Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thursday, March 5, 2015

1st Avenue ......................

How many avenues you think you can find within 'self' or within the universe of knowledge?  What are those avenues that some talk and often enjoy discussing, some neglect or do not like to learn or analyze, discuss? 

When this title came in to my mind, today, I thought  that it is a mind blowing title, thought of walking along the 1st avenue a bit

As a child, there were moments  that I wondered as to 'why people name paths, avenues, roads, cities, districts, countries. now do not unnecessarily think of the avenues or paths you have seen but with a purpose of getting the meaning of such. 

names of paths or avenues 'says a lot about many things. if you just read the names 'can get a draft of its content'. 

some avenues are named by people with memorable names for the names of memorable , respectable, unique or on behalf of the names that served 'humanity'  

You can call a path a path, road a road, district a district, without really trying to name them.  After sometime I realized that you find avenues , paths, roads interior also exterior to your area of living, knowledge.  you find various avenues also in  other villages, cities, district for example.

Then, I thought that how rationalistic it is to have names for the Avenues, paths or for roads that people build or construct without really keeping them unnamed, confusing the users of the avenues. 

Especially, when you find too many avenues, paths in a singular village it is so hard for the villagers outside to where you live or for the city people to welcome any outsiders without giving them hazards for instance, when trying to locate the avenue you live.

If you find a sign board saying ‘1st avenue’ that means there are other avenues in the community you walked in or entered searching for a place or a person. 

Is that logical enough to understand what I am saying here? You may find other avenues numbered accordingly other than the avenues that you know.

Some give the avenues, when first construct or introduce, the names they prefer or like. perhaps that may shows the likes or dislikes of the namer.

You find names that looks similar yet revels the content of the avenue to a certain extent. 
if you think of regulations of naming there is always something that a nemer should follow whether the namer is going to name the avenue as; 1st lane or 1st cross Street etc

Perhaps, all the numbered avenues of a village, for instance, obviously lead to a big road or takes you to a particular 'junction', if you do not know which avenue you should take 'next' you need to get the help of a another traveler who uses the same avenue and have come to the junction to lead ahead. 

Avenues teaches you many things, I know that this is a very old and traditional explanation about avenues.

Yet, I know that some definitions, theories never become older or invalid but give you a better meaning ‘rational’ to what you learn or justify it properly. 

Some truths or theories never get expired. The reality that is attached to human lives, the reality that lies between or within the two terms, ‘a birth and a death’ is inevitable and is not a something that proved ‘wrong’

All the avenues of learning either developed or improved, justified , or analyzed, within or between the two topics, mentioned above, that is ‘birth and death’

often you find living creatures who sometimes lost in the avenues of unknown 

view following picture for instance ..............

Oh! there are three avenues of learning here, what avenue should i choose?

 Above is a picture taken yesterday. the bird was, i assume is a kid who tries to learn 'how to fly' directed to the Faculty of Education by her Mother, very thought full : - ) 

i guess the kid is searching for 'KInd' Dr. Anoma Ariyaratne 

having a kind teacher is always a dream of a learner, student.

lets turn the vehicle of thinking towards another avenue that controls all other avenues of this universe.

these avenues are not strange to its users but the users sometimes lazy to realize the importance of such avenues, 'human mind , human brain'

many avenues of learning , subjects, inventions comes through those avenues mentioned above. don't you think so?

i often feel whether we are respecting each others avenues of above mentioned though we think that live in a world where 'anything is possible with technology or certificates you earn. 

I think you can find many avenues within what you called cerebrum. And it is not wrong to mention that within that you find many other sub - avenues that you can again learn or teach your students as an essential subject; i.e.‘ blood veins’

You find many residents within an avenue with various avenues of ‘thoughts’, avenues of perceptions, avenues of beliefs and faiths.

also, you find walls around residents within any avenue you walk, observe and see.

Within an entity, institution, working structure, you may find various individuals that deals with one avenue of learning, subject yet who has various ‘thinking or believing agendas of their own. 

