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Sunday, October 4, 2015

‘Humans’ that is so ‘inhumane’, right?

do you have anything to say supporting or opposing to following ?

‘Every meatarian is not a butcher’.

I have seen many vehicles go passing me every day, sometimes exhibiting many words, sometimes some advertisements, various things. Amongst them some of the wordings are religious. ‘This is the empire of Buddhism / Lord Buddha’ (fï nqoaO rdcHhs) the relief you seek can be found in Jesus (Tn fidhk iekiSu fcaiqiajykafia <Õ ;sfí) kfuda nqoaOdh! iajia:s isoaOï`

What are those? Are those just words or something that leads your mind to ‘think and act’ according to what such sentences says or expects you to follow?

It is true that the Laws and Courts are introduced by individuals /  to groups out side to this country. It is true that Saddam Hussain was hanged till death. It is true that the electric chair is in function to deal with the fate of wrong doers

I am asking the superiors of this land we live, the heads of this country Is it all right to re introduce the death penalty / hang till death as a punishment when we highly speak of human rights. 

I know that a very expensive ‘robe’ was purchased from Singapore, to re begin the ‘ ella mereema’

I know that one or few graduates were appointed as officers in charge of that locally known as alugosuwa    

Often as a prutagjana I too feel that every crime doer should be hanged till death. 

Then again I thought such punishments are too soft as a punishment. 

The brainies cannot think like the way I think. 

The responsible cannot take decisions based on the judgements of the pruthagjana (those who have not attain nibbana due to that reason travels across the sansaara / individuals who has not abolished the kleshas (sins) within themselves) based on their emotional feelings or as any other person thinks, they should think ‘wide and broad’.

The whole world is very fond of protecting the rights of the humane. The very same groups ( or some of them) think that every (?) or some (?) criminal should hanged till death. 

Is it a solution – sustainable solution to ‘minimize or eliminate such acts in any society we live?

i do not know what other responsible departments are planning to do with regard to continuing or maintaining 'peace and Harmony of a / the society, to'protect law and order', what is the role of the religious parties and what plans they have in the future, in their minds?, the role and duties of Educationists, lesson writers, curriculum writers? 

i do not know whether they cannot think of any thing to 'control', minimize or abolish, prevent such such things happening in a society totally, rather day and night , sleeplessly think of introducing various new punishments for the offenses they can think of?
I am not against maximizing the punishments but I am against ‘ hang till death’  or death penalty

If you think that it should be introduced ‘ I think that it is the end of this human world’

How do you describe a crime? I am not asking the description given in the books?

I believe every human creature is a criminal to some extent. I do not think that we can find a person who has not done a single error or something that spoils others lives. 

It depends on how it affects the lives of the near and dear ones, the people you associate, people of the country you very respect, the globe you think that so eager to protect the rights of the human?

I do not know how I should explain this. I very strongly feel that there are some contradictions in what you talk and how you act

For example, you say that every human has a right to live. You never say that it is except the criminals or wrong doers’

If you think that it should be introduced let me provide you a list in addition to the list mentioned or described in the book of law as so called punishments for the inventory offenses

Hang the person who introduced ‘nuclear bombs and weapons’ to this world?

Who ever introduced to slavery into this human world,

The world policy makers that introduced policies to spoil people's lives and to disorder them

The decision makers that take or took wrong decisions to spoil the lives of the people with regard to the subjects they dealt with / deal with; Who ever introduced what ever to imbalance this world ‘economically that supported to increase the gap between each ‘class’ ( between the first class countries and the third 'class' countries according to the wealth indicators they have invented, learned) unequally distributing the resources available in what ever region or within what ever land

It is no point screaming or allying or coalitionning against this and that of this world we live such as wars , crimes especially when you find contradictions , confusions in what they say and what they do’.

You say, do research, you introduce medications to cure some health hazards that people suffer due to ‘smoke’ for example. But at the same time you have given them to chance to produce them and sell them everywhere in this world we live.

Is that because you expect your Drug manufacturing companies to earn big profit, for example to cure cancer there is no permanent drugs or medications introduced yet but there are other treatments and medications very expensive, am I right? And some of the medications I do not know whether it is available locally?

