Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Amateur .......................

Often, I try to pick and choose titles, topics, words, from various sources for me to write something and post on foot path. The sources are not limited and topics are never difficult to pick and choose. To search for a topic looking around is sufficient. You can write about sky, about birds, about trees anything you hear or see. 

I do not think that you can exactly watch what you watched a few moments ago because ‘things keep changing’ , take a small plant that you planted few days ago what can you observe ? is the plant look same? take 'self' as a person, your surroundings , the sky for instance. let me write what i observe during this elaboration on 'an Amateur', 

Few minutes ago, I observed a tiny dark cloud and in about few minutes later I could not locate the same cloud but a ranges of dark clouds. And the colour of the cloud also was different to the cloud that I observed earlier.

Life is full of changes and differences, inevitable. We lack nothing in these universe things to write, things to talk, things to draw, things to paint thongs to discuss and things to fight; over a piece of land, a book, something or anything.         

There are no clouds to be seen but i noticed a group of little birds were flying over to the roof of the house of the neighbor of near lane.

I often like to go for movie hunt. My today’s choice was Soviet Russian, German and also Chinese but finally I end up watching a Japanese movie with English sub titles. A good movie ‘Tokyo Newcomer’, a Chinese in Tokyo who tried to play GO but was not an amateur to the game.  This is the first time I heard about Go and have not seen anyone playing the game before, so i had no clues about the game. interesting to watch the players were using black & white objects and i saw, the players were moving the objects and keeping on some of the places of the game board. I believe were following the rules of the game. Looked similar to Chess but there was no King or a queen in the areas of the game, i noticed.   

The colour of the sky is different to the colour of the sky earlier.  And I can see some white clouds were not trying to still but moving as well.

The surrounding looks 'mute' a bit. no voices to be heard.  i did not over heard any conversation from our immediate neighbourhood ,between the grand son and the grandfather.   

Every generous genius had to pass the stage - ‘amateur’ before he or who ever reaching the stage of ‘genius’ or great’.

John Mcenroe was an amateur to the field of Tennis before he started playing professional tennis in the courts of the super stars and play star class game like Wimbledon.    

A couple of white clouds trying to move towards east or west I have no idea.

Our Susanthika was an amateur before she started running on the grounds of Olympians. Aravinda De Silva was an amateur before he started playing professional and accurate cricket in the global grounds of cricket. 

The sky is cloudless.

To read something accurately or to draw something beautifully one can not do on an instance basis. To read how to pronounce the alphabet of any mother tongue a kid has to learn methodically, step by step. And no kid learn Z without learning the letter A – Y though it is true that kids pick and choose from what they hear and rarely start from Z not from A (some) before reaching the stair cases of a school a child may show some abilities in pronouncing letters accurately, at least a few letters of an alphabet,. Such kids may have learned them from their siblings, perhaps.

I can’t read sky accurately because it is ‘almost night’ I do not know whether the sky is full of clouds or cloud less but I hardly saw a craw ( not sure) was flying.

I brought the book, ‘Almost night’ of the author Ann Prospero but could not complete reading other than few pages of the book. 

Few moments ago I notice that the perhaps the same craw (again not sure), flying taking the opposite route, towards the area that he originally came from must be returning to his original place or where he came from.

I an amateur to the Tamil Language though I can speak a bit and while watching Tokyo newcomer I could memorize some of the words I learned from a teacher who came to our house via television few years back. I watched them on National 
Television / Rupavahini. She was a Sinhalese teacher who was speaking like real Japanese and wore a kimono, a Japanese traditional outfit during the lesson.  What is her name? I can’t remember.  

Every newly wedded is an amateur to the concept of 'living' in a different context.  

Stand like a Peony tree and walk like a Lilly (?) have I quoted the right phrase? I doubt. Peony is the National flower of Japan, right? Trees are firm no doubt ‘deforestation’ is a familiar term.