To a certain extent, code of conduct of an institution is something that safe guards an institution from the people with various or different mind sets.

It is difficult to handle or maintain an institution when you find individuals who don’t really accept or respect any rules or regulations, set working conditions, any traditions, ethics attached to company or institutional frame work.

 If you find difficulties handling such, above mentioned a leader or a captain of the institution obviously face problems.  

agreements are various and different. you may find unwritten agreements yet practiced by older people of any avenues. example, they expect others not to dump any garbage before any avenues or before any residents   

Some may agree to what you say, some may disagree what you say or i say, some may come up with their own arguments. 

It is always good to keep a margin for such arguments, errors, that may finally bring a better out come but it is not always something ‘certain’. 

You may also get results that may not useful to your entity after arguments 

When you find amateurs with hauteur or unnecessary pride of their ‘knowledge’, you can predict of their future to a certain extent.

Materially such may find some gaps in the qualitative achievements of their lives. 

Perhaps such may barricade them from moving up in the ladder of what you mean by ‘total - successes.

Certificates of knowledge, subjects’ is not something that always certify your ‘abilities’, abilities with regard to ‘cooperation’ amongst or with co – workers’  

You are not expected to help your co – workers always, yet it is brilliant when you find friends or colleagues who don’t insult others in any of the ways.humiliate others when you with your peers. it is no point discussing about a weakness of a friend when they are not around. 

if you think that they should learn the right thing' you must tell them directly, though they may get angry or shows ignored in the first place. but you should tell something ' that is acceptable'. 

if you do not do that please remember that you are tarnishing the reputation of perhaps of an innocent. 

Who ever your new captain of the institution is, you cannot expect ‘unnecessary support’, privileges outside to working conditions’ especially if you are a member of a working unit.

 That gives troubles to any leader or a captain who handles its work efficiently or with minimum problems facing.

If you think of ‘lifelong learning’ first thing you should do is to remove ‘hauteur’ attitudes from your mind set’

Think of the lessons that ‘a bamboo tree’ teach us if you can.
Like other trees or plants, it grows, from a small plant to big plant. Yet have you seen any of such trees 'stays still' without bending towards earth in a very humble way?

I guess it is so good if individuals can apply that theory of living of a bamboo tree to the set of theories of their living.

That does not mean ‘you should kneel down before injustice’

According to feng – Shui art of living ‘concept of Bamboo tree’ is massively used in residents of interiors. It is known as ‘sign of success’.

Though this 1st avenue took me around various avenues of thinking I believe that I didn’t waste time.

What you need to remember is that ‘you find many avenues when you wander or travel around universe’, they are unique and shows their own identities.

Do not worry, the kid has met Dr. Anoma somehow.  The kid has flown back to her nest happily ..........................



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scrambled thoughts .......................

i don't know whether i should write straight to the Chief of the People of the Country - Current, or should convince things indirectly.

Various thoughts comes in to my mind

Perhaps, you may not realize how dangerous is what some people think on certain things  of the country.

I believe you need to keep an eye on who ever very 'poisonous' and some who is trying inject harmful things in to fresh minds.

i think it is good when chiefs get chances to listen to what people say about various things. Not only about 'country's Economy, Monogamy, or about Polygamy, Sociology but also listen to ' never buried aims' of some people.

Must find a way to meet and listen to what people say or think on various SUBJECTS of their needs.

i do not know whether you get any chances to listen to what people in the Rural Areas think or say about current situations.

citizens are ready to walk MILES & MILES when ever necessary if any , who ever not willing to accept or not willing to believe that ' WE ALL MUST LIVE IN THIS LAND WITHOUT ANY FENCES CREATING',let me not use any other words to explain some things. 

Take a walk around a bit in 'housing Schemes, Public Fairs,  public Bus Stands , Public Places - any, game kopi kade etc

So, according to what i hear , some are so thrilled about 'the siri yahan or privacy beds of some males'
don't you think that it is unneccessary'?

let people / couple / who ever  'maintain their own yahan / beds their own ways' why trying to peep through ?

