Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tribute to Maruge

# 1948 / 1972
Ex - Colonial Division
Libertyful Town
Sri Lanka
18. 09. 2014

N. F.F.F.E. Maruge
The Head Master,
‘Thank You Free Education’ – Institution,
Inspirational Avenue
Republic of Kenya

Dear Sir,

You already know my name, I hope, because I wrote it above.  

Kenya is little far away I know but that is according to the geographical map, Right?
I feel little proud because I too is a student but half of your total age.  I am 43

‘Fighting’ this is ‘in my blood too’   but that is for a better purpose only. We love the word ‘non – violence’.

I must tell you that I was born exactly after 22 years we gained independence. So for what you explained before the ‘chairman’, ‘I need no clarifications’. 

‘Every child, person must love education’ that is your mantra RIGHT? I my whole heartedly agree. And every child of this globe has a right to good teacher’ as well. 

Dear Mr. Maruge,

There was one particular Sri Lankan who thought that every child has right to free education. And no child should stay at home without getting any formal education. Let me proudly tell you his name. He is Mr. C.W.W.Kannangara and he is the father of free education of Sri Lanka.

And dear Mr. Maruge, let me just remind you that I am a PURE CREATION OF FREE EDUCATION nothing else.  

Mr. Maruge,

‘Struggling’ is a word that we murdered and buried long ago. The Opportunities are PLENTY in this globe we live compared to then. And there are books of rights millions of them published and are given to every ‘institution of Education’ because they are must have ones and must read by every teacher and parent. And the pages of those printed versions are full of rights, acts and conventions, that is to boost and uplift the education for every child’. 

Oh! If the world has forgotten lets remind them. The acts and conventions did not fall from sky those are there thanks to the ‘fighters’ like you Mr. Maruge.

And about freedom , liberty, independence what ever word the rest of the world use to describe or to prescribe its true meaning to the ones who have lost it what so ever way, other than the evident countries who experienced ‘ colonization that is long before we learned the word ‘globalization’. 

I have news to convert Mr. Maruge hope you already know this by now. almost all the members of Political Parties around the globe ( from 186 countries?) are ‘conferencing’ here in Sri Lanka these days and I believe there is no NEED TO TELL OR REMIND that they must exchange their PLANS AND SUGGESTIONS with each other ‘ FOR A BETTER TOMORROW’ in order to achieve all the success in Education of all type. That is FOR A BETTER EDUCATION’ TO CREATE A COMPLETE MAN at the end.   I believe that Kenya is present here too. 

Perhaps, I can handover this letter to you, through them. 

And I very specifically like to mention that ‘colonization’ is over and we all are FRIENDS now. We must eliminate ‘hate’ and anger’ from our schedules, flesh and blood, if there is anything left. 

So there is no reason for any child to stay at home without heading in to a school, not only the Kenyans in particular but also each and every child of any tribe or society.
I believe Kenya has changed a lot after independence.  

So, Mr. Maruge, Let’s all, together, fight for a peaceful GLOBE from now onwards.
Have a learning Day!

For Readers; Here are the word verification for his initials 
N- Never Give up
F – fighting
F – For
F- Free
E – Education

Friday, September 12, 2014

A journey with a lantern

This lantern that stays still, took me around a river bank,
Where a half broken vessel is floating
without knowing which direction to proceed 

No traveler to be seen,
walking or viewing, 
The ashore is stronger
calm and quite

The kadolana of memoirs  
Pulling me backward
Taking me forward along an old thought lane 
A couple sipping a cup of coffee 
A little beyond the ashore
a baby reading a book lying on a mat
In another moment 
the same
walking along the isolated ashore 

What has happen to my thoughts?
No thoughts to travel any further
Th river bank has disappeared
from the ashore of my imagination 

Unfortunate isn't it?

Is the lantern lit above, 
of pale flame 
has enough strength left 
to farewell the darkness ? 