I remember one of the ladies that we know very well, recently suffered from breast cancer and underwent an operation had to purchase a medication / drug from the United States (if I am not mistaken with the country she purchased the drug)

she is not  a smoker i took that example to explain what i say thoroughly 

the high smokers i doubt not is highly vulnerable to diseases such as 'cancer' and chronic lungs issue, Kidney issues ?
I do not understand any of these?

let me try to take some other examples to justify what i say 

We know that America is openly, theoretically, documentarily against nuclear weapons but at the same time they store nuclear weapons ( let me memorize, did I listen to one of President Obama's famous speeches made somewhere out of America) saying they store them to safe guard the world from the people who use the same weapons

I do not understand these, do you?

You know what the Russian President Putin said to famous Charlie during an interview hosted between them, recently?

I am not going to analyze them.

Can you remember what he said about using nuclear weapons and according to what I understand ‘the contradictions between what ‘say and what do’

The Daily News recently quoted the interview with President Putin under the title; ‘Putin: All countries should respect Ukraine’s Sovereignty’

Let me quote few lines that caught my eyes

“Our partners in the United States are not trying to hide the fact that they supported those opposed to President Yanukovich”

 “There are no Russian troops in Ukrain”

“The US tactical nuclear weapons are in Europe, let US not forget this”

“Does it mean that the US has Occupied Germany or those who never stopped the occupation after WW II & only transformed the occupation troops into the NATO …….. & if we keep our troops on our territories on the border with dome state, you see it is a crime”?

The US more than any other country, has used its foreign POLICY in its Internal Political Struggle

(the DN (Daily News) has not underlined or italiced the letters sentences, I did so to highlight the quotes)

Sovereignty is a very beautiful word

I believe that Sovereignty equals to ‘no interferences / unnecessary interventions ‘

You know that I am not a fisherman / fisherwoman but I eat ‘fish’ , those who like to eat meat do not kill the animals or they are not hunters but they, do eat meat’. But I know that as a Buddhist ‘ no point saying ‘panathipaatha weramani sikkapadan samadhiyaami’  ( let’s prevent from taking, stealing ‘the rights of living creatures’/ lets prevent from killing animals) chanting it every morning and evening.

They eat Meat but they let others to kill the animals for their supper or meals. You know when it comes to non butchery things it is very dangerous to follow that theory. 

There is a saying in Sinhala I do not know whether I can provide a better translation for that, explains very well what i am trying to say using above example.

‘Ballallu lawa kos eta baawanawa’ . Experts please provide the translation.

America and some world leaders follow that theory. Sometimes they present their policies in a very sainty way but when it comes to practice them, any fools should understand the ‘contradictions’ lies within such talks and acts’.

The problem is not totally their’s. problem is that those who like to please them and doesn’t have a backbone to speak some of the issues apparent, like to stay ‘mute’ or silent, I do not know thinking of what’?

Every country of the world is not a bit but a lot important. But the problem is some country leaders given some country leaders an unnecessary ‘power’ to enjoy and they justify the way they uses their power’. Most importantly forgetting that ‘how it would supports to spoil this world and lead into unnecessary divisions to be cemented.  

I am against death penalty, that is all I have to say. I do not know what other citizens have to say about this.

I believe that who ever must think of this not emotionally but intelligently that is very because we live in a world that continues with unending human rights big talks’

Sabba Satta Bhawantu Sukhittata!

May All beings be Happy!



Thursday, October 1, 2015

On Child & Parents affectionately …………………..

May the Triple Gems Bless You!, May all GODS association be on your side! May you gain wisdom where ever you go what ever you do! 

For some child is a dream. For some child is an inheritance. For some others child is a Prince or a Princess, an heir of a future crown. For every parent a child is their whole life.

Child is a right

I like to note it that way. But that is for sure for the couples who are legally bonded. For others child is a question, unfortunately.

A child becomes an issue for any woman who lives in a society / world, where some think that a woman who gives birth to a child without getting married to a man legally , is a woman with a bad character or some do not hesitate to label such women as ‘prostitutions’.
That is the situation in the real world we live or in most part of the world.