YOU HAVE A BIG ROLE TO PLAY other than that.

keep an eye on everything 'because some have become so BLIND, unfortunately of the day to slogans, i am sorry to say. while you are doing that in other parts that you miss might become deserted

some take thrills talking about ex's of individuals of this world we live.

I am sure you listen and know what some people think or what some believe is RIGHT or what they EXPECT from you, The Chief of People of our Country.

Some are very Confident on WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE THEM'

Do you think that the so called 'some' have misread you ?

They think that the Big DEED is ready and wrapped with 'wishes'?


i can list the things that YOU CAN DO, i am confident.  not to worry.

i suggest in this 'scrambled thoughts note' you can find some things useful, try to extract if possible.

have a conscious - full era ahead until JUNE

Monday, March 2, 2015


Have you heard about that song before? It is a Famous song even the kids enjoy singing. I am wondering, when we are going to stop all these slogans of ‘local investigations and International Investigations on what Crime? 


Am I right the Tamil People?

Tell me frankly, Dearest Tamils, DO YOU THINK that TNA is the SAVIOR of TAMIL people?

if so, on what Basis do you say so?

Can you kindly justify your answer?

The Secretary of Political Activities of the UN , who reportedly have visited the country recently I am asking you, Sir


I believe that I have been this asking this question for years now

I , one of the Citizens of the Country have the sole right to ask you the question that I am asking from you now.  Specially, because according to the missions and Visions of the UN and its rules and regulations, ‘you cannot stay mute answering the questions that others inquire apart from the groups , individuals that questions or suggests you, ‘what to do’ , ‘how to act within your role’,

Of course ‘impartial’, this should be the theme of the UN, otherwise?  What else?
No one need any explanations on that I like to believe

What is this I do not understand, what is the point using a single NATIONALITY specially when the ENTIRE COUNTRY was affected from terror for three decades +
Why specifically Stresses the word ‘TAMIL’ instead of using the term Sri Lankans’, in what so ever your explanations, justifications?

I do not understand?

Do you?

The Saviors of the Tamils ( just because you specifically pin pointing the term I too here, like to use the term TAMILS

With regard to this matter, It is so handsome to read that you don’t give up talking about only TAMILS, departing other nations from Tamils and from each other. It is unfortunate to hear you stressing a single Nation other than justify the PEACE and HARMONY, the true civilians ENJOY, forget the ------- One sided b-g---

 Talking about SRI LANKANS , I wonder why R. Sambhandhan and Mawei  Sendhiraj didn’t join the National Armed forces back then to Save entire country from the LTTE?

Were you with the SALVATION ARMY back then?

I beg do not ever think that LTTE is equal to TAMILS.  Those are totally and entirely different terms.

Is PRODUCING the Video ‘done’, imported any facts from any channels #?


Who funded?

Who wrote the SCRIPT?


What is the name of the EDITOR of the production, any awareness?

By the way, have you watched RAM LAKAN (an Indian Movie) , dear producers, please take care of the scenes of the Movies you have created, possibility, Might be downloaded

Any recent experiences, found evidences dear UN, should you inquire UNITED STATES?

I am sad to view that what is happening in the country after the Humanitarian WAR, the post war TRAUMA that some going through, not the ones that directly affected though

Post War Sympathetic Trauma

How are you going to treat above, dear doctors, relevant?


I beg if possible respect the peace and harmony situation of the country now, do not try to create issues within the country

We are a one land, and we use the terms Tamils, Sinhalese, Burghers, Muslims just because we need some clarifications when necessary, the word that we can use very purely is we are Sri Lankans

First, I request, the UN officials, high authorities, INQUIRE if you can, if you can find the old tapes and view the videos of entire period of three decades + that shows how the Sri Lankans suffered and who was RESPONSIBLE
I am asking over and over again, over and over again, WHY DIDN’T YOU INTERVENE BACK THEN?