Some amateurs learn things faster and become qualifiers. Some are slow learners. Stand firm that is what any amateur or qualifier or genius must do. Immatureness is not a disqualification or an amateur is not a dis qualifier.

Fixing something broken often an amateur can do better than a qualifier because they like to give it a try not just because they know how to fix.
I can see that the streets lights have started their ‘duty’ and a pale light of the house of a neighbor of the front lane is trying to peep through a mat giving me some opportunity to read a bit of the outskirt of my place of living.

i can hear some children are singing a song from an unknown vicinity. 



Thursday, July 17, 2014

for the CHAMPS of global foot ball - 2014 and champs of all ERA s

This is to mark the ‘foot ball world cup – 2014

This stealer, Young and energetic, 176 cm in height , 22 in years has stolen all the hearts of billions not only of Memmingen but also of HEARTS OF BRAZILIANS, the hospitality Nation Is that all?

what about the other global partners of foot ball of all continents. 

How are you going to compensate dear Mario Gotze, the handsome stealer? I guess there are ways to compensate but one of the positive ways according to my personal knowledge is to compensate something, is to be a healthy and positive contributor to the game of foot ball and handover the game in to the next generations in its original shape, design and pattern without really spoiling or harming it. Exactly like the good players did in the past.

what am i talking about the whole team is full of stealers of hopes of other nations who were longing to won the trophy

My Gratitude and respect also goes to to PELE the player of universe and to the all other players as well. i thought it is alright to take a bit of space from young foot ball of 2014 to respect the stars of yester year for their contributions because no game grows healthily and bravely without the contributions of sweats and strengths of past 

In the hearts of good players there is no ‘selfishness’ or ‘cruelness’ to be seen. They watch all youngsters play with a heart felt happiness not with jealousy or any other ill willed minds. They want every player to play good foot ball for the sake of the game as a sport.

I think breaking rules of the game often is a mistake and can be adjustable or correctable. Some of the points that I am indicating here are not just related to any particular game I talk things commonly. Or I am not particularly focusing on the final or semi final match of foot ball – 2014.

I am often amazed about how some win their games.  I think every game is unpredictable. Until last moment of winning a trophy even the players can not predict anything 100% it is how the ball turns towards the goal area or out of the ground.  Some win over the penalties of others. Within a game there are chances of penalizing others by scoring well.

For any loosing side, loosing a game is a penalty. How you defeat your opposite side is a different picture to analyze.   If you play a gentleman game in any game you play you are ‘rewarded’ in any of the moments to come. That is the trophy that a loosing side get. Fair play is always a goal and a positive picture of future sports, game.  People often do not try to remember how you hit the ball towards the goal whether it was hit over to the head of the other players or through the legs of the most dangerous player of the team but the name of the goal taker or the most contributed player. 

Often people like us forget that there is no one man show in a group activity or in a game where there are 11 – 18 players are involved or less or more than that. Every player is a contributor to lose a game or to win a game.  And to win a game a side has to lose. Often games are won over weaknesses of other players. If you are not a very competitive player others can easily win any game. But if you fight and lose the winners would remember that it was not an easy game for them to win. Even the losers can breathe libertifully at the end of the game thinking that they fought but lost, respecting the rules of the game.   

Often you find the games won without popular heroes of sports but sudden popped up players with loads of inner patience.

Also, often, alternatives works well in games and I think fixed plans are not always possible to use in the grounds of games because often you can not read other players before a game totally correctly or 100 % accurately just by viewing previous games played.   

Often players change their old routines of playing, confusing the other players of the game. Therefore unpredictabilities are assured in games. I guess that is what you called strategic playing.

I guess players are not isolated figures in a ground or in a team until there is a good captaincy is to be seen or apparent but the players always can not depend totally on the decisions of the captains in a game because often moments arrives to use or test the own captaincy talents of other players without harming the game or aim of winning of a team. That is part of team spirit of games / sports

Fines or penalties are not something fixed to discourage players but to respect or protect the quality of the game, I believe.