Some women becomes pregnant without getting legally married, and if cannot chose the option of ‘abortion’, unfortunately chooses the option of either killing the child, dump into a garbage bin, or keep the child somewhere else unsafe for the child.

Whom we should blame, the woman or the society for choosing such options?      
I know that it is no easy to change the attitudes of people on ‘actual parenting’, people’s perceptions on ‘child bearing and rearing’

Compared to the years, decades gone passing ‘people’s attitudes towards an unmarried woman bearing a child has slightly changed. But it is not at all satisfactory.
Yes, it is true that today is not the day allocated for ‘parents’ or the universal parents day, today is the day of the ‘universal child’.  You find various functions organized, world wide to mark the day.  That has been the tradition. Today is not the first day of ‘world’s children day’. How many such days we have celebrated.

What is the success rate?

Why, we still have incidents reported related to ‘insecure children’, the number have not decreased?    

It is sad to hear or to read the incidents reported on the children who have becomes victims of HIV. The children who are in the category of ‘unsafe’ due to drug addicted parents are a global issue, I guess.

Children and the parents who live very distanced from ‘the dangerous drugs zones’ are the happiest groups’ in this world. I like to think that way.

The most luckiest children are the children whose parents have fairly reasonable hrs to spend with their children’

Yet, I do not think that the children in live with their foster parents are ‘unlucky’, some times it is the opposite.

You find parents (foster parents) doing ‘the sky high’ things for their children.
If the child gets a chance to enter a well looked after ‘orphanage ‘we have no reasons to fear of the ‘future of the orphans’.

But do not try to set up orphanages everywhere try other options to provide ‘the child a better place to live’, better protection, all socio economic, affectionate needs and wants of a child.

Providing a peaceful environment for a child to live is not narrower, it is something highly wide.  For a narrow minded such things are ‘jokes’, or something unimportant.  I Very often, as much as possible, purposely use that term ‘peace’, peaceful environment’, peace and harmony’ but not for an ill willed purpose.  I very strongly believe that it is the most scares thing in these wars full world. This world that people always live with misunderstandings, fear or with lists of lacks, dues, thinking of their portion this and that.

I do not think that one can discuss anything about ‘a child’ without really discussing about the parents.

I do not know what law describes, what sentences it says, justify that ‘every mother should be a mother with a legal marriage certificate.

I guess the laws protect both the mother and the child that is correct. I do not know what relief the girls / ladies who are not legally bonded to a man get when they become pregnant.

The girl in this modern world I believe is somewhat aware about the ‘results of becoming pregnant without getting the certificate of marriage. I do not know how this modern world describe ‘living together’ as a pre test or a trial before a legal marriage.  

The trial becomes a lifelong issue for the ladies (I do not know whether that is a problem for the other party) decided to go for the ‘living together’ option before a legal marriage.

When you find ‘The trust option’ is weak between the involved parties then they have to go for the option of DNA

I think when some try the ‘DND’ option at what ever place, where ever in this world, who will has to pay the bill, finally, the bill of ‘compensation’.

If I say it is the ‘child’ how would you take it?
On the other hand ‘this is a democratic’ world where democracy plays an important role in people’s lives, we cannot question of such rights of human beings.

You get a chance to question such rights only when you forget that ‘democracy does not always appear before you, as a savior.   

I do not know whether the list of rights increased or changed over years; Right to talk, right to eat, right to vote, right to have a child, right to sleep etc in this modern democratic world.

It is little sad that in this very democratic world some ladies have not understood the danger of pre tests of living (not the pregnancy tests that I am talking about).

What are the options available or that we can think of ‘for the well being of the environmentally, mentally, socially threatened child’ of this world.
How to avoid the teens becoming mothers? The teens, the pre mature wombs that are not ready to bear a child for a healthy, confident child birth, keep a question before the people of this modern society. That is whether the role of the responsible party, known as ‘parents’ well recognized or identified by themselves tenderly or affectionately or not. Not always economically or politically.