If united states think that no country can keep any biological or nuclear weapons (???????) in any where of the universe without their permission or something, can you justify any terror group to sustain in any part of the globe, in any of the ways, under any name tag?


One final question, is American Army during the firing or fighting ‘do you find sweets instead of dead bodies of your target group,’ during the war?

 Ah! Don’t forget to listen to the song ‘why this kolawari kolawari d?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Namal Udugama is in need of Help

Sabbe Satta Bhanwanthu Sukhitatta!
May all beings be healthy! 

Mr. Udugama is a Popular Sri Lankan Star, Singer , Composer, Lyricist. Father of two Children. Wife is also a popular star in the country. 

They are facing difficulties these days due to her husband's illness

i like to ask the friends of footpath here and there, to help Mr. Namal Udugama, in any of the ways you can, to find money that he needs for his KIDNEY Transplant operation

Contact his wife for more details. i kindly request please refrain from asking her any difficult questions that is difficult to answer thinking of the situation she faces,  please


And if you wish to support them financially following is the Bank Account Number

Name:  B. P. N. Udugama

Account No:  135695

The Bank of Ceylon - Wattala Branch

i Wish Mr. Udugama quick recovery and success in everything he does


Mrs. Ruwanthi Mangala May you get all the courage you need!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yesterday: A style for a better life

Yesterdays are inevitable. Yet certain. The future is a shadow of a yesterday. Present is a continuation of a Yesterday. Todays are arriving after Every Yesterday.   

world is changing everyday. Yet, apparently, Individuals, People and their attitudes towards some seem not changing. 

Yesterday for me, was a day that brought inhuman attitude in to my life. i hate when people interfere or interrupt my life unnecessarily or peep in to my life or in to my work.

The Hackers; i guess it is not something that i except others solely experience but many who is really engaged in IT kind of work, in this world, experiences.

I like to ask Asante for instance, ' is it you who introduced it to the curious world or is it because of such idiotic characters you became such 'tack ticked'

for me F is a friendly letter, yet there are other words too begin with letter 'F' freedom for instance. Freedom to write essays without any interferences for me is something that is immensely important because that is my life nothing comes first in my life other than this.  when you feel that 'liberty is something lacking' the word comes in to your mouth is not that friendly, unfortunately. i refrain from writing that word 'coz it is not a word that pleases your mind.

Many Yesterdays passed without writing anything or posting on this page. i go mad. So because of some, some of my yesterdays vanished like bubbles, without really getting any use of them.

i am a slow changer. But i am not a person who accept every change that occur in this world or globe. There are things that i like to keep 'mute' or 'paused' but when ever necessary i know how to give it a functional attitude.

Yesterday; 24th February 2015, i believe many incidents may have happened. every incident happening in any corner of the world is not a matter to this country or to the most the countries of this part or that part of world. Yet, some of the Decisions that the chiefs of any allies, groups take affects or change the related societies, communities, or countries, in Asia or in Europe.

i do not like to build any walls between people or that lead people depart from each other or that barred ' building human associations, relationships'. Yet i know how to build walls within to protect what i believe.

Yesterdays are pages of the books of histories. every page is important and provides something to learn something that may bring to adjust 'present' or plan or design your future. a future of a certain community in unity.

Many yesterdays , we have spent without really trying to understanding them or getting maximum use of them.

The Consequences we may face in the future.

What is the present peace situation in the world  by the way?

if you don't think of learn something from the yesterdays gone by you may not get any chances to 'correct' or freshly write your future.



try to capture the truth of life via these pictures

The following was not an essay that i wrote 'Yesterday' perhaps a few Yesterdays ago.

How important is the essays that Children write in order to understand them

Is there a possibility to use 'Children's Essays' to enhance the Development of A CHILD?  

What is a child?  You get plenty of definitions, if you just browse your infor - lanes through internet. 

The Legal definitions, Child Rights Conventions, Sociological aspects of children, Psychological facts, Educationally analyzed Child’, what ever you want to know regarding the subject above ‘ you can easily get information’ , if want picturers as well. 