Have I become a traveler, who have got no match stick to eradicate darkness of life?
Have I become a beggar of No thoughts?
No money to travel?,
Poor in Brain Cells,?
Narrower in Ideas,?

What does this lantern revels?
Who has lit it before?
Perhaps a man who have not met Thomas*?
A man of light (modern)

 *Thomas Alwa Edision 
 Picture Courtesy : Savannah ( a movie based on a true story)  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In memory of TEARS of American Hearts and SOULS

It is SAD that i am destined to allocate this space to memorize something SAD

We have not forgotten the minutes, hours, day, month and the YEAR that the EYES of the American HEARTS and SOULS filled with unbearable TEARS


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


What is a carbon copy?
Who uses these copies and for what?
what is the differences between the original copy and a carbon copy?
why do people need carbon copies not something fresh?
why do people always search the term ' UN BIASED' in the dictionaries and look for its meaning?
is it made of glass or bricks?
How does it applicable to known as ‘toplogical* work’?  
What biological right they have?
How come they know everything ( who, what, how,when, whom) before hand, we veryyyyyyyy later, in Year 2034?
They? Who are these they by the way?
via what methodology? 
E - Mailing?
Phoning ? 
What right they have that we do not have?
What is equal opportunity?
Is it a RIGHT?
what is evidence? 
what is the value of 03 decades of proof?
Do you publish your AGENDA / PLAN before ANY investigations of any type?
will you let us KNOW?


 * Please check dictionary 

Monday, September 8, 2014

People's POLICE

The Sri Lankan POLICE department celebrates their 148th Anniversary, almost a century and a half.  I personally believe that it is not an easy survival not only as a department but also as the group of Officials of all level.  I think they are directly dealing with people. People is not a less heavy term, it is a heavy term if you try to understand it in its deepest meaning.  

There is a saying in Sinhala and this saying people relate to any task that a persona complete with difficulties facing a risk’ ‘athure yanawa wage’  
Coconut toddy is very well known to everyone even the tourists who often or rarely visit our country are aware of this AND do not be mistaken it is not known as illegal Arrack or something similar.
 Again, Athura do not be mistaken it is not athuraya it is ‘athura’.  Athuraya is a different term and gives totally different meaning. For those who do ‘toddy making’, toddy tapping as a business or as a extra source of income, normally follow a traditional method of doing it.  
I am not quite sure whether it has any modern ways of doing it. What so ever, the nature of this type of toddy tapping is that the tapper has to walk along tiny wires tied to the two corners of two coconut trees.

Have a look at these pictures to get an idea of the work. It is RISKY though they have the fullest confidence OF THEIR ROLES AND WORK.  

If the toddy tapper, makes a tiny mistake, for instance ‘loosing his concentration’, his life will be in danger. They face it everyday. the TRICK of doing it accurately is using an‘ EAGLE EYE’ methodology and STRATEGY OF GOOD CONCENTRATION.
So I believe there are certain ‘professions’ in this existing world of millions of professions that ‘risk’ comes wrapping with their official suits or coats or I must say titles’. POLICE is one of such departments and professions.

Do not just measure the literary meaning of  ‘athure yanawa’ take its all facets and weigh or measure thinking of world POLICE situations.  Sri Lanka is not the only country that this department is playing a major role, Sri Lanka is one of them. 

Intelligence Services and its units play an immensely immeasurable role when it comes to considering or measuring the WORLD PEACE Situations.   FBI OR CIA any hearts and minds who battle for look after justice of world is very well connected with each net work and it is highly ESSENTIAL.

Exchanging INFORMATION relevant to each country and to maintain PEACE and HARMONY at global level is highly important and I guess is a current need of the global security situations.

Such AUTHORIZED networks should be unbreakable in any of the harsh or difficult moments and should be strengthen, encouraged in everyway. And I believe it is happening and is a need.

I guess when it comes to global peace no need to hold competitions to rate or compare ‘ the most powerful department of the globe . ACCURACY OF DUTY allows them to earn their own positions automatically.

