Saturday, January 31, 2015

Darling, why you are so 'HIGHLY INFLAMABLE'

If that is the situation let be the match stick .....................

is the newly read budget reduced the prices again for a change? if that is true maintain your flame good for every flame, who fuels ahead their lives keeping their hopes and aims on four wheels or on a three wheel.

forget the haal ( rice) for a moment. let me give a sound applause for every sound deduction of prices. Please maintain.

and GO workers you cannot just go home evening without completing days' task , specially now you are getting 10 000 more a month addition to ex salary you get. collect the pay slips and justify your pay annually after reading the 'done or completed tasks of the year'. the babes also should learn the same. and i hope private limiteds also willing to support the team of changes'

what about fish' will , the prices of fishes (except shark and the gold fish) go  down or rise up?

Coconut and choco- nut don't let the prices '- stagnant' or stay 'still' other than keeping the prices below the 'price line - current'

i am thinking of the ones that rolls their days eating and living to a hundred rupee note, right now ' what are the things they get? for hundred rupees? i am sue that it takes a bit of time for you to raise their 100 / = up to 1000/= rights? , yet till then?

according to your figures 12% of the total population rolls their lives within a hundred rupee note ( 12 divide by 100 and multiply it by the total number of population of the country)

so have the figure ready?

so think of how fairly you have treated them from this budget?
and let us know ( Mister Ranawaka please help them)

believe it or not it is a good thing that you reduce the prices of kerosine oil that is important for any1 who goes for fishing in late night. what about the 'electricity' ? how are you going to electrify the 'electricity uses'? will the number improve in future? ( the total number of families use electricity) according to you there is still who live in dark' if my memory is right these days?

so to address that issue, any plans to be implemented within the 'three months plan'?  what if the 'hundred rupee families cannot afford to buy electricity, how are you going to fund them, donate electricity, pay in installments?

now obedient students, you will be getting Rs. 5000/= as your mahapola scholarship now 'keep the mouth shut and study' and payback when you earn something.

so this 'subasadana aanduwa', the welfare government might give you more than that to aid the thirst of 'getting , gaining, receiving without contributing' , enjoy

and the teachers, contribute more to the field of research, innovate something new without really sticking to 'old knowledge' think of how much you earn a month, comapred to others

basic salary =
cola? =
earnings related to examination work = 
( preparing exam papers, translating, ( they get paid separately for each task), exam supervision, paper marking etc)
academic grants =

so i believe any1 can be a good academic , no doubt.

(i am not cruely noting or saying this)

so to compensate what you should do is .....................

at least produce any of the documents in ' typed version' , do not produce any of the academic documents writing them on 'pieces of old printing papers'. do it academically. give everything you do an academic 'shape or a look'

complete what you have to complete without waiting till others ask you. ( applicable to every1, including me). without really trying to send your assistants 'shopping' give them a better place ( i have no such experiences) 

this is the 'computerized era' , if yous till look around looking for pieces of paper to write your academic things , what is your level of achievements'? give it a smart look you may have to go for that option only when you are in a different situation, for instance ,if you have 'no computer to operate your work'

above saves time

try to stay away from 'welfare mentality' if you are a student who does your learning according to distance mode methodology' 'EARN SOMETHING WHILE LEARNING' plus now you have Rs. 5000/= in hand. name few countries that student gets so much financial support other than you get?

so what is the striking situation?

never ever try to become the 'chess object of any politicians' babes, children', if not it is only you who face the 'CONSEQUENCES not the position or opposition parties, get this in to brain, alright : - )

do not expect any politicians or government to appreciate what you did? they exactly know it is the same method you might use when ever you feel against them as well.  that is the political reality'

now , 
children who wanted or supported you to do so? alright its your leaders ( students, any other groups?) where are they now? gone fishing or they come for every discussion you handle with present government or with the authorities?

some chairs of high universities, institutions are 'not belong to yakkha' i know that for sure. they are human. i beleive they have some barriers to over come when planning or changing, implementing new things, may they get wisdom!

now i am sure the total number of grant that each academic institution get from the government WILL INEVITABLY INCREASED?