So how are we going to penalize Mario Gotze, Someone who has achieved something in his or her life, for stealing the hopes and aims of Argentinians?        

I thought of inviting Mario and his team to visit Sri Lanka as a punishment for winning the global trophy of football

I am sure he and his team mates understands the difference between the roses and the stones that might have come their way when winning or losing goals of their lives.
I guess this man, Mario is TOOOOOOOOO young to understand all these easily of all the facets of games on and off the ground of living. 22 in years there is no way to learn everything of all the games of this universe, existing.  I am sure, you‘ll learn the other games of life slowly, I recon.

The real penalties of life, the match referees who shows the players of games, red or yellow cards or the weights of fines and though you may understand the smells of rewards. Life is not la la one always. The real life situations are different to the games played in a ground of standard widths and lengths.  Life sometimes gets the shapes and sizes of a game of soccer and sometimes it is a DUZRA that comes your way. Life is not something like hitting a leg by or scoring a century.  Life is part of an analysis of understanding the hopes and dreams of Argentineans as well. There are facets of games and life as I always say.  Hospitalities do not always get the trophies for doing so but in the real picture they are the ones who are scoring a lot than the real goal earners if you think a little for giving a ground of SPACE & SUPPORT, immeasurable.

Let me send a basket full of roses to the young talent identificators of Germany not only to the creator of Mario without chasing away even the eight year olds. Hats off to ‘The Dortmund’s youth academy’  for sharpening his foot angles, for strengthening his toes and ankles, polishing the rhythm of foot until he reach the goal of not a single man but of a Nation, Fan of a Universe and to all the good hearted coaches and creators , founders of good players

So is it just Mario Gomez who should get the FLOWERS from this foot path Noap the whole team of Germany and each and every team of this global competition / sports activity.

All the TEAMS of well disciplined and the team of Argentina, without an opposition with loads of strength winning won’t get much recognition from outer world.  
The German strengths could have won the game during the given time but it was never easy am I right? The teams had to go for an extra play time. WHY because the ARGENTINIANS WERE STRONG IN THE GROUND. 

I believe the players have to change their ground strategies or the game strategies accordingly I do not think the strategies that the legends like PELE used can be applied in everyday games of SOCCER and I do not think that every player can bend the ball like Beckhm of all time not only of the past.

Every game teaches lessons. I do not think that we can throw away funny moments of games thinking that they are funny nothing to get. Games are not funny. Games are something that lot of people invests their aims and hopes in to the games.  I feel that the cameras may not get chances to capture every aches and pains of ankles and toes of every player of this game of soccer.

Winning a game is an investment of loads of PATIENCE, I believe. I do not think that suggesting a substitute is something to do with ones DESTINY.  I guess it is getting maximum use of a BRAIN. Abilities of getting OR CHOSING right DECISIONS ON the moments of NEED, in order TO REACH THE AIM OR THE OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME.

GAMES do not stay STILL it moves in and around the ground of game, across goal areas, through the head of goal keepers. To decide what to do THE COACHES can decide OR PLAN, STANDING VERY NEAR THE LINES OF THE GROUND ORDERING OR COMMANDING THEM but often we do not get chances to read their contribution off screen.       

Hats off to coaches 

Mario was not at all a bad substitute  let me stop for now keeping that in my mind.

 lets protect the spirit of the game 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Canned FISH

This is a dedication piece of essay for the people who is highly worried about selling canned fish without selling freshly killed fish : - )

I know that we lack no fish because we are an Island. Not only that we have inland fish cultivation as well. So what fish problem we have, I have no clues. O actually nobody complaint over ‘lack of fish population’ in the country. Therefore the minister of Fisheries or inland fisheries has no reason to worry.

People are so and really worried about a man or a woman called Saman who does not have any canned fish to eat I guess.  So I am worried about this SAMAN who ever he is , actually not about SALMAN ( canned fish) very much, if I meet this poor Saman I might be able to buy him a plate of Rice with Maalu ambul thiyal or with a dish of Salman fish ( canned fish)

Come appear before me dear Saman I might be able to help you.