Daily INSPECTIONS, their abilities to read under side of any area is highly important to maintain peace situations of any community globally.  
I like to believe that police is one of the professions of the authorized official net work of ‘security forces’ that has to be responsible for ‘PEOPLE” that is firstly and then to their own top layers of officials.   That is important to maintain DISCIPLINES in the arenas assigned like in any other professions of the globe but it does not mean UNNECESSARY interruptions.

Before I move on to any other classifications or clarifications, I like to say that I salute on behalf of the inevitable party ‘ THE PEOPLE of the COUNTRY” for the entire department and each and every single officer who work independently and VERY SPECIFICALLY THE TOP LEVEL AUTHORITIES WHO ALLOW THEM TO WORK INDEPENDENTLY WITHOUT REALLY INTERFERING THEIR WORK unnecessarily.  

To hold any positions in the DEPARTMENT certain QUALIFICATIONS are required. EXPERIENCES of duties brings them added advantages to proceed further as professional other than their PRACTICAL knowledge of working.  

There are few groups or subjects that their direct supervision and involvement is needed Such as  ILLEGAL ARRACK, harmful DRUGS, UNDER WORLD DISPUTES, HORROR AND TERROR , tiny or big harmful rebellious informal groups that often become active, groups that kills and murders the peace and harmony of any community under what ever ‘objectives’.

I do not think that their list of duties are restricted to only ‘arresting the wrong doers ‘ also they are one of the responsible parties who should assure of the awareness of people on ‘law and trust’    

I believe threats are a very closest term that they officially or unofficially associating with or expect from the groups or gangs they are directly or indirectly dealing with.
I personally do not believe that they always earn or receive baskets of flowers from the public or face ceremonies of gratitude.  I believe they not only receive parcels of stones or dead chickens, tomatoes and but also unexpected transfers.  I am not pointing the finger to any particular group it has been happening since I understood the meaning of question, ‘what is a society’ and the roles of professions at grass root level and top with regard to their DECISION MAKING abilities.

I believe no one wears ‘white robes’ or clothes with regard to the 100% cleanliness in this complex and unbearably difficult world we live.  NO party can say that ‘we belong to the ‘white action’ group when it comes their ‘fighting for power’, methodologies I find no saints in any of the groups.  Most can’t say ‘they did this we do not do such’  
We know who did what, in what volume if I say it clear’ history of almost all the groups, now and then, we people need no specific clarifications’ or pictures as evidences but I believe the newly born paramparas, perhaps need ‘new clarifications about many things not a woman of 43 years of age, that is me.  43 years; not the early stage of ‘childhood’ it is a mature age.  And this is not the age that others can show something unreal pointing finger at something unreal.  For instance I need no clarifications to identify a coconut tree or a mango tree so no one can say to me, showing a mango tree, that it is a coconut tree.  I understand the differences of Cashew or Coconut or any other.  
Their duty is not to protect a single man or a woman their duty is to protect and be responsible to each and every citizen of this country.

I do not think that their duty during the PEACE EARNING PROCESS can be easily measured. Their contrition was highly effective and gained full results – positive   
118 and 119 services are highly appreciatable service. I remember about few years back one of our neighbors phoned 119 and made a complaint against a person of his immediate neighbourhood that he has jumped over the fence of his home garden and stolen a fallen coconut from his garden.  I remember the police officer came to inquire the matter. He advised the people who gathered their saying ‘please try to use this number for the things that you think are our service is highly required or useful to use.’ Specifically that was the period that ‘emergency numbers are frequently used to inform suspicious incidents related to terror activities’. The officer was right and we all agreed because they should be readily available for the activities that their service is highly required. I find that is one of their POLITE and EFFICIENT services provide by the department.     

I remember in some of the situations some top level officers were transferred to some other areas from the areas of their ‘duty responsibilities’. I as a civilian of this country understand how difficult it is to control people at some situations.