Beware! even if any government reduce the prices of sugar 'maintain your sugar intake' babes

any high taxes for 'my sooor' or math - pen' , cigar, suruttu , beedee? if not let the buggers become burghers . careful they might not vote you : - ) , if you taxed their bottle of painkillers'

charity is good, but give it a undependable attitude!

the time is again arrives to hoist the NATIONAL FLAG in every inch of the country , remember this dear school children

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Girl of University of Visual & Performing Art, Some one has found your purse : - )

Conductor of Bus ND 8712 (Route Number 176 / Hettiyawatte -  Nugegoda) has found your purse with valuable ID cards and other cards. i refrain from mentioning your personal detail here, though i have your student ID and National ID details. So try and meet the good people of the bus, above mentioned.

All the best!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Pays your Salary?

you know who pays your salary and i know who pays my salary. we all know how we get paid and who pays and in what amount.  am i accurate?

lets say that minister Ravi Karunanayake gets 10. 000/= rupees and non minister Lal Kantha gets Rs. 6000/= as his pay. who pays both the salaries?

We pay their salaries. it is not the people who does vote for them pays their salary as a punishment. We all somehow contributing for their salaries, now and then.


who ever not a babe knows who pays what and who does not pay what

so what ever benefits, the ex or present government gives for its people valid or applicable to every person of the country. They have the decision making power but that does not mean, they have every power that can control lives of people. and nobody is controlled by each other. each and every person, institution has its own procedures to follow and that is independent, i believe. that is what you were arguing for all those years. Am i wrong?

control or controlling power is not a democratically stunning word. it has its own shape and size when it comes to using the term in its democratic meaning.  there are other democratically sharpen or coloured words that people or rulers or who ever on an authratarian positions should use in a careful manner, according to my knowledge.
i.e interferences, intervening , applicable for each and every party / individual. expressing your views on something does not mean you are interfering. you need to understand it as a unique term.

it is a good news for the Private sector workers, Rs. 5000/= salary increment. But it is good to have a clear understanding of ' the categories' of workers. because when it comes to private sector salaries their benefits it is not the government who bears the costs though they may get the benefit, unless you change the labour laws to enhance your theory of salary increment.

is it something to do with one's minimum wage?



Monday, January 26, 2015


i love the dialogues
i like the artists chosen
i like the way everything flows
i like the way that the director ( one of my favorites) has applied the theories of cinematography
i like the way that the poet has scripted it , screened it, MODULE the entire creation before his learners , fans, viewers 
The creation for me is a universal POEM  

The cinematographer Mr. Jayantha Chandrasiri is a marvelous creator who respect each and every creation he donates to the Sinhalese Cinema, i believe because of the way he crafts the entire creation without really harming the pages , incidents , events, facts of history

according to my understanding he has has read, studied everything carefully

i wish entire crew a meaningful journey of  creativity ahead !

My Thank you goes to the 'SINCERE PRODUCER; Mr. Gunapala for his immeasurable contribution


Sunday, January 25, 2015

This essay is not about 'MERUTUS' or MOREWINS

Drama and Theater , inevitably the most famous, closest fields of this world full of human creatures, various or complex, ever since the form of art captured the minds of humans through its respective plat forms , stages.

some i believe do not really remember the entire creation, form of art sometimes but the certain characters of the creation. For some it is not the characters but the entire creation. for some it is opposite to above mentioned. they find various reasons to rank or reward, award the creation and its characters , the performances. Remembering characters or the creation depends on the weight of the creation; the things discuss, the ways that the characters were formed, created, an also how they performed , recreated on stage. nothing is possible if the artists don't find a properly written script, and a good director to character the characters on stage. 

the actors , the artists who recreate, perform a certain character on stage, screen, don't specifically show their personal or internal pages but  'as the director says' or as written things in a script, written by another person called 'script writer'. so they justify the script or the creation beyond that they are expect to perform anything else or they are not hired, paid to perform their personal characters or what they personally want.

if you find any actor or an artist who perform any character of ones faiths or beliefs , examples revels that some people tend to worship those characters. Rajini Kanth of South Indian cinema for instance.