Yet, apart from those ‘what is your own definition about your Own Child or Children’? 

That is what important when it comes to understanding your own child or children.

‘Child is a Child. According to my understanding A child does not show any adultery features in them’. You cannot expect an adult from a Child.  That is a common mistake that the others who are around the child do with regard to understanding or analyzing what ‘a child’ does.

Some say ‘some adults are like children’. That is a different analysis to begin with. 
What ever age stage you pass before reach the stage of maturity’ you never lose the ‘child in you’.
Often you might hear that some say indicating a behavioral pattern of a child ‘ 'Oh! this child is like a big man / an adult’ 

According to my perception it is not possible to see a big man in a child. But I do not know how the big brains analyses it. For example ‘ The Child likes to imitate adults. Or improve their thinking or accents by watching the adults’ but that does not mean that the child has become an adult even before he gets to the right stage of his development. 

The ‘youth’ ‘adolescence', terms itself are very interesting topics. To understand ‘the features of the Adolescence that you may encounter within a child’ does helps in order to recognize your child by studying them.  

(The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child defines a child as everyone under 18 unless, "under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier". The UK has ratified this convention.

I think regarding the topic of the day, it is important if we talk of the ‘child who is in the Primary Grades / Classes at a Formal Education Institution called ‘School’.  
Yet, there is no prohibitions for you to analyze the children that belongs to different age categories, under any of the mentioned here or not, topics or facts, to elaborate, explore ‘the child in child’, perhaps including ‘the others in Children’

What are the reasons that occasionally you find ‘the child is not appearing as a child’ but often showcased artificial adultery features, what prevent them appearing as a child before the mass society, within the Family Unit? 

Who has stolen the ‘child from the child?’
Is it the Modern Education Systems?
Is it the Old or Traditional methods of Teaching - Learning? 
Is the ‘The Technology’ is Responsible sources of Education, a Reliable Trust Worthy source of Education?
Are the ‘internet partners, browsers, sources of information that the child is associating with 'trust worthy?’

Some of the above sub topics, above mentioned, can be useful in order to analyze the main topic of the day; what is the ‘impact of ‘CHILDREN’S ESSAY in CHILD DEVELOPMENT’?

How literature that surface through a child can be used to ‘understand the real child’?

How does it help to improve the ‘curriculums of schools’? 

Is there a set of rules that a teacher should follow when it comes to motivating a child towards essay writing?

Can a teacher use the same set of rules of writing to improve the writing  skills or the abilities that a child posses to ‘express himself'

What are the ways, sources that a child picks and chooses to improve ‘the child in him’, to promote the child to a better standard, stage?

Within family; The parents & others (siblings / grand parents / nannies / supporters/ who ever lives with them perhaps in an extended family unit) automatically becomes 'the role models of the child's world. and is inevitable.
Outside to Family; child picks and chooses facts from?

Immediate Neighbours , Friends Peers , Relatives , any other whom they associate out side to their own residents, and the groups that their Parents specifically have connections with ( the groups that the parents associate, i.e. Peers / friends / super market / shops / clubs – book clubs or any other possible)

Children’s Books, Papers, Movies, Cartoons, Songs, Poetry, Paintings, Plays, Conversations of Adults, Stories 

What are the possible ‘first Teacher’ or ‘the places’ / ‘institutions’ that a child begins to learn from?

In a way it is useful to have a bit of a picture of the stage of ‘PRE NATAL’ to understand the ‘CHILD AND HIS EDUCATION’, THE FETUS AND THE CHILD’ with regard to ‘CHILD DEVELOPMENT’

Through what wires that the pair, ‘mother and the child’ are bonded within very before any other bondage begin to develop?

How does it happen? For any parent / Teacher / Day Carerer / Educationist, awareness on 'the process of the development of fetus, Pre - Natal stages’ is important or else useful

So there is a role for the mother to play during her pregnancy. And also most importantly the importance of the role of the others who are around the ‘Pregnant Mother is also important.