At certain paragraphs of the history of our country, their name, ‘police’, became every day muttered name due to the day today situations faced by the citizens and handled by the department. During riots, certain violence situations, I believe that it was no easy for them to differentiate the ‘directly involved parties’ from the ‘innocents’ specially because of various reasons. Specifically, when there were no CCTV‘s or any other modern equipments, mobile cameras were not highly used to caught or identify individuals, groups who were responsible for some terrible situations that break peace and harmony of the society the duty was understandably difficult.  Several stages of INVESTIGATIONS required to clarify situations specially in the past.

Their main duty is to maintain PEACE and HARMONY every way diminishing every factor that breaks peace and leads to problematic situations.  

Their Independency in handing their duties, we should highly respect and their loyalty to PEOPLE of their country, and obedience to the JUSTICE in every way bending before peace and harmony, justice, not before anything else. That is for sure is not an easy TASK not as intelligent officials but as normal human beings.

Carefully working towards their aims and targets without really caring about any INTERFERENCE is hard but not impossible. ‘Liberty of professions’ as a democratic country of the universe people expect 100% from the department. And is always an added advantage , plus points to any practical community.

As a small unit of administrations; ‘villages, communities and then provinces, districts are supervise by each and every Unit established in relevant areas.  Apart from the permanent units established there are temporary points considering situations of any areas. I can’t remember the total number of Police Stations stationed in the country. But number is fairly enough?

Academies to train the officials I do not know whether it is enough or not but let’s pay respect to the KOTHALAWALA defense academy for their contribution.  Exchanging knowledge between the global officers of other countries is essential to eliminate world terror for instance, accurately.

Sessions of such exchanging programs are highly important if they have enough time to get involve in such things. 

Opportunities to get University education releasing from their duties for a certain period would certainly bring an total investment. Without really studying I am essaying these things therefore I keep some space, margin, margin of error to re correct what I say.    

I believe in most the cases the bigger society forgets the role of WPC’s and top officers unfortunately it is always the gentlemen gets the attention and credit from the bigger society when they are measured and valued.

I remember reading an article about the first woman to hold the top ranking positions of the department Mrs Pramila Divakara ,the first female to hold top ranked positions in the department as Assistant Superintendent of Police / SL in 1988. Today there is a huge number of female officers who got chances to join the department and their contributions specifically during struggling eras are accredited  

If anyone interested in browsing any information one can log in to this site information given below, apart from the official web site of the department.

I believe any SECIRITY FORCES of any counties are one of the sleepless units and the I as an outsider who does work in any of the security departments, think that it is a stressful job     
Efficiency is highly important lazy or backward positions of minds are not suitable to hold any of the positions in such departments it is not the physical height of a person which is required for an intelligent officer but the height of their thinking and efficiency. Because a minute of delay of any decision making and action would bring disasters to any community.
Let’s wish the Department ‘SAFE” and INDEPENDENT future!
Take care !      

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Uva is a historical Province. Badulla and Moneragala, the two siblings I guess own various assets when compared to their own belongings and most of them are immovable.  Badulla is one of my favorite travel destinations because of its places ‘very attractive’ like water falls, bambarakanda, diyaluma, rawana Ella etc. Babarakanda is Sri Lanka’s tallest water fall.   

UVA Wellassa is a very popular term among most of the people. The literal meaning of ‘wellassa’ is one hundred thousands of paddy fields.  The University of Sabaragamuwa is a dynamic place for students and scholars.  So there are things to discuss about UVA    

Uva is specifically important to me because of its historical incidents happened in that area during the English’s Period. Before I move on to that let me refresh my mind about one of the visits to Thanamalwila area during my University ERA as a student of Sociology. We were supposed to do a survey on ‘women’s participation in POLITICS’, ‘why the women are not actively participating in POLITICS’ I remember interviewing women of that area chosen for us to meet and talk independently.  This was back in 1995. Actually compared to the other areas we have learned and  visited, the people of this area were facing problems because of wild Elephants that comes to the villages and to their chenas and destroy their harvest.