Among the West , in the earliest periods, it is only certain characters of Asian Creations were popular. or in Eastern or Asian or any other part of the world, the characters that were popular in Europe, West before industrialization took place, or Pre - techonlogical era , were not popular the way they are popular in West.  

though each and every art form has its own unique 'independent' qualities, features, today, for the popularity of each other, or its existence, the inter connectivity of those things affected massively or immensely, to a certain extent.    

the youth or any group who does not associate that much , any of the art forms started associating the other forms because of its support given indirectly or knowingly, or purposely. take television industry for instance, in the earliest periods when television settled in this society we live, quite a good number of songs, some dramas were telecast, though some argued that television is a threat to all other industries of arts, which is true to some extent at that time. advertisements also played an important role to existence or its popularity.

support of each other , even a tiny support should be considered if something catch the success of any independent art work.

balanced critiques, balance views of ' the parties , individuals who weigh their art works should be not in extreme points but somewhere in between, helps its sustainability.

Polonius, Hamlet, Sinhabahu, Maname, Julius Ceaser, all those creations or performing artists gets the attention of its respective fans, associates, at certain levels , in various levels here and there of this world. You find all time dramatists, artists in real or non real world in various forms or facets.

I am not in a position to say that the characters of Maname is better than the characters of Hamlet, i am not fool to say that i will not find any great characters or artists like ' Wijeratne Warakagoda', Jayalth Manoratne in any other future. ' People, characters, artists, any sort of individuals , their performances can be 'comparatively ''higher or lower in its ranking orders.

This world of fans are in a good position to understand ' the characters such as Brutus or Merutus very well, than the group of people who wear or have worn 'political masks'.



Friday, January 23, 2015

It is not always about PETROL or DIESEL

TypeEarlier Prices Current Prices
DieselRs.114/=Rs. 95/=

i spoke to about three three wheeler drivers yesterday, to get their views on recent 'Prices changes' of Petrol & Diesel. earlier i tried to talk to one of the Fuel shed owners in jubilee post but the manager was very busy preparing sort of a report to send to relevant section/ department, 'indicating the 'fuel - available balance' after the prices changes. That is a semi government entity. i manged to get earlier prices that i was not very well aware of because i am out of touch of fuel business reason is i have nothing to do with fuel though i must know the prices as a woman of this country     

according to them it is good that they changed the prices yet to get the maximum advantage of the price changes they expect this government to change the other prices of three wheelers parts and taxes 

for instance they say that they spend about Rs. 8000/= annually on for three wheeler parts, membership fees of the Three wheeler workers' society / organization etc 
so according to them it is hard to bear and difficult to give the advantage of price changes for their customers. Yet if the society decides they have to agree to the decision of the society. 
total kilo meters they drive per day is 150. unfortunately i couldn't ask the number of kilo meters they can cover from a 1 L of petrol. 

i am thinking whether they can get the maximum advantage from this unless the government think of reducing the prices of spare parts , taxes,Vehicle insurance (National Insurance corporation)  this should be done without really reducing the total amount of compensation they get after any incident,if any damages face or after any period of completion.

this basically affects very much for the individual who have obtain loans to buy three wheelers then the total amount of expenses a month, annual may increased and should be added to the above mentioned amount

and mustn't forget the PENSION SCHEME for the three wheeler drivers , is it this government who promised them as an election promise? 

i am not sure whether this can be done, but i guess it is good if the fuel corporation or who ever responsible can start sort of a 'CO-OPERATIVE METHOD, coupon system  where they can buy fuel from government sheds or have a sort of an agreement or a method also with the private fuel sellers  specifically for the three drivers , three wheel owners, who use three wheels and other tiny vehicles for their home based enterprises,government welfare , charity allowance receivers , beneficiaries, ( the Poor if you have found any who is struggling to cover their expenses from the earning of three wheeler) 

so if you start a sort of a system, even if they do not have any basic capital to spend on fuel any of the bad days they don't have to 'stay at home without doing the job' that will be a recovery method , if they have to face any sudden expenses ( accidents, repairs etc) if they have the coupon as an alternative

start sort of issuing a 'monthly season ticket' even to travel by Private Busses , that safe guards people's 'monthly travel costs'. i don't know how it is possible when the profit from season ticket should be allocated among the bus owners.