Ok let me turn my essay towards ‘ Canned fish and tanked fish’
I love ornamental fish but I do not like the idea of caging them though I am a fishtarian.

Actually I have been trying to locate this Saman since long time now. because people whom I associate and not associate or just say ‘hello’ only or truly worried about me from bottom of their hearts . Some have no reason actually because none of the links we have or maintain.

Canned fish is a good source of money or an income to earn some extra source of money or actual income.

I know there are entrepreneurs who do canning fish as business. I guess it is good reason even a grade one child knows.

I guess ‘canned fishes’ are ‘easy to cook’ and ready to cook’ kind of a meal. It is canned and washed pre cooked (some) and it won’t take much time to ‘serve’ as a tasty dish.

I know that though we have sea fish and inland fish (tank fish) some do not mind ordering dish of canned fish for their meal. I am not sure whether you can order canned fish (cooked version) as chef‘s choice of the day or as meal of the day.

I have seen various canned fish curry choices and preferences given in the menus of star class hoteliers.

Even for ladies who always worry about their troubling husbands : - ] and complaint about their ordering abilities, to bring tea while reading their news paper of the day, week, or month, prepare meals wash cloths can have some of these ‘ canned fish’ tins ready for easy cooking if canned fish is one of their dear husbands’ preferences.

I have not heard of any canning of inland fish (Lula, kanaya, madaya, theppili,) other than sea fish.

In the past canned fish was something that some people definitely received as one of the cookables, raisins, in the welfare packs for poor. I know that canned fish is something that is travelers, pilgrims, in their long distance travels, like to take and cook.      

One of my cousins used to complain when ever we cook canned fish ( Salman) ‘why, we should cook canned fish, what is the problem we have, buying sea fish’, we are surrounded by sea’ I used to say that is because people like to taste different types of fish. Some like tuna while some likes to eat prawns.

But, friends do not be mistaken aaanamalu is not a fish that can be cooked perhaps it is good for banana milk shake.

Oh did I forget to talk about tanked fish. Tank fish is something totally different to tanked fish. I know no need to explain.

Let me explore about ornamental fish on another day.
Canned fish I guess is something we can export. Because we have enough of fish , without a doubt. Big or small.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

how to keep an issue before a person?

first let's keep this in our mind. let's not try to keep any issues before anyone. this i basically aimed at unavoidable situations or unpredictable situations of nay carrier handling. and this is not a story or personally aiming at anyone. these are normal facts i guess all know and experience in carrier life but often forget to deal in  away that gives you answers positive or useful with less or no headaches at all.  

Above isn't a very attractive title, isn't it? Who likes issues, me? Never

What about you guys? I do not think that you like to hear or face any issues.
I know no human management or HR management. But my instinct says that ‘how you take it (an issue) first and then how you keep it before a person is important in any issue handling.

I personally believe that there is a little gap between personal life and carrier life of a person. Therefore I often feel that both personal and carrier life somewhat affects both when handing personal and carrier things accurately or freely or relaxly.

Actually all above depends on personalities as well. Some know how to separate personal life from carrier life know how to handle things independently as independent components of life. But there are people who are a little weak in handing such things.    
So as a superior you should not keep any issue before anyone who is assisting you.  Keeping the head, mind, brain of a person cool is important to get the work done. If you make multiple faces( wicked or horrid), turning your lips up side down or turning it to this and that side, with wide eyes, expressing in a way that the whole mountain Everest is on your shoulders or your head, on that point of taking or explaining the issue to your assistant he she become backward.

Give them a ‘POSITIVE LOOK’, any work load or any issue can be solved easily.
I know no questions that can not be found answers.

