dear sir,
I cannot send you a bouquet ‘Rathu idda’
Not because I have to come passing many ‘round abouts’ ( wata rawum) to meet you
My fingers aren't fit enough to decorate any reeds
The watarawuma shown you a few directions
Choice was yours to choose
but how come this time you chose another path
 ‘The direction’ you preferred (?) to proceed along 
how can i letter it 
didn't you see any other paths other than ' death'
So knowing all that ……………..
how did you forget your readers before deciding to depart
You should have chosen ‘the path to live’ instead
A teacher coming to ‘maha gedara’ (ancestral house)
Passing wale kade of pulathisi pura
How did you really feel?
let me wish you some 'rest'!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who paid for your Education, mama, papa or someone else?

A benefactor may be

Who ever

Let me talk of something else before I move on to my topic of the day’ who paid for your education’ mama, papa or someone else?

I can’t remember the dates but I watched the film ‘My name is Khan’ (?) hope I am right with the name of the movie. There is one sentence I can very well remember. ‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’. Any idiot can understand there are many khans in this world and every khan is not a terrorist or there are no khans in any of the terror groups.  

this is not a criticism about the movie i am just focusing only on the popular saying in the film. i don't know why it is in my memory. it says a lot about many things.  

one can connect it with what i discuss below, in a chapter of this essay, using the words of Mr. Kushwant Singh 

Kushwant Singh is a Sikh but he was not among the ................. complete the sentences friends ...............

There was one Mr. Piribaharan who worked at OUSL until very recent months if you say that Mr. Piribaharan, who worked for, if my memory is accurate for ‘Student Affairs’ or he was the assistant Bursar and currently working at University of Colombo, is a terrorist?

 ‘How do you rate this society’ we live?

I strongly believe that ‘we can differentiate this from that with no issues. Why? We don’t say things or do things for face values( these are not just talks). We first investigate and then punish according to law and order who ever introduced to this human world.

No! I am not going to talk about or discuss anything about WW1 or WW2 or any other existed wars in this world. No point there is no point at all to visualize the pictures again and again before my eyes, I have seen of WW1 or WW2, that gives headaches nothing else.

‘Every war is not a humanitarian war’ how about this statement / sentence. Can we make a movie?

So let me complain about something. Some I believe don’t understand that we don’t say & never say that ‘every Tamil is a terrorist’. Come and have a look in the other zones and districts ‘how we live’ ‘how we work together’, instead of secretly trying to enter Jaffna and get information on fabricated situations. 

If a Hindu did something to somebody or some place ‘on what basis we can say ‘every Hindu is responsible’ for the incident. NO! WE CAN’T say anything as such.

I am not going to pull out any cemeterized incidents of past but there is no harm to talk about things of past where we all can learn something from it. also to get some advise from past of this human world.

I read an article once published by editor of Hindustan Times,then,Mr. Kushwant Singh published on last weeks ‘Nations paper’. He spoke of his his experiences not only as an editor mostly but also as a Sikh after the Golden Temple incident happened.

Once he was questioned by another editor of an Indian Paper, has tried to know his preferences ‘choosing between being an Indian or a Sikh’ in response to his writing he explained his preference writing the article, ‘

                ‘I had never believed that I had to be one or the other. I was both an Indian and a Sikh and proud of being so’
He further writes ………

                ‘I might well have asked the editor (name mentioned in the article) in return’ ‘Are you a Hindu or an Indian’?    

I can memorize a Buddhist stanza

Najajja Wasalo Hoti
Najajja Hoti Brahmano
Kammana wasolo hoti kammana hoti brahmano
From birth no one become a wasala* or a Brahmin. It is what you do who creates who you are. One become a wasala or a Brahmin depending on deeds / kamma ( good or bad) you engage in.  

If you think of Ancient India that was how the society was stratified; The Khastriya (Rulers), The Waishya (Traders), The Shudra (untouchable?)
According to sources there are about more than 3000 sub castes exists in India. What is the situation now?

I can remember during Minister V. P. Singh‘s period as a education minister (?) some university students committed suicide against the decision taken by minister V.P. Singh, to give chances for lower caste students to enter University (Delhi?) as a Sri Lankan I believe it was a brave  and a good decision.  