now the prices changes are not new to this country people specially it happens after every budgetary reading, or after winning an election as candidates ( Presidential specifically) promises during election campaigns

what we expect is 'continuity' of what you are doing, implementing, establishing, changing ( Prices) 

and i guess the 'after election corruption slogan of present government should be hurriedly put  to a 'the end' mode. otherwise people get fed up of hearing same song every day. and i guess it is intelligently important if you have any thing to say or share with the people of this country, 

firstly, as a citizen of this country i suggest ,

try do an independent, unbiased, investigation on what ever doubt you have, very before you share what ever information with the people , that is highly ethically and cause no damage or unnecessary damaged or tarnish any one's reputation (of any uncorrupted person).
if you have anything to say ' can say via the government spokes person' at a certain point taking the responsibility of what you are sharing with the public. you shouldn't share what ever you hear with the people at game kopi kade, pole, market, unless you get the certificate of accuracy of information from the relevant authorities. it is a ethical process i believe ,though you cannot separate any person , agent of government from the central authority. 

and i believe the Media also has a huge responsibility when reporting things that a person / persons, expresses without really getting the permission of authorized  to share information, to release what ever information to any of the other parties (unauthorized), public because the news travels globally. if not such proceedures perhaps give wrong pictures to the outside world, like some think ( public)

That is a good ethical political tradition to begin with, i believe. it is no matter how some outside parties get information of any internal sectors, communities via various networks( hacking and tapping for example)

it might take time to understand 'fabrications' , 'traps', etc 
therefore play an intelligent role before the public, i like to request. applying mud on other people after winning an election is no strange to this country people , avoid exaggerations as much as possible. 

if you foolishly act that may affect in the forth coming election, don't try to keep the public away from government media, and never let them bored, fed up of hearing slogans. You should not forget , the people of this country understand and have a certain picture of every politician of their history, people have ways of weighing things. 

Every election is different to a presidential election, i believe, no point trying to wear the common opposition / candidate uniform for every election'.  Your individual performances that is what matters here, when it comes to every election, i wonder.  

thank you!  




Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The SLap ............................

You can view, read or receive 'The Slap' via this address, newly created

A slap can be surfaced before you in any of the forms, with or without a reason, justifiable. it does not have any particular shape or a colour. and i cannot think of any universal theory or an explanation for ' a slap'. sometimes a praise or a phrase that we share or use for a person you know or don't know can be a slap for another. a appreciation of a person may appear before somebody else as  a slap.

i am thinking of the New (?) Parliament Session of the Newly Formed Government and what they going to address today. Is it an ACT or changing Sentences of the existing Constitution to Reduce, cut off, the 'authoritarian power' of the Executive Presidency' of the Country.  

honestly what i believe is this Government should abolish it as they promised. 
Reason is like what you are doing today, anyone who freshly to the seat of head of the country in any of the future day, era, MIGHT DEFINITELY RE-CHANGE the constitution that you are changing TODAY. if you can provide the LEGAL facts that the country people required to believe that 'it will not happen again in this country' share them with your people. 

lets have a look at the PROMINENT years that the constitutional changes occurred. Please add if i have missed any facts ( important), years or sentences due to my LACK OF KNOWLEDGE with regard to its changes over years, 1972 > 1978 > 2015 - the changed version of constitution     

'i am wondering whether new changes of constitution existing ( to be discussed , finalized today at the Parliament) gives us a hint as to ' failure to full fill one of their major promises, that is to abolish the executive Presidency', though this is just the beginning of the new Government, that is according to my personal idea. constitutions cannot be changed anytime any moment you want, right?

i have a question to The New Education Minister who said that 'he will remove the name 'Mahindodaya' from the list of schools of the country. 

Are you going to continue what all the ex politicians followed during their reigns by removing a name?

is that the way that you are trying to establish a change in the system?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE INNER PAGES of the School system if you think that it is not up to your expected standard rather going in to ' changing the names and replacing something else'

what name you are going to use INSTEAD : - ) 

try to be a quality changer don't just use the same political traditions of old days , of old years of this country.

all the best for any meaningful useful change that you are going to implement 
have  a no  worry day!