What is the role of the ‘education’ with regard to ‘mobilizing the teen, the girl, the boy, the student on ‘the importance of bonds with a safe key’?

I do not know whether we need to legalize ‘safe abortion’ or give it a more human or legal shape, though it is a sin but for the sake of the child in other words.

Especially, when the mother is not in good health or in good mental situation to rear a child without a father, though the woman of this era is ‘in a very financially sustained position’. ‘Better financial situation of a mother is not the only positive reason for a ‘happy child’. That is why often the child of a single parent family shows some signs of ‘unhappiness’, weakness in their learning processes, often behaves aggressively’, less corporate,  do not enjoy the associations of peers, prefer to stay away from other children.

Recently, in this country, we heard a lot of unpleasing news like never before. Perhaps I have not read the papers accurately those days, I do not know.

I guess for a highly busy parent ‘security of a child has become a challenge’, especially when both parents are highly occupied with their carrier tasks, social life. To maximize the time they spend with their children they have to do little sacrifices.

Due to busyness of the modern day parents, the role of the ‘the day time guardians’ become very important and I like to say that should be ‘highly child focused’. I think that is what the most experts believe.

Mostly, parents fear keeping their child with a less known. In a way that is good. That sometimes helps prevent the child facing other problems because some of the parents somehow try to well monitor the ‘day time guardians’

Who are the day time guardians?

How and why it has become a popular profession these days, part time job option for most?

Why you find more day care centers today compared to yester years?

Why now a days we live, you read many advertisements ‘asking for a nanny’ to look after their child. 

Why people of this modern world try many other options to train ‘the day time guardians’
The nannies, care takers,( at own homes, day care centers) , the pre- school teachers, the teachers, grand parents  

The parents do not fear to send their children to a place where they think that ‘their child is safe ‘. They fear not to keep their child with the grand parents.

Therefore the trust shouldn’t be broke for what ever reasons.  You often read incidents world wide, how the child become insecure within such premises.

The role of teachers here ‘is highly important for the well being of the child’

What is your wish, parents? Is it to have ‘a totally happy, secure, nourished in every way child’? or you become professionally happy and nourished ?

Take care children!  and you too parents!

Monday, September 21, 2015

De touring through the bridge of Risk* to be built

Newspaper sources revels; The suggested bridge way (?) from Jaffna peninsulas to South India (Tamil Nadu) opens a ‘land way’ for five countries and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) would assist in providing 8 Billion dollars or rupees, for the project.
A loan or a benefactorial contribution 

It has been one of the controversial, most discussed topics since the news popularized amongst local people of various levels, educational, social for example.
 It is clear that the suggested bridge Geographically and directly connects South India or India as a whole with the Country.

Currently the Island remains as a separate, geographically independent land, country bordering the Sea. Who ever needs to enter the country should use an air way or an aviation service legally, that is the current picture of travelling across or between countries, within this part of the region, if you take SA only for easy analyze purposes.
What easiness that this suggested bridge way provide for all the countries expected to use this path as mentioned by the authorities ? We need to think?
Whether they are willing to use or prefer to use this bridge is another factor to be discussed independently.

DOES IT SAVES TIME of the passengers of mentioned countries that we assume will be using the bridge to enter their preferred destinations religious or commercial or otherwise?

If yes , how?

Jaffna and planned linking destinations I drafted it this way, see table below. Within following countries there are certain number of air ports exists and functions for the benefit of travelers and the services are maintained and admin by responsible authorities , departments, ministries  of the mentioned countries.  They have been maintaining such systems within their territories ever since they have established them.  The nature of the countries in the list is different to the country ours everyway. The Pakistan and India was a one land historically departed geographically and administerially some time back. The historical or the political, geographical backgrounds are there anyone who wishes to refer and get a view about two countries. Now remains as independent units. If you take Bangladesh as a country, I do not think that they have money to be wasted because they have so much inner issues to be solved by them.  Nepal is a sacred land of Buddhists of the world and they owns an important places religiously important for all people.

Glance at every historical events , incident happened within or between these countries now and then and try see whether there are any issues related to borders or territories that puzzled their lives over years? And check because of what such incidents happened? 