Chena cultivation; they mostly engaged in this type of cultivation especially during the YALA season where they do not get much rain to cultivate Paddy or any other vegetables. Cultivating grains normally they have to do even though that is not their preference of cultivation that is in their pre prepared cleared highland area locally known as HEINA chenas in yala season.  I remember we had to present the data we collated and findings before an educated panel on a particular day after our field work. I remember presenting them and many questions were raised by the participants to clarify their minds on the things we discuss.

Actually I felt that it was a silly question to ask from the women of that area because the women had to take care of their chenas and their own houses, KIDS specifically other than engage in politics actively.   I can’t remember any women responded positively back then because their main concern was to look after their chenas.

Why the wild animals coming in to the area where people live is a different question to be raised.
I did not visit the same village after 1995 but I like to believe that though they have no time to engage in politics, actively, because of their life schedules - current (I assume, I may be wrong) at least they have something more important to do than ‘sakalayo embeema’   (chasing away the birds to protect their harvest and looking after their chenas from the wild animals.
Changing role of women; I think this is not a new subject to discuss. The roles of men and women are changing rapidly or have changed incredibly because now all of them have to play multiple tasks other than ‘heading their own households’.

I think compared to those days ‘the political awareness’ of all type of people, groups, and, students, women are higher than in the past.  They are aware of ‘their right to vote’ even the women do understand how they won the right to vote not only about their right to EDUCATION and JOB preferences.  I think it is minister Wimal Weerawansa who have told at a rally (I believe) that Sri Lanka is one of the countries that the village people do not move that much to town areas looking for jobs’ compared to some (?) countries (I can not exactly remember the news article I read. but that is the core idea I grabbed from the news.  

That is one of the RESULTS that we should expect from the development as one of the facets that is without trying to isolating the component called VILLAGE and its families, parents because of their children who move out of the village to seek for jobs. The resources should reach villages other than sticking them in the cities or towns.   KOLAMBATA KIRI  gamata KEKIRI  perception is not anymore a valid perception and the villages have enough of kEKIRI grown in highlands ( chenas) and even the chena farmer can feed any number of  mouth from their KEKIRI cultivation during the  particular SEASON or even on any other days.   I think RAIN water HARVESTING projects are still functioning in the areas. I think most the village people chosen ‘self employment’ as their livelihoods because of its independent features   

Let me try to walk a little backward to the period 1815 – 1820 to memorize the UVA KERELLA (the UVA REVOLT) which was bread and born initially in Wellassa as a tiny infant changed in to a grown up child at the latter stage. I know that it is little odd to talk about revolts other than talking about ‘REVOLUTIONS’. REVOLTS OR REBELS played an important role back in 1800’s because we were a colony since the Portuguese set foot here in 1505 as one of the first Nations from the West. Since then from time to time our admin power was questioned and interrupted by the colonization , their admin authorities therefore we lacked in administrative POWER at various stages of its administration and in some of the provinces specifically depending on the power of the admin authorities - local other than the power of the king back then.  For example king Weerabahu.   So as a result of colonization as I mentioned already, the traditional ruling authorities became less powerful , powerless or inactive because of the then ruling system. 

GAMAKA , or GAMPATHI , the village level administrative authorities assigned by the king of the country or of the thun korala, sathara korale, sath korale or nuwara kalawiya, Gangawata korale ( these terms were used in the old admin systems to demark the admin provinces, states) were not given including some of the the higher level hierarchical positions back then namely,‘Adhikaram’ , ‘Nilame’, ‘Disawe’ or were restricted to use their power as specified by the old local admin system of the big society, country. And little later after capturing the country totally ( after signing the agreement ) some of the facilities given to them as privileges  not by any law but norms and traditions, customs of the old Sri Lankan society that were mainly decided , approved by the society of higher level but without showing any opposition people obeyed them were cut off. i.e. taking the hats off from their heads when the heads are arriving , using the carriages to go across the areas for instance ‘rivers’ etc   