(* in the ancient India a wasala is known as an untouchable) if you are to blame or if you are to praise ‘consider those things as well’. Yet once something happen, there are ways to ‘treat it’  

So don’t create any extra issues in this society. The generations to come will have to struggle to solve those if you do so.

If you like to justify your reasons to become a JVPyer back in 88 or even before ’89 or who ever to become who ever. But don’t always blame the injustices of a society’ what about your intuition then?

There is always a ‘justifiable reasons’ to believe that ‘any citizen can learn things from history’    

One has to be very careful when doing something thinking of ‘personal gaining’ forgetting ‘public – good’ 

Perhaps, you may find some disorganized face cut when you read this essay but I am sure you can connect every fact with every right act or incident of past or present though I don’t manifest any good flow in this writing. 
Let me hang around a bit in past, this what comes in to my inevitably. Though we did not do any harm to any because ordinary citizens of this country don’t carry any guns while travelling. But I beg you and ask don’t try to remember any RIOTS unnecessarily just focus on what began in about 1976 or so.  We (Most)actually looked at every person who carried a strange bag and sit next to us in a bus or who comes and keep a bag on a bag counters in  a suspicious manner.  There were reasons to do so.

‘Oh! This could be a bomb’ this was an inevitable feeling that surrounded me with additional fear.  

Further ……………

There were times that I tried to escape from such doubt full situations, places, thinking of saving my life. Who wants to live a hectic or sorrowful or horrorful life instead wishing a peaceful or happyful life.

But those happened totally because of fear we had towards terrorism nothing else.

If you can investigate something and know ‘who did what’ you can’t suspect everybody. Suspecting or doubting others is a behavior (?) or a feeling (?) of human being though in cricket ‘the profit of the doubt goes to the batsman.
If you know how to treat such phobia, good for everyone, you can eliminate such fear from any society.

No book of human rights says, according to my kid, immature knowledge,
‘Every day, every moment, people of any society, should live in fear of terror attack or terrorism’

but tell me ‘what book of appreciation appreciate such actions of the ones (Present President, Leader of this country) who eliminated terrorism from this land as some say ‘physically’ though it is little harder to eliminate terrorism of minds of some people. And like everybody is aware it is not easy to eliminate terror (the version of Velupillai Piribaharan) from globe because ‘of the secret supporters and some direct or indirect feeders’.  And you can ask Mr. Obama whether it is easy or hard the exercise of eliminating terror that European allies have identified.

If you can cleanse the minds of some people that ‘ no body should inject any poisons into any minds’ you’ll remember for forever. The hearts and minds of people will talk about you until they die. BUT while doing so, what you will have to be cautious is from outsiders who are trying to spoil your soups and curries. They may inject ‘poison’ in to blood vain of your people. 

And also you have to be careful when people come and say things to you of their own people. Some like doing it to get some marks and to show who they are some shows that ‘our feet are here but whom we venerate is you’. ‘Yes! People of this country pays my salary but I serve you’ that is what some people think from their inner places.   

Take Sri Lanka for example, for us People is = Tamils, Sinhalese, Burgher, Muslims can anybody say ‘that Sinhalese don’t care about Tamils’ and Tamils don’t care about Muslims, Sinhalese don’t care about Muslims and Burghers
What nonsense

Who pays your Salary? From what money?

Some say ‘Sri Lankan government don’t pay much attention to people of Jaffna ‘ what nonsense’ NOW THEIR HAVE NO FEAR OVER BOMB BLASTS’ Now THERE IS NO REASON FOR THEM TO FEAR OF THEIR LITTLE KIDS. No need to be feared of The GROUP (that some worship) WHO TOOK AWAY THEIR KIDS TO APPOINT AS ‘SOLDIERS’ IN THE PAST.

What are the things that acts, conventions say about ‘child soldiers’ any definitions given in the conventions? What portion is allocated to describe ‘the rights of children’ with regard to what I talk now.

Child rights, is also a bigger part of the other bigger parts of human rights? 

Am I right boss/ bosses (?)   