How is it possible for a teacher to recognize the child through the Essays they write? 

‘Total number of words used?

The nature of words used

Repeatedly used words

The words that the child does not like to use much

The words that the child is so fond of using

The Themes chosen by the child to write or the preferences of themes when a child is given with a topic to write

Analyzing the Letters?

The weight of the things they describe through the essays they write

How can you recognize a child that comes from a ‘Broken Family’, Disturbed Environment’, a child that comes from a financially unfit, unstable families’, a child that comes from a WAR AFFECTED AREAS through the essays they write? 

Do they provide others a chance to read them, a hint as to who they are, what stage of development they are passing through, what are the things missed during their developmental stages, what should be added, what should be cleared, how the child should be taken care of, what kind of a environ is child prefers to live, via the essays they write, at least a tiny chance to read them?  

What is the possible place that a child spends most of his time, for the first time in his life, away from home?

The Pre – School

What is the importance of the role of the person who handles a Day Care Centre?

I believe that she is not expected to teach anything to the child that comes to stay under her wings yet ‘looking after her in a proper, safe, and a way that child should be treated like a child’.

So, at this level a child picks, collects, what he observes, hear from the individuals, other children, and automatically store them in his mind.   

What is the importance of a Pre – School Teacher and the teacher in Primary Grades?

The teacher should sharpen the skills of the child. For that she or he needs to get a proper t¾ining   

What is the importance of ‘essay competitions ? 

Are we really Political or apolitcal when it comes to making or creating POLICIES with regard to Child's Education'
Are Asians when writing curriculums for our Children?
Are we Universial when thinking of the development of a child?
Have we Barred or fenced limitations before a child that slower or breaks, the Moral Child? 

Can we say that an Asian Child shoudn't read Mrs. J.K.Rollin or the the Child of West should not read the books written by Mrs. Cybil Wettasinghe?

Do you think we should develop a curriculum using taking every essence of knowledge from every corner of the universe

i do not know what are the things that 'Comparative Educationists' have to stress in response to what i ask here? 

An Editor's Point of View 


What are you thinking?
Haven’t you noticed any slopes and heaps before?
Watch out your steps
Edges are not always safe to reach
Did you read your surroundings accurately?
'Yes', Shall i note it that way?
You mustn’t forget there are mists in life, other than the mists you see now
But don’t try to collect them in to a bag (your traveling bag I meant)
They ‘ll vanish even before the dawn finishes her tasks
So what is the point of collecting them?
Tell me
Read everything quickly?
Before it slips through your eye site
Where is your note book?
Your pen?
It’s all right
Write a sketch within
Careful, you may lose it
is what you see now wider or broader from where you stand?
By the way, How did you reach there?
What was the Path chosen to reach where you are now?
Hope, didn't take any detours?

A letter to POLITICAL Heads from an Apolitical  Citizen , on behalf of Citizens
Perhaps, an EYE WIDENER

i don't know whether i am fully apolitical or totally political. i have a feeling that every grain that we consume or every drop of juice we drink has something to do with 'POLITICS' don't you think so?


Who decides the prices of  not mangoes in particular but Sugar, Rice, Dhall, Milk Powder etc etc?

is it the shop Keeper / boutique owner? or the Citizens of the Country?

the Whole Parliament has something to do with the 'Prices'

why am i saying it like that?

even though the 'BUDGET' is  written by the 'Budget Boss', the others have to 'approve it in many ways' that is why there is a 'rounds of debates'. 

I don't think that they worry even slightly what the Citizens think? do they inquire even a single citizen after reading any Budget?

No But an election is the place where the Citizens get chances to response to a certain extent, considering the other things as well. the votes that a candidate gets is not soley a result of a reading of a Budget. There are other things they consider.

Heroism or Heroinsm won't help much. The Citizens don't that much like the Action cuts in the Decisions taken in the Parliament.  like 'HORA POLICE' , The Heroes Playing the characters of the Heroes and the oppositions playing the 'OPPOSERS' role. 