The REVOLT was organized because of other reasons. The top level admin authorities other than the king of the particular koralaya, provinces became unhappy because of the ways that they were treated by the English’s, after the English became a solid concrete in the land (23, March, 1815) after signing the agreement between Adhikarams and the governor Brownrig, thanks to some of the idiotic decisions and support given by the local hierarchical people misreading then situation to English to  establish here as  a representative of the Queen Elizabeth, the sole decision maker of the English kingdom. King Sri WcikramaRajasignhe was a Nayakkar and the Adhikarams wanted to own the crown, the whole country capturing the king by getting the support from the English. The objectives of the English were different to the objectives and visions of the Adhikarams. They did not want the Adhikarams to allow to heading the country as a result of that the dreams of the adhikarams to capture the country’s leadership, kingship from the Sri Wickrama Rajasigne became a no reality. The English did not follow the agreement as they promised earlier totally or fully.  The English did not want to handover the power of ruling the country in to the hands of the locals.  As one of the results some of the Adhikari’s were imprisoned and send away to another Island as prisoners.  Keppitipola and Madugalle were killed.  Not alone with the whole family.  There were many related stories I am not going to essaying here.

According to those evidences, history says how important it is to get right decision at right time  
So UVA is not less specific or less important. It is a huge and important province of our country. Its future depends on the votes and the intelligence of its voters.  

Lets vote for a prosperous and peaceful , harmonious UVA


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bonds and the Neighbours …………………

The following terms; Bonds and neighbours are independent, distinctive, unique components, even in its literal meaning other than the deepest meanings of the terms. But, together it makes a huge difference to any meaningful sentence you write or say, when you speak of something related to its meaning.  ‘For example if you say, ‘the bonded neighbours’ that gives an even more total meaning.

The Bond or the Bandhan in Hindi, (?) Bandhanaya  nkaOkh / ne|Su  is a very important term in its social and cultural aspects other than in any other specific analysis.

Dore aiya  ‘s family is the our very nearest neighbor of our Kandy house, the Mahagedara, the house where we, the siblings, all lived together for a longer period before we all split in to various areas of the country. For example my sister and I came to Colombo and these days lives in Nugegoda my youngest brother lives in Madagalla in Kurunegala District with his wife since about half a year. I am not totally aware of his neighbours in the immediate vicinity but I know most the neighbours are relatives. So the bond, Bandhan or the Sambandaya (connection) is heavy there I believe because they are not just the neigbours but the relatives as well.

The bond that neighbours maintain with each other may differ to each other depending on the nature of the bond that they maintain wit. If the bond is long lasted one or if it is an old bond, often the neigubours maintain much closer relationship. The facets of the relationships of naigbours again, we can think of many. Some neighbours live closer but maintains a distanced relationship but some neigbours lives closer to each other and the relationship too is a closer one.

Depending on the Bandhan that we maintain with each other ‘we request things from our neigbours’, suggest, asks, opposes, help each other but never interfere their family things inaccurately. My father or the Dore aiya never had Ethical Power for that categorical decision making. I am thinking whether my relatives had such power NO I guess.    

My father until he died was the sole decision maker of the family and none of us go and ask Dore aiya for permission for any of the important matters of the Family because he is not the head of Household of our family.  Even now there is no way that my mother allows anyone to interfere any of the family matters or take actions or take decisions on behalf of my family because now after my father died my mother is the head of Household though as adults and independent individuals we take our own decisions personally.

In most the family dealings I know that between family members many discussions take place before something taking in to the ear of the head of household. Especially in this region we live (‘Asian part of the world) the household settings have not totally changed or liberated from the hands of the head of the household. We as Sri Lankans still do not take our matters major or even minor to the ear of the neighbor asking to take decisions. I hope even in India as Indians, still gives a fullest respect to the head of household when it comes to decision making of the family unit. Sri Lanka and India as the societies that have established under patriarchal norms and values, features, ever since the societies, the countries known to outside world have not changed in Family structure / frame work.