From Jaffna Peninsula
Tamil Nadu

62 Airports found
16 Airports


If you have a look at a map of South Asia you can have an idea of what distances that it shows between each Destination, air ports for example 

If you are planning to use this suggested bridge way to reach our country from Pakistan
(From your preferred air ports) you need to first enter ‘India’. Am I incorrect?
 Imagine a traveler taking the land way without really taking a direct flight, aviation route  to Bandaranayake International Air Port from lets say Karachchi  how many hours he / she should spend traveling ? 

What benefit they get from using that path – suggested?

And Why the Traveler should drive (if no border issues) first to Tamil Nadu (from Karachchi to Tamil Nadu calculate the distance in kilo meters ) and then enter the Jaffna Peninsula for lets assume to visit , relations or friends, religious places without taking an air way service?

I do not think that it will become a de tour for them or to other countries other than to the geographically very closer Tamil Nadu

And if they, any passenger / traveler to enter Jaffna or the country, through India / Tamil Nadu any passenger / traveler needs to ‘full fill the immigration migration regulatory requirements needs of the respective countries?

Any extra expenses?, How much money that a traveler can save by using this suggested way? Are the total Travel costs lesser or higher in what way?

Within this commercialized world, for any traveler, saving money and time is essential
Hazels free Journeys, that is what every traveler expects at the end.

I do not see any advantages for any traveler who wishes to use this new suggested land way to enter this country other than for the Tamil Nadu people / travelers , Jaffna specifically who wish to enter Tamil Nadu through a  land way not by an air way.

As a citizen of this country, I see the plan of building suggested bridge as a THREAT to our country not as any commercially useful pathway.

Building or constructing this pathway you are taking a risk and allow cracking the sea way security that is naturally there to protect this country THOUGH WE HAVE A HIGH PROFILE NAVAL OFFICERS base WITH EVERY ACCURATE QUALIFICATIONS

Do not let the UN high profiles to say, in the future that they will be coming to work on ‘the disappeared’ through that new bridge way?

By the way my very dearest parents, please do not wait until the government show them the list of armed forces personals disappeared since when 1976 or even before, no news found of your son / daughter during the period of 1975 – 2009 take the picture of your son / daughter gone missing and no ash received to the very high profiled UN officials they might do justice to your tears have no doubts within.   

OPENNESS is something very useful we know, like the open economy but it is like a knife. You can use it to cut and chop veggies can play the role of butcher with this sharp knife, and what else you can do with that? Needless to say.  

I believe that not only ADB but also any other UN organization see this bridge way from their point of view, they may come up with lists of social and cultural benefits BUT I doubt whether they can think of POLITICAL THREATS exactly like some pOWER holders of the current government. 

What ever they think is good to implement they may implement using the ‘five year power plan they have’ but remember even after you retiring from your power positions, even after you and I die THIS COUNTRY SHOULD REMAIN AS AN GEOGRAPHICALLY, POLITICALLY HAZEL FREE LAND FOR THE FUTURE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY  

The ADB should showcase their annual reports on work they have done materially at their annual sessions / gatherings. They, for sure would INDICATE IN BOLD LETTERS OR IN BOLD NUMBERS THAT THEY CONTRIBUTE WHAT EVER AMOUNT ( 8 billions) OF MONEY FOR THE SUGGESTED PROJECT. THAT WILL BE AN ACHIVEMENT FOR THEM.

As a financial aider of the said project; The ADB will not take the responsibility for any results of building the bridge or I can say they will say ‘we not responsible for anything other than as a money provider, commercial or financial contributor. Therefore what ever the other sub results, direct or indirect results of building such a bridge, political or economical, commercial influences, or affects of such projects, the government must take responsibilities but it is good that some errors cannot be corrected to adjust. Like a river that cannot turn back its direction only flows further and knows only to proceed ahead, with or without errors , mistakes.

So think 19.5 billion times before you leap

And why should none governmental parties take responsibility of something that political power chairs deciding and taking actions as ‘god fathers of the people of the country. I do not think that such are mentioned in the codes of ethics, visions and missions of UN  
And let me assume that the prince of human rights would write to the Prime Minister of the country mentioning following ……………….