Babes, those are also ‘evidences’



WHO HAS TOLD SO, to whom?

Check news papers of last few weeks.

A Lawyer, A Judge, No can’t be. They don’t say things without really measuring what they have as witnesses. Am I correct?

Some think development is something that you can get result like some stars become RANA VIRU STAR’ ‘SIRASA SUPER STAR’ ‘ITN STAR’ DERANA DREAM STAR, DERANA PUNCHI ( little) STAR, ‘OVER NIGHT’ though they have to face very many sessions before the judges, qualified in Music.

I don’t know what qualifications that one must posses to become a ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky’? :- )

So ………………….

Who paid for your education? Mama papa or someone else

Foster mother, foster father of some where country? I have other questions too

What rice you eat, red rice or white raw rice?

Who cultivated your rice ‘goviya of allpau rata (the farmer of next door/ country) Alright ! Alright! There were times that ‘export and import’ worked properly. Lets say even now they import rice that is because some idiots don’t want to eat the rice we grow here some always admire or appreciate what ‘other country goviya’ (farmer) do or cultivate not the goviyan (farmers) of this country gives you using what ever seed paddy ( name the varieties or send the article you wrote mentioning the available varieties of paddy of this country) Circulate among every one

I don’t say that it is every person who believes so, some not.

Hey Ram (kadawale) I don’t understand all these. How to write all these, I am unaware.

Ok, one more question who made ethanol in this country?   Who was the first person to use kerosene oil in this country? Who exported is the person who knows who brought or created ethanol in this country knows who invented kerosene or sin in this country for the first time?

What is interesting is that ‘some utopians who were unable to create any idealistic society here in the past talk of a ‘Utopian society’. (Ideal society with no errors can be seen. No Courts system is needed because in what they talk there is no need of such because ‘paramadarshi aya weradi karanne nehane’, because every body is perfect (?) what nonsense

Some were given ‘17 years’, some were given how many years to do what many things tell me how many years the King Parakrama Bahu of Polonnaru kingdom was given?, How many years the king Pandukabhaya was given ( 70?) oooophs!

Since the king of Thambapanni (Vijaya) how long (years : -))))) it took for a king or for a president build a HIGH WAY in this country?  

If development can be achieved over night ‘why it took that many decades to build a high way in this country freshly?

And about importing rice from other countries

And some like eka neka rasa’ (some prefer to taste various food items with various tastes) 

Import export is not actually part of any port system it is a part of ‘OPEN ECONOMY’ mind you.   

Introduced freshly when?

About my topic before I forget it ………………

I believe that your mama papa’s and their mama papa’s money is all over this in this country, everywhere, rotating in this world. If you are a student, ‘they pay for education until they become a man.  Let me write something ‘ I am proud about some or most students of this country because they don’t commit suicide if the low caste students given chance to study in any university instead they fought against all the caste and class differences that tortured the minds of parents of this country some time back.

Appa, Murugan! Don’t let any person to spoil any student unions let them grow the way they like.

Who pays your payment or salary at the end of each month or so, no matter whether you are a private worker or a public worker/ Think well.
Public = every nation of this country

I need following data

What is the percentage of government officers who work in this country’s offices (# Tamil, # Muslims, # Burgher) only the Sinhalese?  Who works in the GA’s office in Jaffna? Forget other positions that get paid by the people of this country.

so how to say that the government or any one of this country favour any nation in particular 

Who pays their salaries?  

who pays for your pension? 

Can the Indians say ‘Sri Lankan’s paid for their education’?  Is it possible for an American to say the Russian government paid for their this and that need including their salaries? Can Mr. Obama say that Hitler paid for his education? Can Mr. M.Gorbachove can say Mr. Obama paid for his education. On what rational you can say so. In reality what is the answer?

you need to calculate the percentage of everything that you owe to this country for taking care of you for this long. 

Let me remind you something ‘I am a product of this country’ people of this country looked after me in everything ‘for my education’, the pays I received or receiving, I can’t say that the Indian Government or Afghan Government is paying or should pay my salary or no one can say the Indian Government must look after each and every family of this country. Why?

On what basis they should do so? they have their own business to look after am i right?