Discussions between family members give fruitful results when it comes to something to be decided. I guess I forgot to write I believe, in both the societies (pardon me I have to forget the other societies in the region for a moment) decisions are taken after few rounds of discussions with its family members.

I do not say that every master decision that a family take even after a loads of rounds of discussions are always 100% right or become successful because that involves ‘human capacities and understanding and in a family no surveys done before taking decisions solely depend on TRUST AND STRENGTH. The decisions taken with regard to main society and by a responsible authority/ party gives a different picture and are totally different from the decisions taken by a head of household of a certain family unit. BUT I believe if you take the SOLE MEANING OF TAKING THE FAMILY DECISIONS WITHIN THE UNIT there is no difference whether it’s a huge organization or a institute, country ITS MEMBERS AUTHORIZED HAS THE SOLE RIGHT TO TAKE THE DECISION ACCURATELY THOUGH THEY CAN WELCOME ANY SUGGESTIONS. The history of our country revealed the percentage of discussions that became successful and the decisions that were taken totally accurate or successful way AND THE FAILURES.

I believe the decision taken by the emperor Ashoka FOR INSTANCE to share the philosophy, the Buddhism with his neighbor country that is us SRI LANKA was all time successful decision and that was in the list of historical decisions any can view. That was worth not only culturally, religiously, or socially even politically because that decision which was taken by the emperor back then, strengthened the bond between the two countries.     

That was not in the near past. Let’s analyze an example from the recent past (1987) the decision taken by the Indian Government to intermediate the ethnic struggle of Sri Lanka that the whole country suffered for more than 03 decades.

I am not a person who have studied the INDO LANKA ACCORD which was signed between Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Ex President Mr. J.R. Jayawardena in 29th July 1987, 100% but as a student who like to study all the historical agreements, political or cultural decisions made between certain parties or any parties related to any specific matters of the country very including the Ethnic conflict, according to most that is the term used to describe its facets I like to analyze a quote respecting my own knowledge , level of understanding without really saying anything about my personal views about the accord.   

We all know the result of the Accord signed back in 1987 but let me quote what Mr. J N Dixit has told about the agreement signed. I guess as the views of an Indian citizen, it is important to weigh what Mr. Dixit’s has shared and revealed and his views with this regard. If you think that Sri Lankans analysis or views with regard to the accord partial or shows a different picture, one can weigh the quote below, after reading it.

“The Indo Lanka Agreement failed because Rajiv Gandhi took the decision to sign the agreement on information and advice conveyed to him by his advisors, which in retrospect were inaccurate and over optimistic”

(Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka: Efforts, Failures and Lessons / Volume One, 2nd Edition Edited by Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe)

Lets turn in to decisions of any other structure / institution of any possibilities of rates or percentage or success and failures again according to my personal understanding.

According to my personal views

-      How you get information on something is thoroughly important
-      How you weigh the information you collate or get via what so ever sources is important
-       How you Pre test or pro - test the information you get or how you verify the information you get is important
-      If you think that something became failure like above what caused for them to provide inaccurate and over optimistic advice or information to any party involved or that expect advice / information
-      What is the better way to differentiate the impartial facts and partial facts, on what basis
-      If you take a survey data collection parties / enumerators ‘what background / qualifications they hold’ is important. For instance for a medical survey that are very rich in medical terms and understanding an enumerator who has a sociological background may disqualify to collate information because he or she may less or no aware of the terms and facts that are very important to know before collating information but an enumerator with a medical knowledge background suits

-      I guess it is no harm at all to weigh the ‘ IMPACTS’ of what ever decision you take
     For example; impacts short term, long term

      And I know that some times not all the neighbours are well wishers or benefactors often you find strangers or individuals that may not expect your success but expect some benefit for them. careful when you choose sources of help.

May you all become wise not fools! Have an insight full life ahead!