If you are handling not only your assistants but also service receivers for instance if you are a head of an institute – Education, customer service, advisory agency  what so ever institution there are moments that your external pleasantness or pleasant appearance become vital or useful. I mean not those ordinary measurements I am talking about. I am talking about ‘you should not throw issues in to a face of a person’ ‘try to keep a relax mood before your assistance no matter how big the issue is. That is a strategy I believe. Do not try to show serious faces those will give you troubles specially in maintaining good and fruitful relationship between your co – workers. What you give often what you receive in return.  If you donate a smile you would receive a smile in return. Similarly the opposite happens.  
Then working becomes easier and pleasant. Between workers there should not be huge gaps.  You need to slowly erase the gap of unpleasantness between workers.
I know that it is no easy if you are already practicing certain method of working.

let me take this opportunity to thank those who share a smile with me everyday, very other day, once a week, twice week, once a month. those are really encouraging.  

May you all earn thousands and millions of smiles a day!              

Sunday, July 6, 2014

In retrospect of MAESTRO MOHIDEEN BEIG ...........................

This essay is written inspired by a song ( sinahawen ho kathawen beha maninnata minisa/ from a smile or from the things talk , the man can not be measured) sung by Maestro Mohideen Beig  

We are a multi cultural multi national country.  Often like in a family, like the siblings of a one family we say things to each other. But nothing is permanent if what Allah is preached true, the bonds between each and everyone of this country can not be broken for any reason. NO outsiders can spoil it. I can give you a classic example of how we respect immensely Masestro Mohideen Beig exactly like we respect Maestro Amaradewa or Maestro Premasiri Kemadasa. He is a Musalman ( Muslim) but we never allowed it to enter our minds because nothing such written on his face. Have you ever listened to his songs? Then do not delay, listen and then try to analyze them.

And please answer following my questions if possible
1)    What is the language of the songs he sang?
2)   What were the topics chosen to discuss through his songs?
3)   Who were the lyricists who wrote songs for him?
4)   Who were the composers of his songs?

I am asking from the globe; have you ever visit SL during any religious festivals? WESAK for instance and visited giving stalls (dan sel)?

Have you watched any thoran ( Pandal) one of the methodologies that Buddhist used to educate their followers on religious facts , about jathaka katha ( the stories of the souls ,previous, of our LORD BUDDHA)      

What other example the outside globe, some of our own, require to measure certain things?

Any small, small fights, within a house last only until a pot of rice is cooked. Therefore when outsiders interfere there things that they have to consider and our people have to consider in any occasion of involvements, asking help.  Yes, the size of any involvements does matter and how involve and what statements they (who ever) releases to the outside world regarding any internal situation all those are immensely important. Think, not twice, may be thrice. I do not say that every helping hand that lend towards our side should be rejected.  Measure them and weigh them. Every man of this globe has their own aims and objectives. They do not work beyond their desires and needs, objectives, take a group that sells weaponries, dangerous drugs would they change their mind sets and then sell Rambutan, Papaya or Apples for kids?  They might sell something similar or something more dangerous

Do not let a small matter become a worldly large hell of a mess or big in size, I beg.        
Let’s solve our issues within, if you friends think that there are disputes or misunderstandings. Once something worsen or become a mess no easy to solve. Remember the mediation we had who could solve our problems accurately unless we found our solutions our selves? Who could provide us with a better plan to eliminate the issue of LTTE? The Norway? Eric Solehime?

What were the reasons for real failures of their involvements?
Was they really strategical ?  

No outsiders can understand our heart beats of our people better than our own people? I am not blaming anyone or disgracing the help rendered by good heart outside globe. When it comes to solving a certain issue or a problem of a certain community there are chances of failing because it is no easy to study certain community from the surfaces, it is like trying to solve a problem of a Dehiattakandiya sitting on a chair in an office, Colombo. 

We are self sufficient in plans and thoughts; I guess we are strong enough to look after ourselves in anything. We have brains don’t you think so? Read visions or missions of SAARC read what it says? Does it mention anything about the levels of interference? 