Dear President / Prime Minister of the Sri Lankan Government,

You have taken a huge step to build cultural mutual understanding between the people of two countries by deciding to construct a bridge linking two parts of the two countries. And I would like to say that in history, no leader has taken such an action to do something like that.

Thank you,

Your’s loyal human right representative, the Prince of UN

My idea is that It can be a huge commercial success for the construction company that would take the project under their control after what ever bidding.

And yes, that would help for the present government to dazzle and shine on sky as a party / state / government, star by planning to implement such a project and after building it.

And yes, for sure you can provide what so ever numbers of job opportunities for the Engineers, Planners etc

But once the constructions are over , the government will have to think of another project to maintain the continuity of everything

And the cement and material companies can sell their materials number one for contractors and shine as a provider of that sort.

And yes for every group / individual that expects something like that to happen would celebrate with vines and with champagne

And the rulers that know nothing about the historical incident happened in the past; example, Emperors of the Vijayanagar Empire capturing the Jaffna Pennisula politically in the 15th century would say ‘hurray’ after laying the foundation with a big celebration
 You know now no empire is capturing any lands geographically other than some terror groups such as ISIS they want their Utopian or otherwise empire geographically expanded.  So other than for such groups known or categorized as ‘ no terror parties’, prestigious political figures use no such tack tics to capture you but use other ways, to politically imprison you within their strategies of all types.

You perhaps not aware or you may pretend unaware of new faces of old ‘colonization’, the modern face of it, because you may now wearing politically colourized lenses to see things. Who ever would capture you through their POLITICAL WILLS, ECONOMICAL WILLS would not tell you that they are doing something like that. Who would?
You may not directly understand such things. 

For India ours is one of the most important ports of trade. What are we trading to them? Bajaj, Mahindra, TATA , Banaris, aricunut  or we buying them from them?

What CEPA going to be manufacturing in the future, ladies and gentlemen?

Tell me what other benefits we get from building this bridge of your political desire other than shopping between two destinations and organizing pilgrims from here to there and there to here?

Unlike through aviation paths you can easily welcome political threats if you not let this land remain geographically independent. Refer how vaico, the political saint came and meet the leader LTTE in the past and through what way?

Coastal areas of any island or bordered by any ocean has a lot value or can say is the ‘back bone of Portal Trade systems of the main economy of their respective countries. Ours is an example.  For a ‘Trade Empire’, owning such territories, coastal areas for instance is a must or highly useful, essential for any trade minded emperor.

 Refer 1766 agreement made between the Dutch and the King of this land. How they specifically asked the coastal line under their authority and how cunningly they inject the idea of having that into the brain of then king.

What happened afterwards, the traders of up country, middle part of the land lost all trading opportunities that they were using so freely in every inch of this land? The salt mines, the natural trade ports, Gokanna , mahatitta of the old map of Ceylon for example.
I do not know what fishing they did in the past but you are very well aware how people fish in the seas of theirs and ours, currently?

I wish you have no plans to waste your bullets aiming the heads of fishermen who to tries enter the sea fish territory of ours, illegally. You know the current fishing trade styles using and how we deal with that. What you need to do to get the men, who ever enter there or here into legal territories of fishing, released  

Now the other important to thing to analyze is the CONTENTS OF AGREEMENTS my dear friends  

Who writes or prepares these agreements between countries in order to build a bridge for instance.

What agreements mentioned?

The nature agreements?

How transparent are they really?

Any copy available to view for every person show interest to read?

Who would SIGN in the document as historical heroes that desire to connect two independent geographical territories through a bridge of risk?

Willing to punish who ever enters the territory illegally by taking them to the Hybrid court? Would that help for the sustainability of peace and harmony between two so far independent lands?

I can assure this that there will be plenty of stories waiting to be written here and there, in the pages of the books of socio, political, law and order etc.

May triple gems protects this land of liberty

God Bless You all!

 * A risks can be social, political, economical or otherwise