The Scripts written adding the Revenge taking scenes in to any Decisions taken, the Citizens will not always ENJOY?

How many more days or years that this SWORN government needs to give us a new plan of things that they are going to implement before the next election?

The Forth Coming Election perhaps may play the role of another CHANGER? 
Who knows, when superstitious features faded away from the  'doing nothing but saying cleaning' calendars what would be the results?

i read, one of the red shirts said ' if the current government full fill what were they promised they can send them back home' 

and the Leader of the Opposition once said' We will not sit on the side of the Opposition for so along'? am i right?

there are on and off talks about 2/3, 3/4 approvals when taken decisions ? 

Ah! Salinda, son of the former Nayake of a Disawa / Rajarata, my son what lead you to back your ancestral home by the way? Nothing to do with MONITORS right?

How are you minister of Fisheries - Ex? these days? any projects to be established or Implemented?

what responses you received after you playing the major role of the Advisor to Ex - Presidents? ' if Mahinda wants to be the Prime Minister he should meet the Current President'. This was mentioned on the Lankadeepa ( 20 / 02 / 2015) under the heading of 'Rajitha Says what to do', if Mahinda wants to be the Prime Minister'

it is sad to hear that President Mahinda does not know what to do though though the Citizens know the power of his abilities of decision making'

i don't know why some forget the meaning of yahapalanaya' and asking the meaning of it cosntantly? 

yahapalanaya or nisispalanaya should be a complete package that do not practice 'Yaha ( good /better) can be fullfilled by practicing Werena'( revenge)

Have you decide of the sign that the SWORN government is thinking of using in the forth coming election?

What would happen to the 58 lakhs of votes?

Can Mr. R. Wickramasinghe be a healthy Competitor?

What is the reason for 'rice to rise always from the EAST not from WEST?

Where is the Coconut triangle situated? Europe? which part of it? EAST?
poor Sri Lankans

Can we organized an Araliya NIPUNA (dining round table) discussion before the next election to come?

From a page of a Book

".......... Finally if Education is as Plato said the Science of good an evil, the Dhamma will provide the highest Educational ideal for us. we are too often led and influenced by Western ideals of education and forget that we have had our own ideals. The Contrast was once brought out by a Burmese Buddhist who said to a Western Educationist " Your Education makes people Powerful and Clever, but our Education Makes People Happy ...........",

The BOSAT,  Journal of Moral Advancement Universal service & Peace
Vol. XII, No. 4 Whole No. 48
 The Journal was sold to a Price of rupees 2.50 those days.

The PostNOTE

after reading the above page i thought no educational region can boast of their own identical Curriculum, packages of knowledge, specially when any contents of curriculum or leaflet, booklet, module or anything shows mixture of knowledge of every person, every region, every battle, every logic, every inventions, sciences of living, and many more

offerings .....................

 when your mother says lullabies , i felt the heart beat of yours
The Robe i know is not just  a piece of cloth that covers your Pruthagjana mind,
the reasons that lead you hanging around in this sansara of pruthagjanas
i don't know whether the Dhamma you learn give you enough of space for us to use our intelligences
Delete the ignorances of life
 arrogance of illnesses
The robe you wear, is a Responsibility
we know
do others know as well?'
Did we offered you to the Buddha sasana to full fill our selfishness, i am thinking
Or did we offer you knowing that we can reach the ashore of Nirvana when we give offer a child to the sasana?
i don't want to be a 'selfish' 
i am thinking 
'Is it you who sacrificed or was it us, your parents? 
sacrificing your childhood
Play mind
bed time stories
warmth of your mother's lap 
warmth of my shoulders
i  don't have the right to call you 'SON' 
but i am proud to be your father
The Compound you ran here and there looks deserted
The pillow that heard every side of your cry of mother's milk is torn , i do not like to say it though
your sister, is no more crying asking the portion rice of yours 
she begs a visit, site, instead

sanghan saranan gaccami  ......................