Don't think that i am fool and think that a country can live isolated from the other part of the globe. Hope all of you and the globe understand better what i am trying to say
read and try to understand taking any matter of a country or a community and analyze the involvements of any outside party and measure the levels of success without really say something to what i say opposing or proposing. i guess we have enough of examples in this globe to understand what i say. how old is this world we live? ok forget it how old is young America now?  

Do you think that we understand how the people of Kashmir suffer better than the Indian people or people of Kashmir? I don’t think so? Do you think that we understand how the people of Afghanistan suffer better than the Afghan people? We can’t give any solutions to their problems unless they try and find or practice their own solutions because they know what strategy should be applied. It may take time to practice exactly the right strategy but it is alright I guess other than getting the soup spoiled or other than all existing trying to put ingredients to the soup.   

Let India solve their own matters independently without trying to interfering their small, small matters of sharing Dosa or Chapathi.  Let Nepal solve their own problems independently without trying to interfere their internal matters, if any?  
There are INCIDENTS and Matters GLOBAL that the GLOBE should come and sit around a ROUND TABLE and discuss together and trying to find solutions together. There are global matters yet to be solved. The experts know what I am talking about I guess.

The unidentified man
From the smiles artificial,
From the smiles half delivered,
From the smiles no words written,
From the smiles no friendships written,
The man of this ancient and modern world,
The man of present or past,
The man of the future,
Is unidentifiable

From the words spoken,
From the words half spoken,
From the words vowed,
From the words exchanged,
The man of this complex globe,
Can not be identified.

From the things,
The man is manufactured,
From the yachts the men has discovered
From the destinations the man is traveled,
The human kind can not be identified.
From the puzzles the man has solved,
From the theories the man had bibliographed ,
From the words the man has compiled,
The human kind is unidentified.

From the dictionaries the man has printed,
From the patterns the man has designed,
The man of this weaponry world can not be identified.

From the seeds of conception,
From the blood vessels inner deep,
From the man colonized,
The man is unidentified.

From the blood types flows through lanes,
Of mankind,
From the eateries chosen,
The positivities or negativities of human kind,
can not be identified.

No man can identify ‘self’ totally accurately. Often struggling to understand or verify their own desires or needs.  Therefore careful consideration is required in every single thing of self and society.  I guess no X’ rays can provide you with a better picture of a human mind with the things written within.
Take care   

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The wedding Album

The pose,
The frame,
The angel,
Click , click

Bride with maids,
Groom with friend – best
Girls with flowers
Boys with - page
Click , click

Buckets of smiles
Buffets of styles
Vines and cakes
Click , click

Troops of music
‘You are my darling
I am your angle
Let’s live forever’
Click , click

In laws – mothering
In laws – fathering
In laws – sistering
In laws – brothering
All Laws - caring
Click , click

catering - colourfull
deserts - so dazzling 
Ram gin - full glass
click , click

Friends from heart
Rings of hearts
Groom kisses bride
Click, click

Moon with honey
Beach no muddy
Drinks with coffee
Click , click

Bhawathu Sabba Mangalam
Rakkhan thusabba devatha
Sabba Buddhanu Bhavena
Sada Sotti Bhawanthuthe

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Thank You Very Much Goes to ..........................

My first thank you goes to the people who respect following notice

'Travelling without a ticket will be a Punishable fault'

Above notice was written and posted in all three languages in the public and private buses of the country.

Next thank you goes to the good heart bus owners and workers who issues a ticket for the money we pay for their good heart service

For the purpose of rewarding and appreciating what they do I like to note a few of the details of the tickets that I received during my travel to and from various destinations

Route number
Bus identification Name / Number / Ref:
168 Nugegoda –Kotahena
GS 4944
Rs. 09.00
176 Hettiyawatte
Deshani Travels GB 1877
Rs. 09.00
176 Hettiyawatte - Dehiwala
Rs. 09.00

Rs. 09.00

And my heartiest thank you goes to the brainy drivers who does not use their MOBILE PHONES while driving and think of the lives in his hand

Thank you once again for the package of services you provide for the travelers like me.

Take Care All Services